1. F

    How did Britain expand so much even prior to industrializing?

    Even prior to the building of lots of railroads, etc... The British already controlled India and had defeated China in the First Opium War. How? The British would have been heavily outnumbered and fighting far away from home. Was it just the slightly better military technology?
  2. Futurist

    As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Expand Settlements in Golan Heights

    While this article is a couple of weeks old, I figured that it is better to post this article late rather than never: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/03/world/middleeast/syria-civil-war-israel-golan-heights.html?_r=0 Anyway, any thoughts on this?

    Why didn't the ERE expand into the Balkans and into Northern Europe?

    So I understand that they wanted to reclaim the old roman territories, but why didn't they go into northern Europe? I know that for a long time they had conflicts with the Bulgarians and the various Slavic people that would eventually make Kievan-Rus, but why didn't they just conquer them? I'm...
  4. Lawnmowerman

    What was Britians last attempt to expand its empire???

    Well what was it Ashanti wars??? 1902 (war of the golden stool) - definitely a colonial war of expansion, but not the last attempt to expand the empire. Annexation of German colonies 1918 - Massive expansion of the empire but still not the last Afghanistan 1919 - Not really an...
  5. unity

    Brunei to expand use of Sharia law

    Human Right's watch should mind its own business. Their country, their rules. Brunei to bring in tough new sharia law | World news | theguardian.com Brunei to bring in tough new sharia law Brunei's sultan widens usage of Sharia | News | DW.DE | 22.10.2013 Brunei's sultan widens usage of Sharia
  6. S

    How did imperialism expand and develop to different times?

    Hi, I'm having an exam in history, which focuses on imperialism and how it expanded and developed throughout time. I am thinking of laying the weight on european and roman imperialism. What other phases of imperialism should I focus on? Is there any major events or changes that are really...
  7. Jake10

    Is hiring autistic people a passing fad, or will it expand?

    Some employers are seeking autistic people to work for them because social interactions are not a priority in the type of job to be done, and because autistic people display skills and advantages in other areas. Where will this go? Rise of the autistic workforce - health - 24 May 2013 - New...
  8. Cavanboy

    Looking to expand my classical playlist

    I'm looking to expand my classical playlist, my favourite pieces are Les preludes(my all time favourite) Tchaikovsky overture and swan lake and pretty much bravado triumphent pieces that lift the spirit, do you know of any more you could share with me?
  9. Mohammed the Persian

    Why didn't the Arabs expand towards the Byzantines?

    When you look at a map of their conquest, you'll see they went east through Sassanian Iran, West to North Africa and Iberia. But their furthest northern conquests were Syria and bits of Anatolia. Why could they not expand north towards the Byzantines ? I mean, the Arab armies were formidable...
  10. Mohammed the Persian

    Why didn't the Chinese expand into Siberia?

    Why didn't they ? I mean, surely they had plenty of time before the Russians had arrived. Was it because the land seemed unattractive ? I'd say history would be a lot different if Siberia and the east coast of Russia had been under the control of the Chinese :wondering: Why didn't they go...
  11. discover40

    If USA doesn't expand more teritory and move its capital,it will be weak near 2046.

    If USA doesn't expand more territory and move its capital to an emerging region,it will be weak in 2046. If a country doesn't increase more territory and move its capital to an emerging region,after 200 to 250 years,this country will become very weak.After 400 to 450 years,this country will be...
  12. Krystian

    Why didn't the Asians expand and colonize?

    Throughout most of history up until the 17th or even 18th century the far East and especially the countries that existed in place of modern day China were more developed or at least more organized, large as a population and had advanced naval technologies. Why didn't in that case they expand in...