1. RomanEmperor

    European Civilization Headed for Extinction?

    These are mid-range projections. Really quite scary. Can you imagine? a sixth of BRITAIN? 20% of Sweden? I wish people would wake up. Provocative and Irrelevant graphic removed by moderator.
  2. Inc

    Dr.Guy McPherson from NASA Human Extinction within 10 years

    sNFvRS-Ka-c Is Dr. Guy McPherson a guy worth listening to?
  3. C

    What caused the extinction of the Prussian people?

    I have always wondered what it was that caused their disappearance.
  4. VHS

    Could sapient dinosaurs arise if the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction didn't happen?

    In both the novels and the TV-series of Dinotopia, various species of sapient dinosaurs exist, especially the Dromaeosauridae and troodontidae. The movie The Good Dinosaur apparently shows dinosaurs capable of agriculture and pastoral herding. The suggestion is that none of the non-avian...
  5. R

    Dinaosaurs extinction question

    Hello everyone, I'm here to discuss a little about the dinosaurs, i'm not an expert, and i just want to know if, actually, we are shure about the event that killed all those big guys ? It is definitely a meteorite ? I've seen that the earth's magnetic poles can be reversed, and eventually...
  6. W

    What caused the extinction of Meiolania on Lord Howe Island?

    Since there's no evidence of people having once lived on Lord Howe Island before its European discovery (according to Wikipedia), what caused the turtle's extinction there? Just curious.
  7. Brisieis

    New Extinction Age?

    I saw this today and found it interesting. Earth 'entering new extinction phase' - US study - BBC News
  8. Insert Name Here

    Islamic State and Animal Extinction

    An interesting small article about a bird that could become extinct in the wild since the IS took over Palmyra. It's sad to see that this adds to the horrific human toll and suffering, the destruction of historic and irreplaceable sites, and now potential animal extinction. This is like the...
  9. B

    The history of Climate Change

    From melting glaciers to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to Greenland to the Siberian tundra, there are multiple challenges ahead for our world. Carbon has moved up to 400 parts per million of the atmosphere, the ocean is acidifying due to the amount of carbon that it's absorbing and methane is...
  10. larkin

    The extinction of paper and fiat coinage before the decade is out. (2020)

    It is not only possible, but easy to go through a day, carry out your errands and even travel without ever handling coin or cash. Because of this, I see the extinction of paper and fiat coinage before the decade is out. (2020) I can see banks favoring the elimination of all printed...
  11. P

    How did they avoid extinction?

    At the end of the Cretaceous period many species became extinct dinosaurs being the most well known. How did birds mammals and I believe crocodiles survive? Is this an exception to the rule of evolution where the strongest or most evolved did not survive.
  12. Eamonn10

    Human extinction

    1/ Is human extinction at this stage a mathematical certainty? 2/ Are we destroying our environment quicker than we can come up with the technology to save it? 3/ Will the world be like one big Easter Island?
  13. Rasta

    Humans blamed for megafauna extinction

    Just saw this recently, looks interesting. Global late Quaternary megafauna extinctions linked to humans, not climate change
  14. Widdekind

    explaining extinction of ice-age Megabeasts?

    According to the HC documentary Mankind - the story of Us (including the bonus interviews on disc 1), by 8-10Ka, when humans had populated the planet completely, most major megabeasts went extinct, requiring radical readjustments, to continue acquiring calories. Ipso facto, megabeasts only...
  15. Naomasa298

    A moment of extinction

    A few days ago, the last Pinta giant tortoise, nicknamed Lonesome George, died. BBC News - Last Pinta giant tortoise Lonesome George dies He was 100 years old (a young adult in his species' terms). Conservationists had been trying to breed him with other tortoises which were genetically very...
  16. Solidaire

    Developing into extinction

    During the last century, our technological and scientific progress has been immense. We advanced chemistry and used its breakthroughs in almost every aspect of life. We found ways (pesticides, fertilizers) to improve the agricultural production and feed more people. We created products on a mass...
  17. Caracalla

    Climate change, doomsday and the ‘inevitable’ extinction of humankind

    The Archaeology News Network: Climate change, doomsday and the ‘inevitable’ extinction of humankind
  18. larkin

    Which modern language is in danger of extinction?

    Which current language or languages that are contemporarily in use and in print are endanger of extinction? In the face of the dominance of languages like English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, there are often local efforts to preserve and encourage the continued use of a language even as its...
  19. Bahadir

    European Ethnicities in Danger of Extinction

    So far I heard a few such as Lapps or Sami people, Aragoneses, Vepsians(nearly extincted) and Setos. Any other you know, we can share and discuss here...
  20. tjadams

    Mass Extinction Caused by Deadly 'Earth Burp'

    Mass Extinction Caused by Deadly 'Earth Burp' By Loren Grush Published July 21, 2011 | FoxNews.com A massive, long-ago extinction was once thought to have been caused by a destructive wave of volcanic activity. Scientists now point their fingers at another culprit. A giant, deadly “Earth...