1. J

    Eurocentric revisionism?

    I was talking to a friend about the modern phenomenon of Afrocentrism, and how a lot of people of African descent feel the need to steal the history of other people in order to feel-good about their racial identity. Which is why you see things like the Black Egyptian propaganda, the Hebrew...
  2. Guaporense

    How Eurocentric (biased) is the Nobel Prize?

    As this year Nobel prizes have been awarded last week. I have been noticing that I don't think there is anything more biased in the world than prizes given to works of art, such as the Grammy, Oscar, etc. As they completely ignore most of the world's production and focus only on local stuff...
  3. 1991sudarshan

    The Euro-Centric Secular New Nalanda univeristy

    I was quite excited, when I found out that, prominent people were taking measures to revive the Nalanda university, which was destroyed by the invading Muslim Turkish Tribes. I wasn't aware about the details . After reading an article, I found out that the two universities have nothing in...
  4. L

    Isn't the term "Middle ages" Euro-Centric?

    This might be like a dumb question for all you history buffs out there, but isn't the term MIDDLE AGES very eurocentric?
  5. R

    The Eurocentric Savior

    The Eurocentric Savior I have no way of asking this in a correct or proper manner but , is it me or is the common reoccurring them that a White( Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, European, whatever your choice in political correctness) Hero is exclusively saving , helping , bettering the lives of other...
  6. NewModelSoldier

    A Eurocentric Fool

    I admit, I tend to have a focus on Eurocentric studies in terms of history, collecting overtime some bits and pieces of Asian history. I took a very fascinating general history course on India and expanded my knowledge in that way, but still. I know random facts, general names, some periods of...
  7. V

    Give me some ideas about "Eurocentric"

    I have a essay topic " Is Global history a Eurocentric enterprise". I dont know wthat to reply ahnd what are the mian points. Yes-Why? No-Why? Is someone can help me? Thanks.