1. VHS

    Sorriest excuse for museums you have experienced?

    Tongass Historical Museum at Ketchikan is one of the smallest I have ever visited; in spite of the comments on Tripadvisor, I found it quite similar to a visit to a friend's home. This is also quite a sorry site...
  2. dreamregent

    Should religious objections excuse employees from customary/prescribed job f(x)'s?

    Should religious objections excuse employees from customary or prescribed job functions? Muslim flight attendant suspended As far as I'm aware, it is at least customary for flight attendants to serve alcohol. I don't know if the employee manual states specifically that "alcohol" is served by...
  3. Bonny Blue Flag

    "2000 Maniacs" - Worst excuse for a "CW" based movie!

    On Oct. 31, 2008, Time Warner Classics aired a movie entitled, "2000 Maniacs". The tagline: About a haunted Southern town whose ghosts seek revenge for a Civil War massacre / made in 1964. Writer/Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis Stars: Connie Mason William Kerwin Plot: Six people traveling...
  4. Salah

    European Warfare as an Excuse for the Crusades

    Urban II himself, as well as some modern historians, have partially justified the call for the First Crusade because it would unite Christian kingdoms that were too busy fighting each other. Was the warfare in late 11th Century Europe so intense as to make the Pope desperate for a scheme to...
  5. I

    Please excuse my modes historical culture and teach me some lessons :)

    Hi there, I'm new here and quite excited about this forum...it looks complex and it covers various aspects....looking forward to learning as much history as possible :) Hugs to everyone!