1. Dreamhunter

    Did the Franks originate from nowrthwestern Europe, or eastern (Eurasian) Europe?

    Most western history-related sites favour a Danish or thereabouts ultimate origin for the Franks. But the interesting thing is that the Persian rendition for Frank is Farangi, and even more intriguing, there is a Turanian princess named Farangis in Uzbek ancient legend. She was daughter of...
  2. Haardrada

    Evidence of shield use by Eurasian steppe Warriors

    I am curious as to the lack of evidence of shield use by Eurasian Steppe warriors from approx.200BC until the Mon1gol invasion period.Evidence shows that Earlier Scythian and simular cultures used leather and scale armour supplemented by shields, but eastern people began to develop Lamellar...
  3. G

    Do you agree with this list of dominant Eurasian civilizations over time?

    Dominant Eurasian (and Eurasian offshoot) civilizations according to A. Van Sloan & James Sheehan: Time of domination (number of years) - civilization: 4300-2700 BC (1600) - Sumerians 2700-1075 BC (1625) - Egyptians 1075-745 BC (330) - Phoenicians 745-612 BC (133) - Assyrians 612-539 BC (73) -...
  4. Idris

    Book on Central Asian or Eurasian History

    Hello, I noticed that there is not a specific thread allocated for Central Asian or Eurasian history. I am looking for some good books to gain a better understanding of the region. I've done a search and have not been able to enter the right keywords to find what I'm looking for. Any...
  5. Futurist

    If Afghanistan ever joins the Eurasian Union, then should Pakistan also join it?

    Any thoughts on this? As for me, I voted Yes. After all, if Russia will give up its imperial dreams, then the Eurasian Union can probably become quite a productive economic union. :) Plus, it's not like Pakistan would have any other available economic unions to join; after all, the European...
  6. Futurist

    Kazakhstan tries to leave the Eurasian Union

    Out of curiosity--how exactly will Russia respond if Kazakhstan will hypothetically try to leave the Eurasian Union? Will Russia annex some Kazakh territory? If so, then exactly which Kazakh territory? Also, will Russia sponsor a separatist rebel insurgency in Kazakhstan in such a scenario? Any...
  7. B

    eurasian steppe

    was wondering if anyone had come across any population estimates for the eurasian steppe in the past
  8. Futurist

    Should Ukraine have joined the Eurasian Union?

    My question here is simple--should Ukraine (with or without Yanukovych) have joined the Eurasian Union instead of pursuing its current pro-Western course? Thoughts on this? As for me, I am going to abstain from voting until I will listen to what other people here have to say on this topic.
  9. Futurist

    A Future Unification of the European Union and the Eurasian Union

    I previously asked about the future of Crimea in this section and none of the mods here apparently had a problem with that thread; thus, I think that posting this thread in this forum wouldn't be a problem either. Anyway, here goes: Is it possible that the European Union and the Eurasian Union...
  10. No Bias FTW

    Eastern Eurasian Peoples: Militarily Most Powerful For a Millenium or More

    I have been noticing this ever since I started learning about the Steppe empires and history - but nobody seems to talk much about it before. The pattern that I have noticed is this: throughout much of written history, conquerors tend to move unhindered south and westward (south-westerly and...
  11. No Bias FTW

    An Amazing Historical Eurasian Trend

    Sorry guys. Just delete this thread.
  12. A

    Is the Eurasian Union becoming Supranational/Continental power?

    We all know that Russia is technically a European nation, but what would it mean for the European Union, and what it's role and purpose will the EAU have, or is it another EU imitation. But some politicians in the US and Europe call it a revival of the Soviet superpower.
  13. Zeno

    A Eurasian "Monroe doctrine"?

    The Monroe doctrine, in short, was to keep European (old world) powers out of the new world. Do you think it is possible the Eurasian countries (including Africa) would ever formulate such a doctrine vis-a-vis the American powers of today and of the future? Do you think it would be a good...
  14. K

    Genghis Khan looked Asian, Eurasian, White?

    The chances he would have looked caucasoid is very slim, because almost every Mongolian looks like 100% Asian but are few or some that have that Eurasian look. So I'm willing to bet he could either looked Asian or Eurasian. Genetics shows that the paternal descendants of Genghis Khan is...
  15. Helios

    Putin calls for 'Eurasian Union'

    BBC News - Putin calls for 'Eurasian Union' of ex-Soviet republics ''Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called for a "Eurasian Union" of former Soviet republics along the lines of the European Union.'' I must say that i have been expecting this.
  16. thestrateger

    Migrations from the Eurasian Steppe

    I'd like to ask you, historumers - when and why the migratioans of peoples from the Eurasian Steppe begin (sarmatians and scythians?) ? - why did the slavs migrate, and why did their migration begin after the fell of the Western Roman Empire? - why did the migration period stop?