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    Why did the ERE lose Italy three times.

    I just wanted to know one simple question. Why did the Eastern Roman Empire lose the Italian peninsula and Dalmatia three times. First! Odaocer's Kingdom of Italy (476-493) was a vassal state (possibly territory) of the ERE. But lost it to the Ostrogoths. But later reclaimed by Justinian but...
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    Has Western Roman soldiers moved to ERE?

    After 476 AD has soldiers of the Western Roman army stationed in Italy, Dalmatia and the western Balkan peninsula ever fled to the safety of the ERE. As the Western army already dissolved, did they ever got away from the barbarians and been re-enlisted in the Roman army of the east.
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    Is the ERE considered as a western nation?

    I wasn't sure if i were to do this, but here it goes. Rome and Roman republic and Roman empire was by far the essential western superpower. However! The empire changed towards to Constantinople or Nova Roma. But about the Byzantine empire, is it a western county? Some say no, others say yes, or...
  4. SNascimento

    If the Romans hadn't build Constantinople, would the ERE have survived for so long?

    Let's say Constantine decided to make another capital for the eastern part of the Roman Empire. Antioch, Alexandria... any major city really. Or any other place to build a capital. Without the key location and amazing defensive works that were possible, would the ERE have survived untill the...

    Why didn't the ERE expand into the Balkans and into Northern Europe?

    So I understand that they wanted to reclaim the old roman territories, but why didn't they go into northern Europe? I know that for a long time they had conflicts with the Bulgarians and the various Slavic people that would eventually make Kievan-Rus, but why didn't they just conquer them? I'm...
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    Malta to WRE or ERE in 395AD split?

    When the Roman Empire split in 395AD, did Malta go to the Western Roman Empire or the Eastern? All maps I've seen indicate Western, however, wiki says Eastern... What is the true answer? And are there any sources aside from wiki?