1. CathareHeretic

    The Portuguese Expeditionary Corps

    W.W I West Front numerous peoples think is just French , British , American and Belgians. But I wish to pay tribute to the Portuguese soldiers on the French front .Who were our brothers of arms .It forgotten soldiers Germany declared war on March 9, 1916. Nationalist fervor swept Portugal and...
  2. MarshallBudyonny

    US expeditionary force in World War I

    How successful was the expeditionary force, what battles did it fight in and how did it fare against the Germans?
  3. Baltis

    WW1 - American Expeditionary Force

    I have been enjoying some WW1 documentaries this morning. I notice they always tell the story of Pershing holding the American forces back until they could fight as a consolidated army. The French and British were desperate for fresh troops and constantly lobbied for the Americans to fill...