1. B

    Confederate failure to make Lee commander of all forces

    IMO the biggest reason the Confederacy lost the war was the failure to make Lee commander of the whole Confederate Army. Davis the West Point graduate tried to manage the war himself. Also, the Union did a much better job of putting talented generals in charge late in the war.
  2. Imperia

    The Ottoman Failure

    The Ottoman Empire for half a millennium was the main Islamic power. He controlled northern Africa and most of the Middle East, conquered the sacred territories and sacred cities of Islam. But the Turkish language has not become the main language of these territories, Arabic is still the main...
  3. SufiMystic

    Is democracy a failure?

    It seems to me democracy in England and the USA is broken. After observing politics, I have come to the conclusion that this is no way to run a country, and that the system is a travesty, a farce, an absolute joke, and a horrible way of deciding public affairs. Why? 1. Elections are a cheap...
  4. H

    the US-Canada co-hosting Korean crisis conference will be a failure

    two weeks ago, the US declared that US and Canada will co-host a conference on Korean "crisis". the conference is now taking place in Vancouver. This conference, again, ignored the calling of the relevant countries on six party talks (including US, DPRK, south Korea, China, Russia, Japan), but...
  5. C

    Failure of Islam in attracting Upper Castes of India.

    so today my Son asked me one simple question regarding History of India and i had no answer of his simple question. why Islam failed in Converting Upper Castes of India ? while Buddhism was mostly targeted toward Brahmins and Kshatriya castes and Jainaism was for Kshatriya and Vaishya castes we...
  6. C

    Rome vs Macedon: Failure of the Alexandrian right-wing tactics?

    (First of all by right-wing i mean the army's right-wing) Reading about battles like Cynoscephalae and Magnesia, my overall impression of how the Roman-Macedonian/Successor militaries matched up is the following: 1) Contrary to popular belief, the phalanx vs legion seems an even match in a...
  7. C

    What constitutes mao zedong's rule as a failure

    :unsure: Just curious to how you guys would prosecute Mao Zedong, I have a debate coming up soon on him I must prosecute him for the: deaths from the long march, deaths of over a million landlords and soldiers from 1950+
  8. gustavolapizza

    What if dday was a failure

    Suppose D-Day is a failure and German defences are able to repel allied force and make them retreat to Britain. How would have the war gone at that point? Inviato dal mio K013 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. VHS

    Why English attempts to take over France failed

    England tried at least twice to take over France: First one, the Angevin Empire (In which roughly 1/3 of France was under England); the second one, the Hundred Years War (more of France was taken, but England still lost the war). Both attempts started with very substantial initial successes, but...
  10. S

    How much Xerxes I was responsible for the failure of Persian invasion of Greece ?

    Dear historians of, what do you think of Xerxes I, his role in invasion of Greece and his responsibility for its failure ?
  11. T

    Could widespread Nation-State failure lead to a tribal future?

    I read an article about modern Native American secession movements and wounded knee incident in the 70s a while back. It claimed that the world has been more affected by ethnicity, and tribalism than by states. While I don't think there has ever truly been conflicts between two races or...
  12. Futurist

    Most easily avoidable Israeli failure in Israel's 1948-1949 War of Independence?

    Since I myself was born in Israel and am currently a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, I am extremely curious about this--what exactly was the most easily avoidable Israeli militarily failure in Israel's 1948-1949 War of Independence? Any thoughts on this?
  13. J

    Who was to blame for Market Gardens failure in WWII

    Allied forces suffered more casualties in the Market Garden assault on Holland than in the entire Normandy invasion. Most historians agree that in the 24-hour period of D-Day allied losses reached about 10,000. In the total nine days of Market Garden combined losses, both airborne and ground...
  14. Moros

    Stonehenge - a monumental failure?

    I recently attended a lecture where it was suggested that Stonehenge was not only left unfinished, but that is was poorly built - not because of stupidity but because the builders exceeded their capacity to fulfill their project. They were using carpentry skills on stonework, on a monument that...
  15. tomar

    Failure of US trained troops

    So despite tens of billions of dollars spent in both Iraq and Afghanistan, US trained troops have performed abysmally.. the below article points out some possible reasons Why Iraq?s American-Trained Army Failed | The American Conservative What do you think are the root causes ?
  16. TheWD

    Communism is such a great failure from a historical perspective

    When we examine the success of Communism internationally from a historical perspective we can conclude without a doubt that it is an utter failure. The reason why some so-called Communist nations still exist today is because they either have a draconian hold on society (like North Korea) or have...
  17. P

    A reason forAmerican education failure

    While listening to C Span an "expert on American education discussing some reasons for the failure of American education stated that one reason was educators won't admit that not every student benefits from an education especially going to college. He then said quote, " In every classroom 50%...
  18. M

    Did Augustus Die Successful or Failure

    Did Augustus die a successful or a failure? Did he die happy? Augustus was known to restoring the Republic(not really) and making peace in the Roman world. He made a Rome a metropolis and its empire secure and a powerful. However his later saw major conflict. With Agrippa dead, he had no...
  19. Jake10

    How can people learn to deal with failure?

    Whether it's fear of failure, or an inability to bounce back up, how can people be taught to deal with that which none of us like but we all have to face sooner or later?
  20. AlpinLuke

    Apollo 11, failure

    It's not so known, but the most difficult moment of the mission to the Moon of Apollo 11 was when the LEM had to switch the engine on to take off from the soil of our natural satellite. In fact, after hours and hours in open space, under the bombing of cosmic radiation, with the consume of...