1. Tammuz

    Fact and Consensus in the Theory of Science

    In the everyday understanding of reality,facts are seen as something that exists independently of the cognition of subjects. This does not correspond to the factual understanding of today's theory of science. First of all, a misunderstanding must be clarified: according to current theory of...
  2. J

    Scientific fact: The strong relationship between artistic Creativity &mental illness

    Scientific fact: The strong relationship between artistic Creativity &mental illness Being (artistically) creative increases your risks of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The article is not about creativity in math and real (natural) sciences. The various serious mental problems are...
  3. P


    was reading a newspaper here which astonisherd me by claiming that the USA lost more soldiers KIA between April 1917-November 1918 than they did in the four years of the American Civil War 1861-65. If this claim is accurate how come?
  4. tomar

    Is Germany in fact the greatest threat to European Stability

    It is the biggest economy in the EU and its most populous country.. Therefore it is a de facto reference. It also has a central geographical position Germany stands accused of playing a negative role (to put it mildly) in at least the following: the implosion of Yugoslavia the "revolution"...
  5. Davetron the great

    The "Zero" Dynasty in Egypt fact thread!

    Has anyone ever heard of the pre 3200 B.C.E. ? if so any obscure/interesting or note worthy information would be appreciated. Also facts about any Egyptian history up until Alexander would be great especially strange or obscure information on its history or even its mythology.
  6. solx

    Temple Cleansing Fact or Fiction

    The Jesus Temple cleansing scene is considered historical by many biblical scholars due to it not being supernatural. Never mind that the courtyard was a massive area (this fact overlooked in recreations), and had armed guards (there were boxes people put money in to look after). Even if you...
  7. D

    Cool history fact you may not know

    On September 20, 1881, Chester Arthur was inaugurated, making him the third person to serve as president that year. Read more here: Cool history fact you may not know
  8. M

    Fact or Fiction

    When studying old texts how is it possible to determine whether the writer was writing about true events of which they had first hand knowledge, embellishing events that have been passed down second hand or were fictionalised a counts of events that either did not happen or were written as...
  9. D

    This Day in History: Interesting Fun Fact

    On this day in 1901, Connecticut becomes the first state in the U.S. to enact a law regulating motor vehicles. Read more: This Day in History: Interesting Fun Fact
  10. D

    Shocking Fact About George Washington

    Did you know Martha may not have been the love of George's life? The post below elucidates this in more detail. Shocking Fact About George Washington Has it been proven/disproven that he was sterile?
  11. ghostexorcist

    Primate Fact of the Day

    I have a degree in anthropology with a focus on primate behavior and evolution. I recently started a facebook page called "Primate Fact of the Day" in which I post interesting tidbits about our primate cousins, along with humorous photoshopped pictures by me.* I've got fourteen facts thus far. I...
  12. B

    Is the Aryan Invasion (into India) Theory fact or fiction

    Why do many Indian historians refuse to believe the Aryan Invasion Theory?
  13. I

    Little Known fact about the Revolutionary War

    During the Revolutionary War approximately 8,500 American men lost their lives in battle while at the same time approximately 11,500 men lost their lives as prisoners of war on prison ships in the New York harbor controlled by the British. The British kept most prisoners on ships below deck in...
  14. C

    A disturbing Fact

    I did some research, and found out that the first recorded history, not counting cave drawings, comes from the Hellenics around the 5th century BCE. The first human are estimated to have emerged in Kenya around 200,00 years ago. Out of the around 207,014 years we have existed, we only have...
  15. M

    A question on Ancient cavalry

    I always thought that Ancient cavalry rarely fought in prolonged melee against a solid infantry formation. As Arian writes how Roman cavalry horses would not collide toe to toe with infantry, and Josehpus writes they mostly skirmished from a distance with a cycle of Javelins. But the Huns I read...
  16. P

    Favourite Nero fact?

    For me his last words were inspired...whilst I've read many different worded versions I'm gonna go with "What an artist dies in me". His participation in the Olympic Games is also a story I love to share.
  17. Phoenix Rising

    Robin Hood - Fact or Fiction?

    One of the most famous legends of the Medieval Era is that of the infamous and dashing outlaw, Robin Hood. Whilst many theories exist as to his identity etc, the answer is always elusive. So, the question is, is it the opinion of the forum that 'Robin Hood' was ever a real flesh and blood...
  18. F

    1066 - fact checking

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm developing a project with a 1066 theme and I've been putting together short snippets of information I can find about the various people involved with and events leading up to and during the Battle of Hastings. My knowledge of the subject is limited to an A...
  19. H

    Plump women being attractive in the past - Myth or fact?

    We are all familliar with the myth of plump women being attractive in the Renaissance period. Paints from the era depict plump and pale women as the ideal of beauty. Biologically this seems impossible, but i cant find credible sources to disprove or prove this myth in a way that satisfies me...
  20. K

    The Shroud ; Fact or Fiction ?

    The Shroud ; Fact or Fiction ?