1. Naima

    So many Italian Explorers and ?

    And no Italian state was interested in the new world? Other nations have often used Italian explorers to uncover the new World from Columbus to Cabot, but why Italian states, that were still very rich at the Renaissence time were not interested in the new world?
  2. P

    books on great explorers primary and secondary sources

    I'm hoping to find good firsthand accounts and biography's on some of the greatest explorers from the age of exploration, appreciate any recommendations.
  3. L

    Were the Polynesians the world's greatest explorers?

    They settled in a vast area from madagascar to Easter Islands, Hawaii and the pacific islands. Yet their acheivements seem to be overlooked, when historians write about say the Vikings, Romans, Colombos and the age of 'discovery'. They put him to shame, and there is a strong case they could...
  4. C

    Hello to fellow history explorers

    I am from Chennai. I need to live by the sea. It works tricks on my mind. Much of my adolescence and this adulthood has been built online. So been around the sun hundreds of times, and finally found this nice place to talk about history. :nuts: I study the history of the Coromandel Coast and its...
  5. Pacific_Victory

    Greatest Explorers Of All Time

    I'm trying to compile a list of the greatest explorers in human history and I'm having trouble. My main problem lies in defining the criteria by which one is judged a "great explorer." So how would you all define a "great explorer" and once you've done that who do you put on the list? So far...
  6. josz

    Explorers and expedition into Africa

    European explorers and expedition into Africa. What was main reason to maintain such dangerous missions. How it had changed our mentality and way of thinking ?
  7. P

    Request for help finding non-white explorers to map

    Does anyone know of a non-white explorer who has an English book translation available as a copyright-free Google eBook, or the complete text is available on Wikipedia, or a web site with a daily journal of the exploration in English? As many of you know I have been creating interactive maps of...
  8. Thessalonian

    Ancient geographers / explorers thread

    A history forum cannot be without a thread regarding geographers, travellers and explorers of the ancient world. Much of this Earth was explored a long time ago, in antiquity. I will begin with a Chinese geographer, not known in the West. Liu An (179 BC – 122 BC) was a Chinese prince. With...
  9. Commander

    Explorers find ancient caves and paintings in Nepal

    KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Explorers have discovered a series of caves decorated with ancient Buddhist paintings, set in sheer cliffs in Nepal's remote Himalayan north, leaving archaeologists excited and puzzled. An international team of scholars, archaeologists, climbers and explorers examined at...