1. T

    Book recommendation: European History for students

    Book European History for student advice A good friend is sponsoring the studies of an Indonesian. I have been asked to recommend a succinct book of European History in the English language. I am aware of a history of Europe with maps existing in French, perhaps something similar would be ideal...
  2. Darth Raidius

    Best European commanders of the ACW era?

    The notable commanders of the American Civil War (1861-1865) are held in high esteem, not least by Americans, with generals like Lee, Grant, Sherman and Jackson enjoying much praise, sometimes to gross exaggeration. While I do not doubt their military competence, it does make me wonder; why...
  3. W

    Why couldn't European superpowers use divide and conquer among themselves

    One of the cliches is that Europe conquered the world because European superpowers had mastered the art of turning local tribes against each other and choosing the right local allies to aid them when they used European armies to hold territory. From the French allying with local Arabs to defeat...
  4. R

    Are Northwest European men a lot more effeminate now than during the Napoleonic wars?

    After seeing the film Waterloo, are Northwest European men a lot more effeminate and less masculine now compared to the days of Napoleon? Maybe the Napoleonic Wars, WW1 and WW2 killed off the masculine men, particular in Germany, and so it is only the metrosexuals and the softer men that were...
  5. Futurist

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies?

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies? After all, apart from Quebec and Louisiana, Europeans don't appear to have settled in large numbers in any of the French colonies in the Americas. In turn, this raises an interesting question--why exactly was this...
  6. No Bias FTW

    Encouragment Please: Have I reached the most ideal of Historical European Standards?

    Is this the most ideal standard one can reach as a Westerner? Some Ladies of this World: I Want To Be Your Great Passionate Lover The hour grows late, and it is now time for me to gain a firm resolve. I created this post so that I can make an explicit goal for myself. Objectively speaking, I...
  7. Renaissance Roman

    Which european countries have had the greatest historic influence by specific fields?

    ☆Science : 1)Uk 2)Germany 3)Italy 4)France 5)Russia ☆Art*: 1)Italy 2)France 3)Greece 4)Spain 5)Netherlands ☆Philosophy: 1)Germany 2)Greece 3)France 4)Italy 5)Netherlands ☆Literature: 1)France 2)Uk 3)Greece 4)Italy 5)Russia ☆Music: 1)Germany 2)Italy 3)Austria...
  8. G

    European foreign relations 1939-1945

    Does anyone know of any books that deal with the non-military and diplomatic history of Europe in WW2?
  9. R

    why so many European surnames end with -in ?

    Lenin, Stalin, etc. any reason behind this ?
  10. RomanEmperor

    European Civilization Headed for Extinction?

    These are mid-range projections. Really quite scary. Can you imagine? a sixth of BRITAIN? 20% of Sweden? I wish people would wake up. Provocative and Irrelevant graphic removed by moderator.
  11. L

    Which borderline European countries do you consider as European?

    I added also Russia because - although its origins are European - today most of its territory is located outside of Europe: - Russia - Kazakhstan - Georgia - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Turkey - Cyprus - Northern Cyprus - Malta - Israel Edit: If possible, can some moderator edit the poll and add...
  12. J

    Americas without European influence

    It occurred to me today that without European influence, Aztec and Maya would have conquered the hemisphere. I would appreciate informed opinions as to what that would have been like and on what kind of a timeline. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  13. Futurist

    How much larger would North Africa's European population be without the World Wars?

    How much larger would North Africa's European population be without the World Wars? For the record, I am especially curious about the African countries that border the Mediterranean Sea as well as about Eritrea. Indeed, it is worth noting that, if I recall correctly, Algeria, Libya, and Eritrea...
  14. P

    New blog on European history and traditions

    Hi there, my name's Charlie and I'm new to Historum. I've just popped in to let you guys and fair maidens know that I've set up a blog about European history and tradition that you may be interested in. It focuses particularly on religion but also pre-Christian customs and way of life. If this...
  15. 9

    European Theater Maps WWII

    I just finished retracing my grandfather's complete history during his time in Europe during WWII. I am wanting to do a nice presentation for our family. Mainly his 6 children. I have searched everywhere for a large map or maps that would allow me to show his footsteps from England into France...
  16. Spike117

    Why'd European Diseases Affect Native Americans but Not Vice-Versa

    How come European diseases brought by the Spanish and others devastate native populations, but there wasn't some New World disease that the natives were used to that the colonists could've caught?
  17. RomanEmperor

    European Mercenary History Expert Interview

    Check this out! This guy is regarded as possibly the foremost expert on mercenaries in the world. Real interesting conversation! The Ajay Bruno Show - Sean McFate Interview 04/23 by Ajay Bruno | History Podcasts Any comments after are welcome!
  18. J

    Was the collapse of the Roman Empire one of the very best event in European history?

    The collapse of Roman Empire was a very very good event. Present-day nations and European cultures wouldn't exist otherwise. It was a Mediterranean culture rather than really European.
  19. ThePeopleProfiles

    What's the greatest disaster in European history?

    I'd say The Black Death as it killed the highest percentage of the population. 40-60 per cent in England for example. That's almost apocalyptic......