1. C

    What if the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Samurai class didn't fall in the 1860s?

    What if the Tokugawa Shogunate had stayed in power, as well as the Samurai still staying as a privileged class, but modernization still occured under the Shogunate? In this alternate timeline, the Japanese Emperor's attempt to seize power had failed, so the flag of Japan would be the flag of...
  2. JoanOfArc007

    Did any allies fall for German leafeats dropped during WW2

    Anyone here know of any allied soldiers of WW2 who defected to the German side after reading the types of leaflets that the Germans dropped on allies? The Germans dropped leaflets on allies during WW2 as a means to try and show young Americans and Brits that the Germans were the good guys...
  3. VHS

    Ethiopia since the fall of Derg

    Ethiopia is certainly an intriguing case study; it has the second largest population in Africa, the oldest living written African language, the longest continuous existence as an African state. Let's stop here and investigate Ethiopia since the fall of Derg. How did the fall of Derg affect...
  4. funakison

    What caused the decline and fall of the Medici?

    Big time bankers and power brokers of the 16th and 17th century, they were doomed to dissapear from the world stage. What happened?
  5. JoanOfArc007

    Hitler reaction to the fall of Singapore ?

    Trying to find better resources on this issue , Let it be known to Hitler?s ?Hindu? fans that he thought of them as ?Asiatic jugglers? and was planning to brutally rule over them ? Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary blog https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Singapore#Aftermath The question...
  6. Bullit

    Fall of Mohenjo Daro

    _d0prbmshts Mohenjo Daro in Sindh, Pakistan and it's northern counterpart Harappa are regarded as the premier examples of the Indus Valley Civilization. Mohenjo Daro indeed gave the civilization it's name on account of being adjacent to the Indus River. Various theories have been put...
  7. Naomasa298

    The Philippines campaign

    August, 1941. Douglas MacArthur suffers a badly bruised ego when someone points out to him that the Bible is not, in fact, about him, and is invalidated back to the USA. Major-General Jonathan Wainwright is promoted to Lieutenant-General and assumes command of all forces in the Philippines...
  8. Kvasir

    Rise and Fall of Empires

    Apologies if this has been posted before, although I didn't find anything similar for the last 6 months of posts. I was hoping to get some opinions on a theory on empires. Spesifically what you might call a lifetime or a life cycle of empires. Some of you probably know what this is about, but...
  9. notgivenaway

    Why did Portugal fall?

    Portugal was the first truly global power, which Rome or China never could have been. But then it rose following Infante Henry's expeditions, but it couldn''t sustain it. The Spanish fell due to being out-competed by the English, French and Dutch, and its economy falling due to masses of silver...
  10. R

    The fall of Mycenaean civilization

    Hello forum members, Tons of paper and oceans of ink have been devoted to the thorny theme of just WHY the mighty Mycenaean civilization declined and fell. I have my own theory...a quite unorthodox one, which I will share with you later on...but I'd like to hear your ideas and theories...
  11. B

    The fall of the Confederacy; a lot happened in 2 weeks

    Sunday, April 2, a soldier hands Jefferson Davis, who is seated in the front row of St. Paul's Church, a message from Robert E. Lee. It says the Union forces have broken through at Petersburg and Lee recommends evacuating Richmond immediately. Davis leaves the church immediately and the...
  12. C

    What can you tell me about the Weimar Republic's Fall and Hitler's Rise?

    I'm planning on writing a screenplay about Fritz and Thea Von Harbou. The former was a prominent writer and director in the film making scene of 1920s Germany. The latter was a talented actress and novelist with severe concerns with Germany's situation at the time. Meeting and working together...
  13. T

    Was the fall of UK Liberal Party inevitable even without the split during ww1?

    I know that Labour movement was rising before and during the war, and the Representative of People Act in 1918 greatly benefited them. However, since Gladstone's retirement, Liberal Party also changed themselves by accepting the need of state intervention in solving market failures and social...
  14. K

    Similarities of the Ching and Ottoman empire before their fall.

    I noticed they shared some traits. 1)One was known as the Sick Man of Europe while the other was known as the Sick Man of Asia. 2)Both were overthrown by a revolutionary who wants to bring the "country forward" and favored Western ideas. 3)Both existed somewhat around the same era. 4)Both...
  15. Sam-Nary

    The Best German Option After the Fall of France...

    This has come up in a different thread, but would probably work better in its own thread or in a thread on a related subject... but I don't know if what I'm about to post would work completely with an old thread... so here is a new one... ++++++++++++++++++++++++ We know that the Battle of...
  16. Y

    top books on the fall of france?

    this may be the wrong place to ask but this looks a promising site. I'm after some books on the fall of france, not just the military movements but the political and social events that contributed to it. length doesn't scare me just let me know if I need a wheelbarrow
  17. Kookaburra Jack

    Was there a decline & fall of the Classical Philosopher in the 4th/5th century?

    By "Classical Philosopher" I refer to the (collective) lineages of Greek and/or Roman philosophers extending from Plato and Aristotle in the 5th century BCE through to the closure of the Platonic school in Athens 529 CE by Justinian I. [Agathias (Histories 2.31)] These lineages include those of...
  18. E

    The Decline and Fall of History

    I just came across this video of a speech by British historian Niall Ferguson on the status of academic history in the US (www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WXNF6Vy07A). He claims that the study of history has lost its relevance for society over the last decade and apart from people becoming less...
  19. Earl_of_Rochester

    Why did the Atlatl fall out of use in Europe?

    As per this thread: http://historum.com/medieval-byzantine-history/54789-atlatl.html It's well known that the Aztecs used atlatls against the Spanish, but why was this deadly weapon not more widespread in Europe? This is a question which I would like to address: The atlatl couldn't penetrate...
  20. F

    Relation: fall Saddam, Arbic spring and Middle East nowadays

    What is more important for the current problems: the fall of Saddam or the Arabic spring?