1. Renegade

    9-11 type events in history

    Probably we all have a rather limited knowledge of history. Too many centuries, continents, and countries. 9-11 was a huge historical event. It was unexpected, violent, and a game changer for a whole lot people, countries, and ideologies. I am interested to learn what events in world history...
  2. T

    Looking for some Topics or Events for Marco Polo (Essay)

    Okay well i need to write a essay about Marco Polo for my History class. I'm not allowed to write a biography about him i need to argue or prove a point about Marco Polo for example was a tyrant, was a great leader, etc. If anyone could help me with some topics or events that i can write about...
  3. Publius

    Overrated events in Ancient History?

    What events (battles, treaties, reigns of particular rulers etc) from antiquity do you consider to be given far more importance than they deserve? Just for the sake of this thread, we're going to take anything pre-500 AD as "ancient".
  4. EmperorTigerstar

    Telling the Causes of Historical Events: Long term or short term?

    Someone asks you: "What started World War I?" You have two general answers. There is the short term answer. "Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and as a result Austria-Hungary went to war with Serbia. Soon after the major European powers joined in, beginning World War I." Obviously this is the...
  5. antonina

    Five unexplained events in the history of your country

    The topic concerns all sorts of historical events - momentous or quite trivial - to which research hasn't yet been able to provide a satisfactory explanation. Five unanswered questions concerning the history of your country - distant or recent. Why exactly five? Well, ten's a tad too...
  6. H

    major events of the modern history

    If you had to divide the modern history into sections that covers all the significant events, what would be your list ? My list as follows; 1- Rise of Spanish empire 2- Rise of Ming empire 3- Napoleon wars 4- Rise of British empire 5- End of British empire ( revolts from US...
  7. G

    Would Indian border with Balochistan have changed events in any way

    Do you think India would have done anything different in the last 50 years if Balochistan had a border with India?
  8. gustavolapizza

    what are the most important historical events mostly decided by luck?

    it's a curiosity. Some battles for example highlight the qualities of generals or armies, like Austerlitz that highlights Napoleone skills as a general but i'm sure there are a lot of episodes in history wich outcome has been mostly decided by pure luck and that could have changed history if...
  9. E

    Events that took place in Tienamenan square

    Today, me and a friend (who is native of China) began speaking about the history/politics of China. The subject of Tienamenan square came up. I gave what I thought happen, which was that an uprising for democracy and chinese people transpired. I thought possibly people had died by the hands of...
  10. H

    Significant events from 2300 BC to 1 AD and Why?

    What are the major historical events from the rise of Akkad Empire to the Birth of Christ in your opinion and why ? I am doing a series of educational videos on this Period So far the events that I covered in my videos are: 1- Building of...
  11. The Fan of History

    Spring and Autumn Period - which are the major events?

    Which are the major events of the 8th, 7th and 6th century BC in the Spring and Autumn period in your opinon? If I want to learn more (especially about the 7th Century) - can you recommend any book that I should read?
  12. K

    Top Washington, DC historical events?

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a list of the top historical events that occurred in the DC area (specifically the National Mall region). Here are a few I've got so far: -Presidential Inaugural speeches -The March on Washington/MLK's speech -The War of 1812 (specifically the burning of the...
  13. N

    [HELP] reliable records of fortress siege events.

    in my current project i need to write and create events simulates the fortress siege events , the environment is based on arabian lands before the gunpowder era , so any records of how the siege even been reordered will help me reimagine some historically accurate event , i had collected some...
  14. L

    Larry55 - Historical Events

    Superstition is a tragedy written by James N. Barker. It was based on Indian warfare and the witch trials of early New England history. It was run first at the Chestnut Theater in Philadelphia on May 12, 1824. Barker was the first dramatist who used American materials and themes.
  15. B

    What was the early Celtic Church and how did it influence Reformation events?

    I don't know too much about it, but didn't the Irish have a different approach of including Celtic elements? Was there some sort of separation from the Church in Rome? Did this influence Irish rejection of protestantism with its hostility to pagan elements in Christianity? Did it also influence...
  16. Sun in Splendour

    Which events in UK history deserve to be commemorated by a public holiday

    As I'm sure many of you are aware 5th November is bonfire night in the Uk. It commemorates the day in 1605 when Guy Fawkes was caught in the basement of the Houses of Parliament surrounded by barrels of gunpowder. To celebrate the event we set off fireworks and burn effigies of Guy Fawkes on big...
  17. Zeno

    Extreme weather events of 535–536CE

    Thousand fivehundred years ago our planet went through the most extreme short-term cooling episode in two thousand years, causing widespread crop failures and famines around the globe. What do you think caused this extreme cooling and what were the immediate and longterm consequences for our...
  18. I

    Significant Events between 4000 and 2000 BC.

    I'm designing a historical computer game that spans two thousand years starting in 4000 BC. I would like to know what you think are the twenty most significant events within that time period. It can be from anywhere in the world as in the final version of the game the player will be allowed to...
  19. Valens

    Washington behind events in Ukraine?

    Since we have several threads about Russia and its involvement in Ukraine crisis, I thought, why not start one thread with a different approach (and a very logical one), yesterday on one thread concerning sanctions imposed on Russia I posted several articles written by eminent professors (and...
  20. The Fan of History

    The most important events of the 8th Century BC in your opinion?

    So I have finished the last episode of the 9th Century BC on my YouTube channel (I am a bit ahead of publication, the last 9th Century episode will air by late September) and I just did the "Great civilisations of the World in 800 BC" Time to start on the 8th Century BC. Of course I know quite...