1. Kizznyc

    Indian English: Are western minds capable of its comprehension?

    Since this is a native dialect of India which is the most popular in eastern hemisphere (Oceania is considered western), would there be issues understanding the manner of speech and therefore lead to misconstrual? The emotions expressed in such a dialect are distinct to western hemisphere...
  2. Fabius Maximus

    English and French North American empires swapped round

    Let's say that France ends up colonising the eastern seaboard of North America whereas Britain colonises the St. Lawrence and Mississippi, rather than the other way round like in real life. How would this affect the development of their respective colonies, the interactions between them, etc.?
  3. T

    seeking a compilation of roman senatorial decrees (senata consulta) in english

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to find all extant roman senatorial decrees translated to english. can someone please advise me on this? thanks!
  4. J

    How much Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and English revolutions of 1600s?

    I recently read that one reason for the opposition to James II was the fear by large landowners that a Catholic restoration would entail a restoration of all the Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and in the course of the revolutions of the 1600s--7/10ths of the entire area of England. Is this...
  5. Tammuz

    Changes of form of address in 18th century English

    In Samuel Richardson´s highly influential novel "Pamela" from 1741 several speakers sometimes change the form of address in the middle of a dialogue by alternating between "you" and "thou". The "you" form seems to be, in the England of that time, the normal form of address in dialogues between...
  6. D

    An english captain,Champernowne + 1570

    Hello everybody.I am looking for informations about the english captain of cavalry Henry Champernowne,died in France in 1570.Thank you.
  7. redcoat

    Firing an English civil war mortar at a modern caravan

    Bunch of nerds firing a mortar at a caravan, it's good fun :laugh: MfWKb0BSi6k
  8. Frank81

    Early English navigators?

    I noticed something curious about English vocabulary on ship sides The right side is "starboard" (Polar Star?), the left side is called "port" Does it mean early English (Angles?) navigators started sailing leaving the Polar Star to their right?
  9. Maoistic

    How to annoy the English

    -Point out that they failed to conquer most of Britain and got pushed back by supposedly primitive Welsh, Cornish, Picts and Scots. -Point out that the Danes conquered all of modern England with the exception of those primitive Cornish Celts. -Point out that that Wales resisted the Norman...
  10. Princess Of Manchester

    why did the french and english fight so much during the tudor era???

    why did henry 8 go 2 war with french so much??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Futurist

    English King Henry V Lives

    What if English King Henry V would have lived? Would he have been able to conquer all of France? Also, would he have done anything else of note had he lived much longer?
  12. Naive American

    Words that don't have translations in English

    Hey everybody! To be more specific than the title, your favorite words that describe a feeling, or action we have no direct translation for in English. These can be from currently used languages or dead ones throughout history. Mine is a German word, schadenfreude. It basically means to take...
  13. plant

    English claims to France: medieval “blowback”?

    Could the 100yrs war be considered ‘blowback’ from the Norman invasion of Britain? With the benefit of hindsight....the 100yrs war seems to me to be one of the most pointless series of battles in history. Would anyone disagree?
  14. HackneyedScribe

    What do Ballista mean in the English language?

    In the modern English language, can tension powered siege machinery such as the below be called "ballista"?: I am having an argument in which the other guy says that only torsion powered siege machinery could classify as "ballista". But I think that since we are speaking in the English...
  15. J

    Piers the Plowman in original and modern English?

    Is there a good, annotated edition of Piers the Plowman that includes, on facing pages, both the original and modern English? Thanks.
  16. Mercian

    I’m Reconstructing the East Saxon, Old English Dialect

    Hi everyone, I posted a while back about the East Saxon dialect of the Kingdom of Essex, and now I’ve decided to undertake the massive task of reconstructing the dialect with it’s every difference, and all of its quirks. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “how’s...
  17. Mercian

    Old English Syntax

    This is going to get confusing very quickly, so I’ll get straight to the point ;) I’ve always struggled with understanding word order in Old English, for example, the nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, objects, gender...the list could go on. Despite my best efforts, I always feel...
  18. P

    English intervention in the Eighty Years War

    Usually topic related to Dutch history have a limited scope of reach, but I'll try it anyways. The Dutch war for Independence or better known in the annals of European history as the Eighty Years War has a number of noticeable periods. The Iconoclast Fury and the response from the Duke of...
  19. S

    English claim to France

    The Treaties of Troyes and Amiens (1422) declared the King of England as heir to the French Crown. Although this was never fully enforced, it was never bilaterally abrogated. I read that this claim was only dropped with Act of Union in 1707 . Is this true? Is it only because England was...
  20. Blue

    The English Accent During Shakespeare's Time

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