1. Brian Paone

    Falklands War veterans

    Wasn't sure if this should go in the History Help forum, but I decided to put it here since I'm not technically asking for help on a collegiate paper etc. I'm an author from the states and have started the research stage of an upcoming novel that I will be writing about the Falklands War. I am...
  2. R

    Officer cliques and the Falklands war

    Wars can often create generations of officers who will go on to dominate the next war. This trend is at least prevelent in the history of the British army. For example the officers who dominated the British army in the late 18th century tended to have fought under Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick in...
  3. L

    Col H Jones in Falklands War, was he reckless?..

    Was he reckless? I recall around the time some said he was and didnt feel he deserved the VC because the bunker he attacked was later taken by his unit. Others suggested he was the highest ranking officer killed in action out there, and didnt want any negative propaganda. My initial reaction...
  4. Belloc

    12 Reasons Why the Falklands War Was A Closer Call Than You Think

    I'm not much of an expert on the Falklands War, perhaps others can comment of this? 12 Reasons Why the Falklands War Was A Closer Call Than You Think
  5. Futurist

    Who exactly would you have supported in the 1982 Falklands War?

    As for me, the U.K., for reasons of self-determination and also due to the fact that Argentina was the aggressor in this war. Anyway, any thoughts on this?
  6. johnincornwall

    'Edge of War, Falklands'

    Discovery History does it again. My memory is a tiny bit faded after 30-odd years, but I would have expected better historical accuracy from a junior school. Glaring things I picked up (whilst not really in critical mood): 1) They said Sheffield was 'attacked by aircraft' and also as a...
  7. Lawnmowerman

    1914 - Battle of the Falklands

    1915 Von Spee and his Pacific fleet decide to launch a surprise attack on Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Upon seeing the port Von Spee see's several British warships at anchor a far more powerful fleet than the one he has, as a result he flees and is hunted down by the British fleet...
  8. P

    The Falklands Play

    I found this on YouTube yesterday - not heard of it before The BBC can still make good plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpN_F50l20A (and Patricia Hodge acts Meryl Streep into a paper bag) One of those shows that seem to fly by - could easily have been twice as long
  9. E

    Falklands War

    Taken from the BBC News today: "There was no mention of files concerning the Falklands War, which ultimately precipitated the end of military rule." BBC News - Argentina finds 1,500 secret military junta files Is the italic conclusion a view shared by both sides, Argentina and the UK?
  10. mighty bear

    Why no NATO in the Falklands?

    Argentina attacked the United Kingdom in April 1982. NATO article five claims that if any one nation is attacked then it counts as an attack against all NATO members. So shouldn't this have brought in the US, France and other such nations into the war on the UK's side? I understand that most of...
  11. Sargon of Akkad

    Falklands votes to stay British

    BBC News - Falklands referendum: Voters choose to remain UK territory 99.8% in favour, apparently. You couldn't get Britain to vote to be British with that kind of percentage...
  12. Gordyman

    Falklands Dispute thread

    What is the history of the Falklands? What claims do both the UK and Argentina have to them, could there be another war? *no political agendas, just a discussion
  13. Garry_Owen

    Falklands War Official Papers Release?

    It is now 30 years since the Falklands War. Anyone know when the official state papers are released? Is it the first January following, i.e. next January, 2013? At this 30 year remove how do people see the Falklands War today?
  14. Major Wilson

    Royal Navy in Falklands War - poor performance?

    I know success silences criticism. I know they were fighting on the other side of the earth. And yet 18 RN ships were either sunk or were damaged/had to be withdrawn. IIRC out of the 12 first ships to enter the war sone, only one was not sunk or damaged/had to return to Portsmouth for repairs...
  15. T

    Falklands war 30 years on.

    What are your views on the Falklands war and how it has effected people.
  16. Belloc

    Argentina calls Prince William Falklands 'conquistador'

    Argentina calls William Falklands 'conquistador' - Yahoo! News
  17. T

    Falklands war 2012.

    If another Falklands war happen in 1 weeks time who would win? Britain and France vs Brazil and Argentina, who will win? As that is in my view what this war would be, the two south American powers vs the two European powers. My money is on Britain and France, with better ships, better...
  18. T

    Future Falklands.

    The key thing that must happen in 2012 is the EU must fully back the Falklands independence from Argentina, in any and all internation bodies, so the EU which is still by far the biggest trading block with South America can bring it's full diplomatic power to bear on those nations that support...
  19. T

    Argentina's government lies, the Falklands are British.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re-esta...alklands_(1833) This proves the Falklands are British. And Britain can choose if the Falklanders are independent or not. This really calls into question the UN's and US stance on the Falklands with Argentina havig no rightfull claim. And the UK, EU and...
  20. T

    The Argies lie, the Falklands are British.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re-establishment_of_British_rule_on_the_Falklands_(1833) This proves the Falklands are British. And Britain can choose if the Falklanders are independent or not. This really calls into question the UN's and US stance on the Falklands with Argentina havig no...