1. 2

    Historical Essay Help

    For my assignment, I need to write a 2000 word essay on The Punic Wars. We are not given a question and need to make it up. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions?
  2. C

    Essay Topic for European History

    Hi everyone - For my AP European History class, we have to right a 10-13 page essay on a topic of our choice. It must be something argumentative and must have a strong thesis statement. Some people are doing things like "should Napoleon be considered a hero?" and such, but I want something...
  3. Karl XII

    Historum Essay Contest- Greatest Military Commander of all time

    I tried this once before but was never able to get enough people on board to help judge the essays with me. I'll try it one more time, with only me judging to make things less complicated. I think theres a lot of talented, knowledgeable people on this forum who if put to the test could...
  4. P

    Easy time period to write an essay about?

    I need help choosing a time period/war or whatever to write an essay and complete a project on. I need to state a point of view or a question such as "Was X the main factor in the collapse of the Y empire". Some periods will have more books/ information online about so they may be easier and...
  5. C

    Charlemagne Essay Questions?

    Hello, I'm new to the site, and was just wondering whether any of you could come up with a essay title question that could be used regarding Charlemagne. It has to be within the context of 100 years, and able to be answered in about 4000/5000 words. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  6. B

    All is below but please assist for my history essay Please provide me with information in civilian executive order 9 as soon as possible along with any links
  7. K

    British Colonialism Essay Thesis

    Hi I need help coming up with a thesis for a research paper. It has to include Britain, India and America from around 1600-1800. I have some ideas such as how the colonies in America were treated differently than the ones in India or why colonialism did not work as well in Aerica as it did in...
  8. G

    Help for Nazi self-surveillance essay

    I am writing a short essay based on the question "by 1939, German society was a society engaged in self-surveillance" To what extent do you agree with is view? I have made points based on the fear and confusion people were placed under because of seemingly arbitrary disappearances leading to...
  9. civfanatic

    How "Revolutionary" was the American Revolution? An Essay on Continuity and Change

    How "Revolutionary" was the American Revolution? An Essay on Continuity and Change The American Revolution was one of the most important events of the 18th century. It marked the first time that a former European colony in the New World successfully declared and achieved independence, and...
  10. VHS

    My little essay about learning

    I wrote the original; let me make the effort of writing the English version: 论&#23398...
  11. S

    Need help with an Essay

    Hey guys, i am supposted to write essays about these topics for my finals 1.The Rise and Fall of the British Monarchy 2.The Decline of the British Monarchy and the Rise of Parliament 3.The Rise and Fall of the Empire I know almost everything about hellenic/rome period, and i am mostly...
  12. P

    Can someone please help me with these essay questions?

    I have to type an essay up for one of my classes and it's due to tomorrow night. I already typed a rough draft, showed it to my teacher, and she gave me a lot of criticisms that I'm practically clueless on how to fix. So I can on here to get help. Below is the prompt for my essay, and I would...
  13. U

    Topic for Irish Rebel Essay

    Hi, I'm currently working on a University project. The general topic of my seminar is "Individual Versus Society". I'm in love with Irish History from the Celts to the Easter Risings and absouluty knew I'd love to take a topic about the Irish from the start :) Problem is my Seminar Mentor...
  14. Karl XII

    Historum's First Annual Essay contest!

    I Karl XII will be hosting as well judging Historum’s first essay contest. A decent amount of people here have expressed interest and I believe this will be fun way to bring the forum together. For this contest I will be needing two more judges and at least 5 different people writing...
  15. Karl XII

    Would anyone be interested in doing essay contests?

    I've been thinking about this for quite a while and feel it could be a cool way to bring us together. There are a lot of topics we could do such as most interesting person to have lived, greatest military commander/admiral, greatest king of X nation, best American president etc. I would be...
  16. T

    Need help with finding a topic/event for Marco Polo for my essay.

    As the title says I'm looking for either a Topic or an Event to talk about for my essay I'm doing.
  17. T

    Looking for some Topics or Events for Marco Polo (Essay)

    Okay well i need to write a essay about Marco Polo for my History class. I'm not allowed to write a biography about him i need to argue or prove a point about Marco Polo for example was a tyrant, was a great leader, etc. If anyone could help me with some topics or events that i can write about...
  18. S

    Essay Sources - Did colonialism positively influence the world?

    Hello all. As an assignment for school I am supposed to write a persuasive topic on a subject. The subject I chose to write about was colonialism and whether it had a positive influence on the world. Although I don't personally believe that colonialism had such a positive influence I would like...
  19. C

    Austrian History Essay

    I am currently writing an essay for an essay competition organised by the Austrian Embassy in Ireland. The Essay is in German and is called "Österreich ist Frei!" Wer waren die politischen Schlüsselfiguren dahinter?. I am writing about Leopold Figl, Julius Raab and Molotov. I am wondering if I...
  20. Drummerboy

    My essay on the Desert Fox...

    So..I'm in this German history club in which we meet once a week at a local coffee shop and discuss history books in German. As some of you might know, I'm fluent in German and also of course a history buff, so this club is awesome for me as it allows me to scratch both itches. The book I'm...