1. Clendor

    Vietnam after the fall of the Soviet Union

    What is the current socio-economic situation in modern Vietnam? Is it Chinease new-"communism", or does it have a more of a Cuban way of dealing with state matters in the post-soviet world? Does the public keep their support for Communism, or did it fade away? I confess I know little about...
  2. Naomasa298

    When idols fall from grace

    Perhaps it's just me, but there seems to be a few idols falling off their pedastals lately. In Britain, the late Sir Jimmy Saville has been revealed to be a sexual predator, molesting young teenage girls (to the point where he was abusing kids in a hospital where he had a flat). The police are...
  3. B

    Why did it fall the British to invent world wide sports

    I was wondering what is so special about the British that they invented the world's sports? Why didn't other nations do it? I'm not talking about beach volley ball, or that swimming where women put pegs on their noses etc, I'm talking about proper sports. I don't think the British...
  4. koala

    Goguryeo: from its origin to its fall

    Goguryeo(高句麗) was once famous for its successful defense against a millions of forces from Sui(隋)-Tang(唐) empire having incoporated most of neighboring Asian people. In some Chinese folk legends, Li Shimin(李世民), one of most excellent...
  5. koala

    During the fall of Amida (359), who is superior between Sabinianus and Ursicinus

    At last in 359, the long labours exerted by Shapur II brought to fruition in three roman important fortresses of Amida, Singara and Bezabde. A military historian, who himself then had been subordinate and respectful to Ursicianus, ascribed this loss to incompenent and remiss Sabinianus. I...
  6. Q

    Was corruption the main reason for the fall of the Byzantine?

    Just wondering if corruption and internal strife was the main reason the Byzantine declined.
  7. Mohammed the Persian

    How did Kuwait fall in just 3 days ?

    First of all, this happened in 1990 so it is valid for history discussion :D Now let us discuss the tactics here. It took Iraq 3 days (August 2-4) to fully conquer Kuwait in the 1990 invasion. Why did it take so little time ? Was it comparable to ,say, Germany's invasion of Luxembourg (which...
  8. A

    Why did Persia fall so quickly to the Arabs?

    What were the main causes ( external as well as internal, i.e., within Persia itself) for Persia to fall so quickly to the Arabs in the 7th century? I am mainly interested in the internal causes within Persia. That is, the main weaknesses of Persia itself that allowed the Arabs to conquer it...
  9. Guaporense

    The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Economy

    I have already posted the information of this thread in my blog, but due to the limitations of the number of pictures that I can put on blog posts I decided also to post the data in thread format. Using the products of modern archaeology it is becoming possible for us to reconstruct the...
  10. F

    Saxon Film of King Edmund

    Hey All on the Historum Forum We are looking to make a Film about the Original Patron Saint of England and our Saxon King of East Anglia, We are raising money for the film over at Indiegogo. All we're looking for from most is a small pledge of $10 or more which will help a huge amount It's...
  11. Caracalla

    The Fall of the Roman Empire / The Fall of the Eurozone

    BBC News - Viewpoint: The time Britain slid into chaos
  12. shivfan

    The Fall of Singapore - the Great Betrayal

    Just watched this.... BBC Two - The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal It was an excellent programme. This peer, who was a friend of Churchill, betrayed war secrets to the Japanese, which led to the deaths of thousands of British and American soldiers and sailors. His co-conspirators...
  13. E

    what caused barbarians to become civilised after the fall of rome?

    hi guys sorry i haven't been on in a while but i have an important and interesting question. what caused the barbarians to become more " civilised " after the fall of rome. bascially how did barbarians like the britons become the civilised british etc. the answering of this question would help...
  14. okamido

    Fall of the Republic and the Common man

    Would the common citizen of Rome even known what was going on politically in Rome, outside of the obvious effect of civil war? Did they realize how drastically everything was changing, or did they just go about their daily business without much care to who was actually in charge?
  15. MikaelM

    New end date for the fall of the roman empire

    Is it 476? 1204? 1453? 1461? how about 1476! Today my byzantine history professor brought up an extremely obscure sucessor state (even more so than trebizond!) when discussing the last pieces of the empire that fell after 1453 to the ottomans. The Principality of Theodoro, a small segment of the...