1. blair daveries

    History is fake.

    History is FAKE, CREATED, MANIPULATED, DISTORTED, etc.., and feed to the gullibles. Even in films, documentaries, independent-tv made docs are carefully selected, programmed,manipulated on how it is presented. Even in history forums, sometimes, they only want to hear and talk about..., tell...
  2. N

    Is this Greek goddess statue fake?

    Hey, I was visiting the museum and I just noticed this statue looks kinda wrong. In description they introduced her aphrodite but I've seen enough statues to say she is NOT aphrodite. I mean look at her. The head is the head Athena and her dress is the exact same dress Hera has. Aphrodite's...
  3. TheMusicMan

    Holy Trinity a Fake?

    An interesting topic I have recently gotten myself into. The holy trinity may in fact not exist. https://www.pcog.org/articles/344/the-plain-truth-about-the-trinity-doctrine The Trinity -- Fact or Fiction? Just a conspiracy theory, or may actually be something worth exploring? Any thoughts...
  4. M

    Waffen-SS Stamp: Real or Fake?

    Hello! Here is a stamp (supposedly) from the Waffen-SS, and I think it was for the 600th SS-Parachute Battalion (Yes? No?). The stamp was given as a gift (bought in Tongeren), and now we're trying to decide if it's legitimate or a reproduction... Any thoughts? Thanks a million.
  5. F

    Fake news, new and old

    While "fake news" are a relatively new part of my vocabulary I feel certain that what is behind has been there since before dawn of history. Some news, and I am afraid it could be a significant parts of most eras , were rooted in lies or imagination, misunderstanding etcetera. So what most...
  6. tomar

    Pentagon Paid $500 million to make Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

    Pentagon Paid for Fake ?Al Qaeda? Videos - The Daily Beast A controversial foreign PR firm known for representing unsavory characters was paid millions by the Pentagon to create fake terrorist videos. Was that money well spent ? Amexican taxpayers will probably not be exstatic about it
  7. D

    Was Justin Martyr a fake?

    Considering the fact that his Apologia is in only a single manuscript from the 14th century, and that so much has been built upon it being from the 2nd century, the idea of it being a fake certainly makes sense. The idea that Christianity was "not well known" enough to have evidence from the...
  8. D

    Was Josephus a fake?

    There is good enough reason to argue that the writer who called himself Josephus was like Samuel Clemens calling himself Mark Twain. Not a single ancient Jewish source mentions a historical person named Joseph Ben Mattathias as either a priest, writer, general, leader or anything else. Nor is...
  9. RoyalHill1987

    Jesus was a Buddhist monk? BBC documentary claims the resurrection is fake

    This fascinating documentary claims that Jesus did not die on the cross, but instead survived. Drawing parallels with the story of the birth of Jesus and the Three Wise men who followed a star, they compare this with the Buddhist concept of reincarnation, where wise men often take long journeys...