1. B

    How much were fears of slave insurrection and black equality causes of seccessoni

    I know this is a sensitive subject, but I want to approach it from a different angle. Slavery was the main issue discussed. IMO, it was the main cause, but there were related economic issues, which IMO played some role. My question is whether it was entirely an issue of the property of slave...
  2. JoanOfArc007

    Racial Equality Proposal

    Did not come from France, USA, UK or some other so called western power. In 1919 the Empire of Japan did something remarkable, it proposed a "racial equality clause" to the League of Nations. Now wikipedia claims the following, The Japanese delegation did not realize the full ramifications...
  3. VHS

    Contemporary relative gender equality 300 years earlier and continues today

    I know a few anti-feminists here, but contemporary relative gender equality (Mostly Europe and North America; Hong Kong and Taiwan are as well; South Korea is somewhat behind; Japan is still relatively sexist) is welcomed by most people today. Family decay? Please read the book The Way We...
  4. Waterloofinalsolution

    Book reccomendations written 300+ years ago that were anti-freedom and equality?

    I already have 1 marked on my buying list which is Thomas Hobbes "Leviathan". I want a good philosophy book that discusses why humans should be governed by absolutists as opposed to self governing themselves written a long time ago when rule under absolutists was common. I want to get immersed...
  5. civfanatic

    Moral Dilemma: Subjective Inequality or Objective Equality of Human Value

    Assume you are given the following two options, and you are required to chose one: 1) Sacrifice your family and close relatives in order to save 100 million strangers living in foreign countries far away from your own home, with whom you have absolutely no contact. 2) Save your family and...
  6. Brisieis

    Is Equality Possible?

    What is equality to you? Is equality possible? Would true equality benefit society? In the true sense of the word I actually don't think equality is necessary. For instance, if men and women were to become truly equal we would have to for fit many of our traits and characteristics to achieve...
  7. L

    Could the European Empires have lasted if they'd granted equality to their colonial s

    If they'd granted equality to the people in their colonies, could they have lasted?
  8. CathareHeretic

    France passes sweeping gender equality law

    link https://news.yahoo.com/france-passes-sweeping-gender-equality-law-151022913.html Is a good new because if i'm Conservative in general for Social Progress i'm Progressist. But Now is time for Women in France to have the same salary to their Men colleagues ( In France for egale work the...
  9. deaf tuner


    S Africa bus dark/ light green
  10. Vladimir1984

    Was there Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in French Revolution?

    There is a thread about French Revolution running. To think about this Revolution from philosophical point of view...Was there really Liberty, Eqquality and all that jazz in the internal civil war? Was it reeally all about it? Surely, many good points were mentioned in the neighbouring thread...
  11. Desikratis

    Women’s view on arranged marriage, equality etc. during the Middle Ages.

    Hi, guys! First, I’ll go right ahead and apologize for my, at times, shoddy English. :push: A few days ago I got into a rather heated discussion with an acquaintance of mine concerning the personal beliefs and thoughts of people throughout the ages in contrast to today, focusing on the...
  12. H

    Racial Equality Proposal, 1919

    The Racial Equality Proposal was a Japanese proposal for racial equality at the Paris Peace Conference. Racial Equality Proposal, 1919 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Paris Peace Conference, 1919 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If this was approved, there would be no subsequent war. ?
  13. Panthera tigris altaica

    Equality in Racial Justice

    As a friend recently said, racism is racism. But is justice evenly applied when race is the issue? Can it be equally applied for the benefit of everyone and not in favor of a particular group? Are there examples where it had worked? Are there examples where it failed miserably? Just a few...
  14. P

    White christmas?!

    I am a proud frikken Nigga and I heard Bing Crosby's festive song and man it was ****ed up, White Christmas?! Christmas is for everybody ************. That means my black ass ain't invited! That is ****ed up and y'all know it's ****ed up. When the Baby Jesus was born in the manger, he did not...
  15. Thoughtbubbles

    Russian Presence in Afganistan 50's-80's

    "Some time ago, it (Afghanistan) was an absolutely different country. Afghan women made a career in medicine, went to the movies and studied at the universities of Kabul. Afghan factories produced fabrics and other goods. There was law and order and the government could implement such large...
  16. Chancellor

    Economic equality in Nazi Germany

    Did the Nazi Party takeover solidify and widen existing class divisions or was economic inequality actually more prevalent in the Weimar Republic? Are there any statistics to prove this? :notrust:
  17. K

    Racial Equality in the British Empire

    I've recently become interested in how race was treated in the British Empire. I had always believed in the past that there was a line between the white "rulers" and the colored "subjects". But recently it has come to my attention through the book White Mughals that at some points, particularly...