1. L

    Emperor/ruler famous for being near death many times

    This is just a quick doubt I have. I remember hearing somewhere there was a Roman/Bizantine emperor who was famous for being in near-death situations many times during his travels and champains. I just need the name, it seems like my wording is not good but I can't find that in Google. Thanks...
  2. I

    Competition created the West

    Competition in Europe arose after the fall of the Western Roman Empire when West Europe was divided into small and medium-sized nations that ceased to be provinces of a unified empire to turn the future colonial empires that conquered the world. My question is the West conquered the world...
  3. 2

    Catalan counties after the fall of the Marca Hispanica and before their union with the Crown of Aragon, were they independent?

    Very specific cuestion: What was the political status (read: hierarchy) of the Catalan counties after the fall of the Marca Hispanica and before their union with the Crown of Aragon?
  4. Futurist

    A book about Europe's "danger spots" in the late 1930s

    Here is a very interesting book by Bernard Newman about the "danger spots" of Europe in the late 1930s: The final edition of this book appears to have been published shortly after the Nazi conquest of Poland in late 1939--as evidenced by the...
  5. M

    What Were the Longest Lasting Dynasties In Europe?

    What were the longest lasting dynasties in Europe? If part of a dynasty's length was legendary, when was the division between the legendary and the historical periods of the dynasty? If answering, be sure to distinguish between the length of time a dynasty lasted as a ruling or reigning...
  6. J

    Christianity in Europe.

    As a non believer i would be interested to know your opinions regarding Christianity and if it 'civilised' Europe or would we have been better off without it? Maybe we would still be carrying out human and animal ritual sacrifices today and worshipping our Pagan Gods if it wasn't for the...
  7. I

    Why there were fewer wars in 19th century in Europe?

    Which are supported reasons that there were fewer wars in 19th century in Europe compared to previous centuries after Napoleonic Wars? 18th century and especially 17th century were known to have lots of wars. After the defeat of Napoleon's French Empire in Waterloo in 1815, there were a long...
  8. Y

    Peak Qing and Mughal Scientific and Engineering Innovation versus Europe

    For a long time the extreme success of the west in the 19th and 20th centuries has been used to push an underlying narrative that the west succeeded to such a degree because western culture was inherently superior even for centuries prior to their world domination. That's how we (in western...
  9. A

    Estimates of ancient population size/density in Europe.

    Does anyone have info on population sizes and densities in Europe, say from the Bronze Age onwards?
  10. Futurist

    How potent of a force was republicanism in Europe before WWI?

    How potent of a force was republicanism in Europe before World War I? I know that France, Switzerland, and--starting from 1910--Portugal were republics. However, what about the European countries that were still monarchies before World War I? Were there large-scale republican movements in any...
  11. R

    Europe is not a continent

    After all these years, I am just now learning this. I was watching a lecture by Dr. Joy Degruy and she had everyone define the textbook definition of a continent and then she showed how Europe doesnt fit that definition, yet, the point is those who brutally conquered the world are able to just...
  12. Darth Raidius

    Best European commanders of the ACW era?

    The notable commanders of the American Civil War (1861-1865) are held in high esteem, not least by Americans, with generals like Lee, Grant, Sherman and Jackson enjoying much praise, sometimes to gross exaggeration. While I do not doubt their military competence, it does make me wonder; why...
  13. S

    1970s Europe Photos

    Beautiful Europe In The 1970s Through A Argentinian Traveler’s Lens
  14. R

    When exactly did Europe get ahead of

    Asia and Africa in terms of military technology, wasn’t Africa still able to defeat Britain during the Anglo-Ashanti wars? When did Europe start having a clear advantage
  15. I

    Potential Superpowers

    Potential superpowers What nations over the last 200 years could have become a superpower at the level of the US and Soviet Union and have survived with that status to this day? Q. I am mentioning nations that could have become superpowers but never achieved this status (Brazil example) and not...
  16. R

    What do you know about aristocracy in Austria-Hungary?

    I mean, how could someone become a Duke, a baron? Also, which industry was the most developed? Railways, textiles? How was the royal family connected to aristocrats? I am new to this:)
  17. Visigoth Panzer

    When was Austria at its Greatest Compared to the rest of Europe?

    When was Austria at its greatest in comparison with the rest of Europe? I'm not including the reign of Charles V, who ruled Spain and Austria as it would be too obvious. Austria after Charles V should not directly take into account Hapsburg Spain as it had a different (albeit closely allied)...
  18. I

    Alternate Spanish-American War

    alternate Spanish-American War What nation besides Spain could the United States enter into war? perhaps: Portugal, uk, france, germany, italy, russia or low countries (Holland)?
  19. Visigoth Panzer

    River Warships in Western Europe between 1300-1500

    What kind of ships were used in river warfare in western Europe between 1300-1500? Specifically if a raider crossing the north sea sailed down the Rhine to raid coastal cities, what kind of ship would they use? Would Cogs work for this, would longships still be used or something else?