1. P

    Wage-Slavery......does it exist?

    Indentured servitude may seem archaic and silly, but what about a system ruled by corporations and debt with a declining middle class? Given that corporations tend to filter for obedience; given ways in which this obedience will not translate in to equality (much less), than in one works for a...
  2. J

    Does Democracy Really Exist in the elections of the USA? An interesting video

    PJy8vTu66tE Who was/were historically the responsible for the creation of such really bad system? It is not a real democracy, but a puppet theater of big companies. Are there any serious people or pressure groups who fight against this unfair system? Share you opinion!
  3. L

    ‘Render onto Caesar..’ did it already exist in pre Christian Roman religions

    Render onto Caesar and render on to man... That famous quote was it new or a re - working of existing roman religious teachings which the ‘Christianised Romans simply continued and copied? Another point was it to teach obedience to the law, government and church and not rebel no matter...
  4. C

    Does English Exchequer exist?

    Dialogue concerning Exchequer, about 1180, provides the specifications of Exchequer. About 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. With a raised rim about "four fingers" high to prevent items falling off - 3 inches? Covered with chequerboard pattern of black and green cloth described as "width of human...
  5. M

    Did the pirate vanguard exist?

    In pirate fiction is quite common to find reference to a selected group of pirates called "the vanguard" tasked to lead the way in boarding enemy ships. Very often they are described as some sort of "pirate elite force" made out of the best fighters within the crew. And yet, reading about the...
  6. Theodoric

    How Does Laos Exist?

    If you're into space and David Bowie, you likely know of Chris Hadfield. His son Evan has been going around the world doing semi-historical bite-sized documentaries. While this one doesn't dig too much into interviews like some of his others, it's still a moving piece. This video talks about...
  7. civfanatic

    Do Anatolian Turks still have tribes? If not, when and how did tribes cease to exist?

    Most of the Turkic peoples, including the Oghuz Turks, were divided into different tribal groups. For example, one of the Oghuz tribes was the Kayı tribe. The Ottomans claimed that Osman was descended from this tribe. When the Turks conquered and settled in Anatolia, what happened to these...
  8. T

    How common were shieldmaidens? Did they even exist?

    The recent controversy over the alleged female warrior in Birka, Sweden got me thinking. Though I know there is some question over whether or not the individual was a warrior or even a woman;do we know of any other female graves in the Norse world that were buried with weapons? I seem to recall...
  9. R

    Does a modern "job haven" exist anywhere in Europe?

    With a seemingly endless economic crisis in Europe, and consequent sharp slumps of chronic unemployment, is there any place left on the continent where decent jobs are still abundant and people of all ages can find employment, or research grants, without having to beg for this? If such a place...
  10. M

    Did Constantine exist?

    Here is a quote from Wikipedia There doesn't seem to be any evidence for his apparent conversion either or him making Christianity the official religion. It seems the 'primary documents' date no earlier then the 11th century CE, this was around the time of the Crusades and the 'Sack of...
  11. D

    How does the house of wisdom exist after Al- Ma'mun?

    How does the house of wisdom exist after Al- Ma'mun? the caliphate had been controlled by the turks and the country was divided into pieces. Is the house of wisdom still going on? If not, wouldn't the house of wisdom have a time like only a caliph, Al- Ma'mun? So why did the islamic golden...
  12. notgivenaway

    If there were no Norse invasions, would England still exist?

    It was a long-held vision of the House of Wessex, before Alfred the Great even to unite all of the Anglo-Saxons into one kingdom. Before Alfred's time, his grandfather King Ecgbert came closest as he was the bretwalda or high-king like Offa of Mercia was. But considering that it was a direct...
  13. B

    Phantom Time: Did the early Middle Ages actually exist?

    You know what they say about the early Middle Ages, don’t you? If you can remember them, you weren’t really there. But if you could recall those times, was this simply because you had been making up the entire era as a state-enrolled forger? If so, this would be explicable by the Phantom Time...
  14. Vesna

    Does central Europe exist?

    Hi, this is a place to continue the discussion about existence of Central European region that was started here http://historum.com/european-history/122156-help-needed-eastern-europe-industrialization-3.html What is your opinion, is there only West and East Europe, or is history and culture of...
  15. VHS

    The ongoing bee and bumblebee crisis? Does it exist?

    Many people have pointed at the current bee and bumblebee crisis and talk about the worsening food security. Since we are quite dependent on bees and bumblebees for food production, this sounds a little alarming. (I thought the topic would fit the ecological room better, but this is an...
  16. M

    Is there [still] a real debate on whether human races exist?

    Apparently there is still a real ongoing debate. This guy wrote a book challenging the idea that race doesn't exist among humans - John Fuerst, "The Nature of Race: the Genealogy of the Concept and the Biological Construct’s Contemporaneous Utility", published in year 2015. PDF full...
  17. Lawnmowerman

    Did the NKVD exist??

    It seems one of our new Russian members is claiming the NKVD never existed. I look forward to learning all about their non-existence in this thread. Knock yourself out.
  18. LatinoEuropa

    When the human being ends with the wars that exist throughout the world.

    Here I tell my opniões, wars do not end because of the greed of some masters of this cruel world, earning a lot of money at the expense of much human being who dies innocent, my second opinion also has to do with the power of annexing territories not belong to them.
  19. B

    Did the Jewish race really exist?

    We know what history tells us about the Jewish race, but have you ever wondered what does genetics tells us about the Jewish race? Brother Ngozi one of the members of the Team Osiris chapter of the Amen Ra Squad debates against a group of African Americans called the "Hebrew Israelites". In this...
  20. VHS

    Christianity before Paul?

    Since much of the current Christianity is Pauline Christianity, challenging Paul seems blasphemous for many Christians, since it also shakes the very foundation of the existing Christianity. The harms by medieval and modern Christianity also rooted in Paul. What was Christianity like before...