1. Dose

    "Important" events in history that weren't actually that significant?

    While I think the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was certainly important in that it triggered WWI, I think some people place too much importance on it. There's sometimes an implication that WWI would not have happened without the assassination; that Princip altered the course of human history...
  2. JaddHaidar

    Historical events you wish you could've stopped

    .. as the title says. For me ... the Arab Spring (I know, pretty recent..)
  3. Futurist

    Which little-known historical events anger or upset you?

    Which little-known historical events anger you? As for me, this might sound strange, but I am angry and upset at the fact that Peter I, Duke of Bourbon had one son and then had seven daughters in a row (before he and his wife stopped having children)...
  4. Valens

    The Most Important Events in European History, I - V century

    The purpose of this chronology is to list some of the most important events which had great influence on the course of European history. My initial plan was to start with the first century after Christ and finish with the twentieth, but soon realized that the scope of that task was enormous...
  5. F

    20. century events from a distance

    Here I mean we now see much of that century from some distance in time, since we are for the most part "later". So how does that affect our views? Examples could be the year of "uprising" in say European countries(France, Germany, Tchseckoslovakia), the USA. Or 1948, the year of independence...
  6. R

    What historic events happened on your birthday?

    I share my birthday with the anniversary of the first mothers day
  7. No Bias FTW

    Chinese official responses to International events: 1875-1920?

    Just because China was the 'Middle Kingdom' - and then later a 'Republic' - does not mean that the dominant government was unaware of current events. Besides certain thoughts of prominent individuals, I am interested in the official responses (congratulations, commiserations, humanitarian...
  8. H

    The most significant events from 5th to 15th century

    Hi all, I am doing a brief educational videos on the World History. what are the most significant events between 5th to 15th century? This is my list of significant events in the above peroid: 1-Rise of the Franks 2-the Arab conquests 3-Tangs empire 4-The Crusades 5-The Mongol conquests 6-Rise...
  9. Andy Levo

    The inspiration behind peoples, characters, locations and events in Game of Thrones

    I have just started watching GOT(no spoilers!!!!season 4) and I have been thinking about the inspiration GRRM takes from history. What are some of the ones you have noticed? Some obvious ones: -Dothraki-Mongols/Turks/Scythians -Andals-Saxons -Children of the Forrest-Romans -Qarth-Constantinople...
  10. robto

    Greatest migratory events and population replacements in history

    Since our modern species got out of Africa and later populated all corners of the earth, we many times in history witnessed many great migrations in history, either by agricultural expansion, military conquest and settling policy, colonization, organic and slow immigration, genocide, epidemics...
  11. D

    Bloodiest Crises Throughout History

    Throughout the history, what are some of the most bloody and interesting historical events you guys can think of?
  12. Menshevik

    Which Event(s) had a greater impact on the Middle East?

    I've often read that the Crusades are to blame for a significant amount of the disfunction we see in the Middle East today. Yet, I rarely see or hear people mention the Mongol Invasions as a serious contributing factor. What say you? Which one had the most impact? And I'm assuming that...
  13. D

    Ancient Events, Prehistoric Sciences, Uriel's Machine

    Were there "scientists" in the BCE ? This is a book set called The Hiram Key Series. Ties together several of my favorite topics: ancient religions, secret societies, and Old Testament tales. The Hiram Key Series | New and Used Books from Thrift Books Open minds want to know!
  14. Azad67

    Events which lead to death of Suraj Mal Jat

    Events which lead to death of Suraj Mal Jat
  15. Excalibur

    Recent Events in Hungary

    1. 98% voting people in Hungarian referendum on quotas refused the idea to distribute migrants to EU countries. 2. Hungarians changed constitution where they prohibited accepting migrants by based on an outside decision. Orban commented it by these words: "Nobody from outside will decide who...
  16. J

    Italian Forces in WW2 Day-By-Day Record of Events

    If all you are just reading are the Allied Official Histories then, yes, one could get the impression that the Italians were a bunch of cowards. Contrary to popular myth, the Italian soldiers did not simply surrender when attacked during Operation Compass. Italian artillery gunners where...
  17. K

    Is there any database of dates and events in Indian History?

    I am trying to create a database for UPSC study which will have all the dates and events on that date concerning Indian history. Does anyone know where can i find such detailed info?
  18. Asherman

    Pivotal Current Events; A Historian's Role

    I don't doubt that the unfolding events in SE Asia is a fundamental and important problem facing the entire world. The nature of that conflict has spilled over into the West intensifying our anxieties and interest. We in the West have been attacked repeatedly by radical Islamic Terrorist...
  19. D

    This Day in History: 2 Key Events

    Learn about two key historic events that took place 139 years apart on March 29: This Day in History: Two Key Events
  20. E

    What was the most deadliest events during the 3 kingdoms period of China?

    What was the events that caused the death toll of the three Kingdoms period of China to be the third most deadliest conflict in human history?