1. Futurist

    The Valois and Bourbons become extinct while the Dreux survive

    I wanted to spice things up and thus came up with this scenario: John of Bourbon, Count of Vendome (this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_VIII,_Count_of_Vendôme ; he's the male-line great-great-grandfather of French King Henry IV) dies before he is able to have a son. As a result, the...
  2. EmperorTigerstar

    The Nearly Extinct Ideas of Georgism

    So in the late 1800s, before socialism, Marx, communism, and other labor-based economic ideologies overshadowed it, there was a different type of economic ideas pushed by Henry George that was dubbed Georgism. With works such as his book Progress and Poverty, George theorized how land was the...
  3. RidiculousName

    Why Aren't the Buffalo Extinct?

    If ancient Americans made the horse extinct, why didn't they make other large plains-dwelling animals that run in herds extinct, like buffalo, pronghorns etc? Where did ancient American horses roam?
  4. LatinoEuropa

    Jewish-Portuguese or Judeo-Portuguese is an extinct language.

    Jewish-Portuguese or Judeo-Portuguese is an extinct language, that was spoken by the Jewish community of Portugal. This linguistic form was vernacular to the Jews of Portugal before century XVI and it survived in many communities of the diaspora of the Jews of the Portuguese Nation. Texts were...
  5. RomanEmperor

    When did slavery become extinct in different cultures?

    For instance when did it end in the Byzantine Empire, or Britain, or different Italian states, etc..... like would there have still been slavery in post-feudal Europe?
  6. dreuxeng

    Rhino now extinct !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the northern white rhino...... ...... now extinct, and made extinct by the human race......... I only found out only today: there used to be masses of news items here in the U.K. all about save the rhino, (the black rhino and the white rhino), right across the late 1980s and 1990s...
  7. seneschal

    Pleistocene north American Megafauna did not go extinct

    What if most of the north American megafauna did not go extinct? How would it have helped in the development of native Indian societies? Horses went extinct in North America until the spansh reintroduced it in 1492. So what if horses had not gone extinct? it stands to reason that north American...
  8. P

    Are Amatuers extinct

    The North western University football team has won the right to unionized. Of course the NCAA disagrees. It might mean that student athletes may be compensated when the NCAAA uses them to advertize upcoming games. College football and basketball can be viewed as the farm systems of the...
  9. BenSt

    What extinct creature would you like to bring back?

    Somewhat based on naomasa's post, I was thinking about animals that might be cool to see again. IF we were able to bring them back, what animal would you want to see? You can only choose ONE :cool: My pick would definitely be the Aurochs, the giant bovine species that could reach upwards of...
  10. J

    Paper on Ancient Carthage and What it Would be Today

    ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS:You are to choose a one of the civilizations we studied and imagine if it had not waned, not failed, not faded. Imagine, instead, if it had grown. Then answer the following questions (be sure to answer all of them!) What would it look like today in terms of its...
  11. C

    Extinct Spanish nobiliary titles?

    Anyone knows a Spanish Duke/Duchess or Marquis/Marchioness whose title is extinct? (yes, this isn't the best wording but I am not sure whether Duchy is to Duke what barony is to baron or if Mark is to Marquis what County is to Count)
  12. okamido

    Javan rhino in Thailand, officially extinct.

    A shame. Javan Rhino Officially Extinct In Vietnam | Endangered Species News | LiveScience
  13. Lawnmowerman

    Extinct Peoples

    Groups of peoples have gone extinct for years around the world here in Australia the Tasmanian Aboriginals have been wiped out. In New Zealand the Chatham Islanders have also been wiped out (by the Maoris, not the English) In the America's the Eire people and the lost colony of Roanoak...
  14. cachibatches

    Some Africans may also have extinct hominid DNA

    It was recently discovered that all non-Africans have Denisovian and/or Neanderthal DNA. Now, it appears that some Africans may have archaic human DNA as well: DNA Hints At African Cousin To Humans - Science News
  15. M

    Will europeans and their culture be extinct in 100 years?

    What do you think, considering the numbers given in this movie? Are we on the verge of extinction? Extinction of European Population.mp4 - YouTube
  16. Naomasa298

    The Western Black Rhino is extinct

    BBC News - Western black rhino declared extinct Another species is declared extinct, along with several subspecies.
  17. okamido

    Religion becoming extinct in some Nations

    I found this to be an interesting article. A team of scientists(?) used a mathematical model to analyze adherents to religion and their reasons why. Based on this they have come to a conclusion that certain nations will soon break away from religion altogether. BBC News - Religion may become...
  18. Toltec

    1/3 of Dinasaur Species may soon become extinct

    An interesting article. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/10/091009-dinosaur-species-never-existed.html
  19. NomadBard

    Extinct Animals

    The North African Bush Elephant, the European Lion, the Caspian Tiger, the Barbary Lion, and other species were all greatly hurt by Rome's lust for animal spectacles. Few Barbary lions exist today and not too long ago, the Caspian tiger went extinct. Lions used to have a range from Greece...