1. El Cid

    What is the chance of a hurricane destroying your entire fleet?

    In 717-718 the Arab Siege of Constantinople lasted for about 1 year. The siege was futile for the Caliphate: the Byzantines managed successful to defend their capital while harassing Caliphate's relief lines effectively and thus enforced a famine among the Caliphates’ soldiers, and at the...
  2. SufiMystic

    The British never achieved anything of value in their entire history before 1500

    A recent visit to the museum got me thinking about British history. Walking through the ancient pre-Roman section, there was material about the distant past, the Pleistocene era and the Ice Age, which consisted mostly of a few animal bones as well as a few primitive artifacts of such as stone...
  3. W

    Why do you need entire units of pole-arms behind the front row as a large wall block?

    This is something I've been wondering about. Obviously spearmen, pikemen, and other pole arms were designed to fight cavalry and also they were cheaper weapons to equip and they were easier to train with. So it makes sense for militia. With that said I am wondering about spear and other pole...
  4. Azad67

    When entire Mughal force perished in the Khyber pass (1672)

    When entire Mughal force perished in the Khyber pass (1672)
  5. Futurist

    Plans which involve a trap and which won an entire military campaign

    Other than the Manstein Plan (which set up a trap for the Franco-British forces in the Low Countries and whose success resulted in a rapid victory for Germany on the Western Front in 1940), exactly which other plans, if any, involved a trap (for one's enemies) and resulted in an entire military...
  6. Futurist

    Cases where the extermination of an entire ethnic group was official state policy?

    Other than the Holocaust (in which the extermination of the Jews and possibly the Roma as well was official state policy), exactly which other cases, if any, have there been where the extermination of an entire ethnic group was official state policy? Any thoughts on this?
  7. Mandate of Heaven

    Japanese PM Abe refused to recognize the entire Potsdam Proclamation

    Abe refused to recognize the ? Potsdam Proclamation ? of Japanese aggression qualitative | Netease International News Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe refused to explicitly acknowledge the “Potsdam Proclamation” of Japanese aggression. The party’s first debate of the day, the Japanese Communist...
  8. M

    German Air Force has Air superiority entire WWII

    Let say the Germans have amazing ME262s from war's start and at amazing quantities that it achieves total air superiority after the Battle of France. No allied nation, not even USSR and US and keep up with aerial production of Germany nor match pilot's skill and aircraft quality and decide not...
  9. OpanaPointer

    SciAm's ENTIRE WWI digital anthology, $39U$

    Links deleted by mod. Sorry about that but they are asking for money.
  10. infestør

    Why did Turkey not take the entire island of Cyprus?

    Turkey was already blamed and deemed "unfair" for the 2nd wave of operations (14–16 August 1974) by the international community. What I wonder is, how come Turkey did not push on (which they could with relative ease) and get the whole of the island so that it could be used later on for...
  11. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    North Korea's Chance of Defeating Entire UN

    What chance did North Koreans have on its own in penetrating the Pusan Perimeter and throw the Americans and South Koreans into the sea? The Argentinians had a very good chance, along with many advantages, defeating the British. The North Koreans were well-trained and defeated the UN in several...
  12. F

    De-humanization of an entire peoples once again?

    Well-known religious businessman Moti Zisser predicted Saturday evening that Europe will unleash a second Holocaust – but this time, the victims will be Muslims, not Jews. "I think another Holocaust is brewing in Europe," he told congregants at Bnei Brak's Heichal Shlomo synagogue...
  13. H

    Chinese newspaper outlined China's half-century plan to conquer entire East Asia

    Original article ????50????????? - ???? Translated version The Six Wars to be fought by China in the coming 50 years | Midnight Express 2046 ???? (This article is the English translation from an article in Wenweipo, a pro-Communist media, published on 8th July 2013, under the title of...
  14. theauthor

    Why isn't the entire world like Scandinavia?

    I think it has been settled many times that Scandinavian people are the happiest people on earth (or those with the highest quality of life). World Happiness Report 2012: Scandinavian Countries Are Happiest On Earth (SLIDESHOW) I read that in 2010, 2008 etc. so this is nothing new. What makes...
  15. M

    What if the Gauls had razed Rome and sold the entire population into slavery?

    In 390/387 B.C. the Gauls inflicted a crushing defeat on the Roman Republic and sacked Rome. Some say that they were driven out by a relief army under M.F. Camillus, while others say that the Gauls were unprepared for a long siege and thus departed after receiving tribute. Assuming the latter...
  16. Big Stick

    Entire world flooded. Why are there fresh water and salt water fish then?

    Ran into this question on Reddit. Thought it was a good one. I'll run it up the flag pole here. According to the Bible God flooded the entire world. The animals we have today were gathered up by Noah in an Ark to ride out the flood. If the entire world were flooded with rain water why are...
  17. Earl_of_Rochester

    The Entire US Military Vs Pavlov

    In keeping with these ridiculous threads I've decided to make my own, with the intention of bringing a Mr Pavlov to the attention of those who didn't know about him. Pavlov's House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to Anthony Beevor in Stalingrad I think he reported that his...
  18. jeroenrottgering

    Why didn't Hitler recruit soldiers from his entire Reich?

    Unlike Napoleon Hitler didn't recruit soldiers from countries outside Germany, but why was this? Of course did doesn't say Hitler hadn't foreign soldiers, but most soldiers Hitler got outside Germany were volunteers who believed in the Nazi cause. But never did Hitler recruit fast armies from...
  19. Lors

    New home for entire nation (Meskhetian Turks)

    Meskhetian Turks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia To help resolve the situation, the International Organization for Migration implemented a program to resettle Meskhetian Turks from the Krasnodar Krai to the United States between 2004 and 2007. In cooperation with the two governments (Russia...