1. G

    St. Brice's Day massacre and its impact on English ancestry

    About the massacre: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Brice%27s_Day_massacre ^^^ Apparently that massacre eradicated Danish blood from England: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4632200/ https://www.nature.com/articles/nature14230
  2. C

    Does English Exchequer exist?

    Dialogue concerning Exchequer, about 1180, provides the specifications of Exchequer. About 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. With a raised rim about "four fingers" high to prevent items falling off - 3 inches? Covered with chequerboard pattern of black and green cloth described as "width of human...
  3. J

    The English made wind up devices

    Hi there I'm asking for help protesting Canadian government to let us make wind up mechanisms. Our first people made wind up mechanisms. We made wind up clocks and more and now we are no longer allowed to make wind up mechanisms. We need the right to make wind up mechanisms in Canada to protect...
  4. C

    English Translation for Dao Zhi Yi Lue?

    I'm a East Asian/SEAsian historian, and I'm doing research on a topic, does anyone know of an English translation of this account from Yuan Dynasty? The Chinese is obviously on the title (the rough translation is "Accounts of the Island Barbarians") by Wang Dayuan. We have it the library I have...
  5. Tom7

    Who Was the Greatest English/British Monarch

    Hello! This question has been asked a lot, but I'd like to definitively put the debate to rest by bringing it to you, the historical community, that question being; "Who Was the Greatest English/British Monarch" (1066-Present). Feel free to post why you voted for, well, whoever you voted for...
  6. C

    Political and financial bankruptcy of English Commonwealth

    The government of England is, and ought to be, by King or Queen, Lords and Commons, by act of a free Parliament. The Good Old Cause of a Commonwealth without a King, a hereditary chief magistrate or Lords is bankrupt, politically and financially. The Long Parliament started to collect monies...
  7. grey fox

    The English Puritans who settled the MA colony

    I was researching my genealogy on Ancestry.com for the first time in my life a few weeks ago. A lot of my ancestors immigrated from England to Massachusetts (The state abbreviation for Massachusetts is MA.) in the early 17th Century. Does the fact that my ancestors immigrated from England to...
  8. C

    Why do the English hate 1066 so much

    I have observed that people of Britain, especially from England, use to hate the year of 1066, calling it a foreing invasion and a downfall of the country. May i ask why? As someone in a different topic explained it already, the Normans didn't change English society that much, and much of...
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    Advantages of Crossbows vs English Longbows

    What are the advantages of the crossbow vs English Longbow during the Hundred Years War? Obviously the longbow could fire faster and was capable of indirect fire, while the crossbow was better a direct fire.
  10. RidiculousName

    Why is English Hard?

    Why do so many people say English is hard to learn? Why is English more difficult than many of it's continental neighbor languages?
  11. Ranefer

    How comes most old egyptian names are spelled wrong in english?

    I find this interesting, because the english names often do only slightly sound like their real names. A good example is the Queen you name Nefertiti. In reality her name was spoken like "Naftata". Anotehr example is the name Thutmose. It was spoken Tahutmes. Thats how we call them and it comes...
  12. M

    Translate from Latin to English

    Hello. I would like to ask you about help. I want to translate historical document fromt Latin to Englad. Please help me that´s very important because I am studying history of small village in Slovakia and these documents shows how to people lived in are of Maria Theresia. If you have some...
  13. I

    Why the English do not recognize the military merits of Spain?

    It's probably my perception but I am disappointed that I read books and watch documentaries (History Channel and others) about historical wars/battles where Spain is involved and looks like the merits of Spanish armies are neglected. Just as an example, a documentary about Battle of Lepanto...
  14. R

    The best English novel

    I'd enjoy hearing your opinions on what was the greatest English novel ever written. By English, in this context I mean written in England (not necessarily by a native Englishman/woman).
  15. K

    Roma "gypsy" assimilation into English society, 1562

    I am having no luck figuring out how the Romani gypsies were expected to assimilate into English society after the act of 1562 was passed. It says they were expected to give up their godless, nomadic lifestyle and assimilate, but how were they to buy land? homes? I need to know how this works...
  16. R

    The greatest English portraitists

    England was rather a slow-bloomer in fine portrait-painting, coming into its own only toward the end of the 16th century with Nicholas Hilliard. But the 17th century in England was a time of exceptional artistic splendour; numerous portrait painters of considerable talent produced masterpieces...
  17. D

    The british army in Portugal (1807-1814)

    Hello.Is it possible to know the number of british soldiers (English,german etc...) sent in Portugal and Spain from 1807 to 1814 ?Thank you.
  18. Naima

    English people

    Hello , England had been invaded several times by different people, After the Britons, the Roman arrived and had been there for 4 centuries, they created a Roman-Breton society with a mixture of people from Italy , soldiers, and natives , When the Romans left, though in books its always depicted...
  19. Visigoth Panzer

    English Long Bowman best foot soldier before 19th century?

    Was the English Long Bowman the best foot soldier before the mid 19the century? This does not include any form of cavalry (especially horse archers) as this is a separate discussion. Using well trained archers defended by pikeman and cavalry probably was the best premodern force before the mid...
  20. notgivenaway

    English language and Great Heathen Army

    I remember seeing In Search of Alfred the Great by Michael Wood a few months ago, and he had a guest (Dr. Hill) who was a specialist in medieval archaeology talking about Athelney. He was being a bit facetious (in one sees the clip one would know) but then he says or implies that English...