1. W

    Hollywood consistently portrayed Italians as fair skinned despite racism at the time

    Considering the common stereotype that Italians are olive skinned and among the darkest of the white people? I can understand modern cinema showing them as fair and even pale since much of the Italian Americans nowadays either have Germanic or Celtic blood or are immigrants from the wealthier...
  2. Futurist

    Is it fair to compare French Algeria with the West Bank?

    Is it fair to compare French Algeria with the West Bank? Here are the similarities: Both of these territories are heavily Muslim-majority but with a significant non-Muslim minority (the Jews in the West Bank make up something like 20% of the total population there if one includes East Jerusalem...
  3. Darth Raidius

    What if the conquest of the Americas was fair?

    What if the European conquest and colonization of the Americas was a "fair" invasion? This would primarily mean that: - The native Americans are immune to the new European diseases (e.g. smallpox). - The native Americans do not sell or give up land to the Europeans willingly, and will not allow...
  4. C

    Is it fair how we judge History?

    Is it fair how we judge History? https://chiddicksfamilytree.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/is-it-fair-how-we-judge-history/ via @chiddickstree
  5. L

    Under Apartheid was the court system fair?

    While watching the Oscar Pistorius trial it was before a lone judge. There was no trial by jury out there. It was explained that was a legacy from Apartheid. The government believed based on the apartheid system where all races were divided and lived seperatly the jury system would not work...
  6. benzev

    800th Anniversary of the Battle (or Fair) of Lincoln

    20th May marks the 800th anniversary of this crucial encounter, which marked the turning point of a nearly-succesful invasion of England, one that generally seems to fall under the radar of history by comparison with the high profile threats of 1588, 1805 and 1940. Unlike the above threats...
  7. VHS

    Demise of the Ming Dynasty: Let's have a relative fair and square evaluation

    As the last indigenous dynasty in China, the Ming Dynasty has been one of the most controversial topic. Baidu forum can be the worst place to discuss Chinese history; in spite of the native Chinese population, its members are usually biased and confused. During its prime, its military...
  8. VHS

    A fair and square evalutation of Mao Zedong?

    This topic can never be discussed on Baidu forums, although the quality of Baidu forums is largely questionable as well. For some parts, Mao Zedong was responsible for ending the failed state situation during the Republic of China era. The Republic of China has had relative successes in...
  9. VHS

    Fair and square evaluation of Emperor Yang Guang

    Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty was one of the most controversial emperor in Chinese history. He was talented and ambitious, but his ambitions even exceed his fairly substantial abilities. He had left many positive legacies while he was the immediate cause of the demise of Sui Dynasty. Can we...
  10. Ascendant

    From Ascendant - greetings from Dublin's fair city!

    Hello, all! :) Like many other history-devotees, I enjoy learning about a multiple of historical eras, but my current focus is on Irish history, particularly the revolutionary period of 1916-1921 (Easter Rising, War of Independence, Civil War, etc.). I began as a Classicist (any other...
  11. VHS

    A fair depiction of King Stephen of England

    In spite of a relatively long reign, King Stephen was maligned just about as much as King John. So, how would you depict King Stephen? Another question: How did the "Good Queen Beth and Bad King John" thing go around?
  12. Balian

    Is it really fair to only name Mary I as Bloody of the Tudor Monarchs?

    I may be wrong but i read some where that she had far less people executed on average in a year than the other Tudor monarchs. So why is Mary I the only one that is called Bloody. I mean based on what i understand the other Tudor monarchs was just as bloody if not even more. Yes i know she...
  13. A

    Is it Fair to Characterize the Roman Catholic Church as...

    a remnant of the Roman Empire?
  14. D

    Donnybrook fair

    I live in Donnybrook, across from Donnybrook church. This area is today considered to be one of the nicest parts of Dublin. But this was not always the case. Until 1866, Donnybrook was the place where a notorious Donnybrook Fair was held every year in August. Donnybrook fair was so notorious for...
  15. Otranto

    Fair-haired Bronze Age Greeks

    In the Iliad and the Odyssey characters who are described, are generally described as light or fair haired (golden, red, blond, and other variations depending on translation). So some argue that light-haired Greeks must have been common. But imagine a people who are mostly fair-haired, would it...
  16. M

    Does Perkin Warbeck get a fair hearing from historians?

    The thread title says it all and here is why I ask. 1. If he wasn't who he said he was (making the official story correct) doesn't that make him truly extrodinary? Teaching himself latin, court manners, english, the art of war, diplomacy, tricking one of the last living Plantagenet, rallying...
  17. R

    The Great Indian Bias towards fair skin!

    Hello! This is Rashi! And Im a Humanties -Sociology student from India For my 12th Board Project..I need Help! My topic is The Beauty Industry and RAcism I've increasingly found Us Indians Victimising ourselves as subjects of racial Hatred. And sometimes I just end up finding the whole...
  18. Jake10

    Does being fair take its toll on people?

    I would have thought these people would have been able to sleep better at night, but it may not be according to this article. Could it be that others take advantage of fair people? Fair bosses pay a price | MSUToday | Michigan State University
  19. C

    so is it fair to say

    that "The Mediterranean and the Mediterranian World in the Age of Phillip II" by Braudel is the greatest book on ancient history of all time.... just the breadth and depth of the book is outstanding, Braudel is literally a genius
  20. 0

    Help with history fair subject

    Hi, My daughter is in K and will be attending her first history fair this year. Her subject is the history of birthday celebrations and birthday cake. I am looking for some pictures/illustrations of birthday celebrations and cakes in ancient Greece, 18th century Europe etc. So far I couldn't...