1. VHS

    The alleged "upper extensions of empires"

    This concept of 帝国极壁 (the upper extent of empires) means the projection of an empire's military within two months. This should be extended with the advent of railways and highways; then, our current largest country is substantially smaller than the Mongol Empire or the British Empire. Is the...
  2. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The British planning for the Japanese invasion of Malaya

    Let's discuss and criticize about the British strategic plan for the defense of Malaya-Singapore before the Japanese invasion began on 8th December 1941. What is the most ideal strategic plan for the British army in your viewpoint ? Do you think Arthur Percival make a proper move for his...
  3. A

    To what extent was the MG42 a force-multiplier in WW2 infantry combat?

    Pretty much as per the title, really; its well-known that the MG42 had a much faster rate of fire than the squad or platoon-level MG's available to their opponents. I'm just wondering exactly how impactful this was in combat, whether this was in any way measurable or tangible (rather than...
  4. B

    Extent of North Vietnamese Nationalism as cause of victory?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums but have an essay and was looking for some ideas on how you would structure an essay on the impact/ success of north Vietnamese nationalism in the war. I know that it was important, but I'm having trouble nailing down exactly how to discuss its impact. Also would the...
  5. funakison

    To what extent was Lord Byron the first celebrity?

    Mobbed in public, poetry that sold out on the day of publication, the life of Lord Byron certainly seems to mirror the celebs of today.
  6. dagul

    The ISIS extent in the Pacific

    Islam is truly dangerous when in large group and possess the power to start rebellion or terrorism. Jihad is deeply ingrained in Muslim culture.
  7. JoanOfArc007

    To what extent was Fascist Italy and Benito Mussolini Catholic?

    I have read reports that -Mussolini was re baptized as a Catholic in 1927. -Mussolini had his children baptized as Catholics. -Pope Pius XI viewed Mussolini as "a man sent by Providence" -Mussolini only allowed Church approved books be used to teach religion across fascist Italy...
  8. Kookaburra Jack

    To what extent (if any) could Constantine be viewed as a barbarian?

    To what extent (if any) could Constantine be viewed as a barbarian? Constantine had been involved in war since childhood. It was the family business. From his track record of later successes in this field it would appear to be clear that he was good at his business. Eusebius reveals a little...
  9. C

    To what extent are Samson and Hercules similar?

    Though I believe that the stories of Hercules primarily derive from certain Egyptian figures, I've been toying with the idea that some of the parts of the Hercules legend are derived from the stories of Samson, the judge of Israel in c. 1200 B.C.E. I'm not the first to have thought of this, of...
  10. Xenology

    What Years Was It Where Parthia Was At It's Greatest Extent

    Mainly based off this image seen here, around what timeline was this in, if you could say accurately?
  11. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Extent of Medieval Khorasan (Afghanistan)

    What was the extent of Khorasan? From my understanding Khorasan extended from the area around the amu darya to the Takht I Sulaiman or the Indus. If that was the case then kingdoms like Kabulistan and Zabulistan were apart of Khorasan.
  12. C

    To what extent did the Red Army disregard heavy losses?

    It's been said often that during WW2 Stalin didn't care when Red Army forces took heavy losses when fighting against the Heer. Did this mentality apply also to the officer corps and NCOs as well? How common was the idea that losses don't matter as long as victory is achieved among Red Army...
  13. K

    To what extent was did the soviet government benefit from their soviet regime?

    I think I read that soviet party members on average had over three times the income as non-party members. Was such a method really to "protect communism," or was it just for their own benefit?
  14. SirOrmondeWinter

    To what extent was the American Revolution a religious war?

    Whilst taxation was the obstensible cause (and possibly slavery?) it's interesting to look through the signatories to the DofI and note how many of them were dissenters (plus 1 Catholic), they were nearly all Congregationalists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians etc People often forget that Britain...
  15. EmperorTigerstar

    Guns, Germs, and Steel: To What Extent Do You Agree?

    Jared Diamond made a theory that the main reasons that Europe was able to defeat and conquer the Americas as opposed to facing either A) Equal-leveled resistance or B) Failure is due to three reasons: Guns, germs, and steel. You can read more about the specifics here...
  16. L

    To what extent did the Russians use their submarines in WW1?

    For a schoolproject I have to do research on Russian submarines and I couldn't find anything about how the Russians used their submarines, and which submarines were in their fleet. It would be great if anyone knew the answer! Thanks!
  17. G

    Western most extent of an Eastern Empire in India

    What is the western most extent of an Eastern empire in India? How far west did the Bengali and Assamese empires go? Why did Eastern empires find it hard in general to go westward?
  18. Polynikes

    To what extent did Sicilian Greeks serve in the Legions?

    To what extent did Sicilian Greeks and Greeks living in the South of Italy serve in the Roman Legions during the Republic, Principate, Crisis of the 3rd Century and Dominate? Was recruiting as active in the South as it was in the North? And how did Greek sentiments regarding service in the...
  19. C

    To what extent did the Nazis use foreign volunteers and conscripts in the East?

    What exactly are the statistics on their use of volunteer soldiers, Soviet POWs, and people they conscripted while fighting on the Eastern Front?