1. M

    Sunken English boat 1641

    I would like to ask you for help, since I am doing an amateur study, about a local historical event and I have reached a point where I am a bit lost. In January of 1641 shipwreck on the north coast of Spain in Soto de la Marina, an English galleon, the document that I found speaks of a Captain...
  2. Frank81

    The very first English explorations of the Americas

    I was reading about John Cabot explorations, and the first English expeditions to the New World seem to be very obscure. On the other hand, looking at the map of Juan de la Cosa, he painted English flags much south of North America than would be expected. And then there's a guy, William...
  3. H

    Phonetic English.

    Why do you think English isn't spelt phonetically like Romance languages?
  4. Haardrada

    English allies of Welsh armies 1181AD-1197AD

    Hi I'm looking for evidence of English Nobles who supported Welsh armies/revolts during this period of History?
  5. S

    Please Help...Japanese to English translation of kanji on Japanese WW2 flag

    My husbands foster-father was a merchant marine during ww2. After the battle for Iwo Jima he helped bring supplies to the troops and there was a bunch of the flags all over the shores of the island. He put it in a flimsy frame with nothing covrring or protecting it. I have always had a...
  6. Far Flight

    Question: Tutors - In which room(s) - English manor

    I have been trying to search for the answer to this question but without any luck. Could someone please inform me in which room(s) children were generally given lessons by their tutors in English country manors in the 18th/19th century?
  7. G

    English language... 'Anglo-Frisian' or 'West Germanic'?

    English is often traditionally regarded as either: - an Anglo-Frisian language - a West Germanic language both terms are valid: English: Anglic<<Anglo-Frisian<<Ingvaeonic<<West Germanic<<Germanic<<IE Yet, which is the more pragmatic, relevant definition? i.e. Should the English language...
  8. I

    Looking for experts on English castles (circa 12th century)

    Hi everyone, I write historical adventure fiction, and while I'm prepping my debut novel for self-publishing (waiting on a cover and working on ebook formatting), I'm working on my next one, set in England in the 1190s. The main plot of the book involves the protagonists attempting to steal a...
  9. DeadCorn

    Can Anyone Recommend an English translation...

    Can anyone please recommend an English translation of the Apocolocyntosis. Cassius Dio attributes it to Seneca the Younger I think, but even Petronius has been named. And what is the Ludus text?
  10. notgivenaway

    Is English Germanic, or a hybrid?

    I know that language classification is due to grammar, syntax and genetic lineages, more so than vocabulary. And all Germanic languages share Grimm's Law, which is a specific grammatical point that Romance, Celtic or Slavic languages don't share. But then is or should be vocabulary be enough...
  11. S

    What if English Were 100% Germanic?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIo-17SIkws There is actually some kind of movement to replace every trace element of Latin, French and Greek influences in modern English and taking it back to what it might have evolved into, had the Normans not invaded. They call this kind of English...
  12. A

    English Parliament during Stuarts

    Hello guys, I need Your help. I'm during writing my Master's thesis. The topic is "Comparison of English and Polish parliaments during second half of the XVII century" and I have a little problem with english books about that period. When it comes to polish authors or translated books about...
  13. T

    On English longbows

    We often hear of the English supremacy in terms of ranged firepower in the medieval period with her use of longbows. However, when did the English start using the longbow in a large scale and how many longbowmen did the English have in say the 11th to the 16th century respectively? When was it...
  14. W

    When did English become dominant in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland?

    I'm sure there'll be different answers for each, but I'm curious about all three. These days it's a comparatively small minority that speak the Scottish, Welsh, and Irish languages fluently. I'm wondering at what point in history did the English language replace these others as the dominant...
  15. notgivenaway

    1066 - an overrated date in English history

    today is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, but imho it's overrated. The Normans did change a lot, but only things that the Anglo-Saxons had laid down and at best only tweaked some things with their own French influence. Cathedrals existed before Westminster Abbey (Edward the Confessor...
  16. Fernando Perla

    English and French colonization of the New World

    Does anyone know why did English and French took so long to colonize the Americas? Spanish began colonizing the New World as soon as Columbus arrived in Bahamas. Portuguese arrived in Brasil in 1500 and began colonizing from that year. Instead, English and French began one hundred years after...
  17. G

    What happened to the British language?

    I am talking specifically about the native language of Britain, before the English. For some reason it simply disappeared when the Anglo-Saxons arrived on the coast of the North Sea in the 5th century AD. The Welsh and Scottish tongue survived, but the main of Britain has passed into history...
  18. Stephie

    English composer William Lawes was a definate participant in history

    Yeesh, this is my first proper post, be easy on me. I'm crazy about English Consort Music. It was a kind of chamber music that was very popular with the upper classes for about a century from about 1560 through 1670. My favorite composer, right now, is William Lawes. He was likely born in...
  19. G

    Is English Romance?

    Linguistics is based on opinion. Linguists attempt to classify languages into one family each. Do the classifications tell us everything about ancestry? Absolutely not. They tend to shortcut history, misleading all who listen. Is English a Romance Language? English has part Romance blood in it...
  20. B

    Scotland in the English Civil wars and the War of three kingdoms

    A lot of my anscestors where covenanters and right now I am trying to learn more about them and scotland in the English civil war. However here in America books regarding are rare and usally focuse on the English. If any one has any information regarding good books or websites or just has...