1. Maki

    New England secessionism during the war of 1812

    I was reading some books* about the war of 1812 and ran into the topic of possible secession of New England and a separete peace with the UK due to its opposition to the war, especially among the Federalists. I also read that some claimed that the Hartford Convention was secretly a meeting to...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Tamerlane vs England @1400

    If equal sized armies from around 1400 of Tamerlane and England fought each other in a neutral battlefield (I realize the improbability of this), which side would have the advantage? Terrain would seem to be the biggest influence to me.
  3. M

    Looking for good illustrations 14th century France, England, and Spain

    I'm making a graphic novel set right smack in the middle of the 100 years war following the travels of a band of mercenaries. Most of it will take place in France after the 1360 marker. I'm planning for it to go all the way to Agincourt at least so it will probably follow the father of the...
  4. F

    Who was stronger?

    Hello there! My question is, that what do you think, theoretically which country was stronger, more developed, etc. in the 1440s/1450s between these European nations: Castille, England, Hungary, Poland and Muscovy? Could you make a ranklist for these countries? I'm modding a historical...
  5. D

    Odet de Chatillon Coligny in England (1568-1571)

    Hello.What do we know about the three years of life in England of the cardinal Odet de Chatillon Coligny ?
  6. M

    USS Nimitz goes back to the year 1910 (Outside London)

    Inspired by the movie Final Countdown The Nimitz (From the 90s) appears off the coast of London on January 1st, 1910 How would the US and UK of that time period react to the Future Americans and their future history? Would this be enough to prevent both World Wars? What sorts of...
  7. R

    The role of women in Anglo-Saxon England

    It seems to me that Anglo-Saxon society, derived mainly from Scandinavian models, was quite liberal for its times and in important respects even democratic. There was a functioning popular assembly, and people, in general, could express their opinions without fear of reprisal (as long as no...
  8. Eric the Red

    What were some good things King John of England did during his reign?

    Most people know of King John, and that he abused his powers that were given to him, and as such, was forced to sign a document called the Magna Carta, which limited royal authority, but I'd like to ask the question, what were some good things that King John did during his reign? Thanks for reading!
  9. H

    Excommunication in medieval england

    If, for some reason, a peasant was excommunicated for heresy, who would be the person doing the excommunication? Would it need to be someone high in the church hierarchy or could the village priest do it? And what would be the social hindrances for the excommunicated peasant?
  10. R

    A Republic of England in 1660?

    Let's imagine what would have happened if the Restoration of the Stuart dynasty had not taken place, either in 1660 or in subsequent years...Would the government of Richard Cromwell have continued? Would Richard, essentially a moderate man, have decided to transform the Commonwealth into a...
  11. D

    the job of Jack the ripper (England)

    Hello.On french TV a specialist of criminal science has said that Jack the ripper could be a teacher of medecine specialized in chirurgy.Is it serious ?
  12. R

    Evaluating the life and reign of Charles I of England

    Never has there been a monarch as misunderstood as Charles I. This man's life was lived on an epic scale; his destiny and death can remind us of Greek tragedy. Was Charles a noble martyr (as many claim, even today); a victim of his own shortcomings or of circumstances; a narrow-minded, stubborn...
  13. JoanOfArc007

    The character of Sir Francis Drake and the legacy of the Cimarron people in England

    Francis Drake is known as one of the great Navigators of history. Drake was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth I for defending England from the serious threat of the Spanish Empire. But perhaps something that may escape the mind of some is the respect and admiration Drake had for the native...
  14. S

    Did the Magna Carta prevent absolutism in England

    I would exclude the Commonwealth period since I believe Cromwell did have absolute power for a time. The Magna Carta made the Crown dependent on the Curia Regis and later the Parliament for financing, but some rulers had other resources. Did any English monarch have the kind of power that, for...
  15. S

    First King of England

    Historians debate this. Four are usually considered as candidates for the first King of England. Offa, Egbert, Alfred, and AEthelstan
  16. T

    Geneology & War

    I found out a while back that my uncle (a Lt. Colonel in WWII) had an affair and started a new family while stationed in England during the War. I didn't see a thread for any subject like this and I was wondering if any of you had similar stories.
  17. B

    Why did the nobility in England own much more land than in continental Europe?

    While reading a book on Prussian history, I recently came across the fact that nearly 55% of cultivable land in 18th century England was owned by landed nobility. This is much in contrast to the mere 20% and 15% in case of France and Russia respectively. What led the nobility in England to...
  18. grey fox

    How did Anglo-Saxon Feudalism before 1066 differ from Frankish Feudalism in England?

    It seems like a lot of threads I have created have sparked interesting digressions. I created this thread due to another interesting digression on my thread "What was the situation in England before the Normans introduced Feudalism to England". When I created the thread "What was the situation...
  19. grey fox

    What was the situation in England before the Normans introduced feudalism to England?

    I created this thread because of a digression I made in the thread "How did the Normans introduce feudalism into England"? I feel that the topic of the situation in England before 1066 deserves a thread of its own rather than hijack the "How did the Normans introduce feudalism into England?"...
  20. S

    Do Jane and Matilda count as queens of England?

    Lady Jane Grey and Empress Matilda (aka Maude) were disputed claimants to the English throne from the 16th and 12th centuries, respectively. Both had family ties to the throne, and for a time ruled to an extent, until "Bloody" Mary Tudor and Stephen of Blois forced them off and took their place...