1. VHS

    When was the beginning of the Silicon Age? Is this an appropriate term?

    The age of information, or age of the Integrated Circuits, are some of the names of the current age. The Silicon Age is used because many of the electronics are dependent on silicon. Smart phones are beyond the range of time; then, the beginning of the Silicon Age should be well before 1991...
  2. Darth Raidius

    Best European commanders of the ACW era?

    The notable commanders of the American Civil War (1861-1865) are held in high esteem, not least by Americans, with generals like Lee, Grant, Sherman and Jackson enjoying much praise, sometimes to gross exaggeration. While I do not doubt their military competence, it does make me wonder; why...
  3. Dios

    Faked 1860-1940 Era Photos: Pterosaurs/Pteranodons/Thunderbirds

    Does anyone know the story behind these? I'm not a photo analyst. Some of these are fakes. Why would anyone bother to do that? Is there a story? Let's presume they're ALL fakes. What's the motivation? Selling the photos at a premium? There are more pics .......
  4. H

    Shilling a podcast about the Hellenistic Era

    Hi there Historum, I have recently been working on a podcast entitled "The Hellenistic Age Podcast" for the last few months. As the name implies, its focus is about the historical time period in Eurasian history roughly between 323-31 B.C., which is not entirely true since I'm covering the life...
  5. Dose

    What are your favorite historical date comparisons?

    In other words, what are some events/people/things that surprisingly happened/lived/existed at the same time? I've come across a few reddit threads that deal with this topic. Top answers included things like "The Ottoman Empire collapsed the same year that Betty White & Stan Lee were born" and...
  6. P

    Hellenistic Era arms

    How would you rate Greek martial performance in the Hellenistic era? It seems to have declined....except the Hellenistic world was so large, maybe it was actually fine, somewhere. How about the Greco-Bactrian kingdoms? Greeks seem to last a while there, was it due to martial talents, or...
  7. Princess Of Manchester

    why did the french and english fight so much during the tudor era???

    why did henry 8 go 2 war with french so much??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. dlnewhouse

    partition of French Indo-China

    Is there any book that covers the partition of French Indo-China into Cambodia and Vietnam?
  9. O

    Ciivil War era firearms vs. submachine guns

    Suppose an army equipped with Civil War muskets and rifles fights an army with submachine guns but otherwise equal in quality who wins and how one sided is it?
  10. J

    The South's relationship with the federal government

    Prompt: Explore and explain the South’s relationship with the Federal government from the Progressive Era to the present day, addressing social, political, and economic aspects of this relationship.
  11. J

    Pre-plague (pre 1348) England was more important country than Elisabeth I era England

    Hi! My first point: Pre 1348 England shared much larger ratio of population if you compare England with the total contemporary total European population. Second point: Its military was also more stronger than Elizabeth era England's military potential. (I mean as a continental field army...
  12. Z

    Role of Jaziya in islamic era in India

    I do know that this term "islamic era" is an misnomer,i am talking about period between early 13th century(sultanate emerging with delhi as its capital) and early 18th century(in which marathas replaced mughals are prominent power of India) Did jaziya in anyway increased conversion to islam in...
  13. K

    Any Mexican involvement in the Old China Trade/Opium Wars era?

    Given that Mexico was a nation with a substantial Pacific coast and had achieved its independence by the 1820s I was just curious whether any of their vessels became involved in the Old China Trade under the Canton system, or alternatively if any of their traders come on the scene around the...
  14. rayashcraft

    Ireland in the Victorian Era

    Hi, Perhaps, there's someone who can suggest a source to look for the period of Ireland in the Victorian Era. Here are the articles I analyzed already - on BBC and British Heritage. And if perhaps someone knows where to find the images to use for the Irish in 1849. Here's the one from BBC...
  15. K

    Hakka immigration to USA during Qing era?

    Does anyone have info on what numbers of Chinese living in the mainland USA (not territories like Hawaii) up to the end of the Qing era were of Hakka origin, and what (if any) areas had grouped Hakka communities? I've heard that they were always a minority compared to Punti people, but I did...
  16. Hanslune

    Question on cannon names in Napoleonic & Victoria era

    Specifically the crews giving their cannon a name/title or nickname like; 'Thunderer', 'Tessie', 'Devil's voice', etc. Thanks
  17. D

    Defining The Modern Era

    When does "modern" America begin in the timeline? Certainly after 1865. I put it at 1890. You?
  18. Divinespark

    In Favor of Government - The Corporatism of the Progressive Era

    So I am furthering my research into the theme of the Progressive Era and a certain book has caught my attention. Gabriel Kolko's Triumph of Conservatism: A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916 so far is a fascinating interpretation on the corporatist experience in early...
  19. LatinoEuropa

    Jesus born in africa and black era

    By Douglas Belchior The text I reply here was shared in 2012, by the friend Jonathan Marcelino, and is authored by Hernani Francisco da Silva, originally published by Afrokut. When I read, I immediately remembered a passage from the movie "Ali," about the life of Mohammad Ali, in discussion...
  20. A

    Holy Roman Army in the Medieval era.

    Does anyone know what does the army of the Holy Roman Empire ever looked like. Since I'm just curios about it. Is the HRA based on the Carolingian model and what about the use of Infantry, Knights, Cavalry, and the like. I mean we all knew of the Carolingian Franks, Normans, Crusaders, Eastern...