1. Valens

    The Fall of Aleppo - A Matter of Days

    According to sources, the long battle for Aleppo is near its end. The government controls most of the city with the rebels being reduced to a small enclave in Eastern Aleppo. Aleppo battle: Rebels on brink amid rapid losses - BBC News How could this change the war in Syria?
  2. VHS

    The rise and fall of the Dergue in Ethiopia (1975-1991)

    Ethiopia had fascinated me since childhood, and I heard on the news about the fall of Dergue as a child. As a naive child, I was at first happy about the downfall of the Dergue, and I read presentations of the reign of Haile Selassie as better than the rule of the Dergue. Then, after so...
  3. S

    When Did the Fall of the Romanovs Become Unavoidable?

    The Romanov era is my favorite era of Russian history. One thing I've long wondered is at what point the fall of the Romanov dynasty became unavoidable. My best guess is that it happened at some point during the last three tsars. Here are my thoughts as to why any of those three could have been...
  4. H

    Rise and fall of Rome' empire in 3 minutes!

    Rise of Rome's empire VHBZVsseYwY Fall of Rome's empire b7Wzvigb1Kk
  5. H

    Rise and fall of Sumer in 3 Minutes !

    My short educational video on the rise and fall of Sumer city-states NiLbQywGi2A
  6. D

    Elevator safety in 1909--how easy to fall down a shaft?

    How easy was it to trick someone into stepping into an open elevator shaft in 1909? G. K. Chesterton's "Father Brown" story, The Eye of Apollo, turns on an almost-blind woman being tricked into walking into an elevator shaft when the elevator wasn't there. We are told that "The building was...
  7. C

    Imperial decline and fall

    The old world order rumbles along even with the engine in neutral and it's hard to see changes. But maybe the peak can be seen . Britain dropped its imperial bundle mid-century but lost Singapore by singularly poor policies and Churchill thought he had no generals willing to fight - only Monty...
  8. Naima

    How would Roman Empire not fall?

    How could Roman Empire not fall and eventually last more or may be even up today ? Would that have been possible and if so how ? What would be culture like today if it never fall?
  9. W

    Question about the fall of Neo-Inca State

    Can anyone explain to me the incident which the Spanish used as pretext to launch their final conquest of the Inca Empire (or Neo-Inca State) in 1572? I've been searching for details, but all I can find is that after the death of Titu Cusi the new Sapa Inca (Tupac Amaru) assumed the throne...
  10. larkin

    The rise and fall of popular music

    I am not a musician. This is just an uneducated assessment. What is the historic impact of popular music, where is it going and what do you think the future holds? AM radio is dead and FM is not much better off. The recording companies may have crashed but not music. Individual musicians...
  11. Aham Brahmasmi

    Why harshvardhan's empire fall ?

    AFAIK he wanted to create a pan north Indian empire like Guptas, but why His empire fall in such short time ? Sent from my Micromax A104 using Tapatalk
  12. A

    Was the main reason for the fall of the Spanish Empire the Peninsular War?

    Was the weakening of Spain caused by the Napoleonic Wars pretty much the sole reason why the independence movements in Central and South America became prominent and successful, or were the revolutions a long time coming and French invasion was just a catalyst?
  13. De Wet

    Fall of France, 1940, PDF's?

    I hope you gentlemen can assist me. I am looking for full free PDF books about the fall of France. I have googled and googled but can only find very little. Obviously the newer books still have copy right, and I don't want to steal stuff when I can pay for it, but surely there must be some older...
  14. VHS

    The real picture of Babylon during its fall

    Due to the Judeo-Christian Bible or its tradition, we tend to consider Babylon during its fall an ethically corrupted but pleasureful place. I have LONG thought of this topic previously.
  15. TotalAaron

    Books Similar To The Decline And fall of the Roman Empire

    Hello all! i hope i have put this in the right spot, i have been reading The Decline And Fall of the roman empire by Edward Gibbon and have been enjoying it immensely my question here is if anyone has any recommendations for books that are similar in its construction, extremely well researched...
  16. VoidSpace

    What was the leading cause to the fall of ninja culture in feudal Japan?

    Really only know much about Europe and Russia, Was thinking about it and this piqued my curiosity. Would appreciate sources for answers.
  17. P

    Did Christianity contribute to the fall of Rome?

    I heard that Christianity weakened Roman values and contributed to Rome's fall. To what extent is this true?
  18. VHS

    How did the native civilization in Egypt fall?

    Egyptians lived in a fragile environment (and currently, overpopulation is threatening it.) Many of us know that the native Egyptian civilization had fallen 525 BCE (If someone likes it, 9476 HE, or Holocene Era). Attempts to restore native rules were tried, but with mixed successes. The...
  19. JoanOfArc007

    The Byzantine Emperor was responsible for the fall of Jerusalem in 1187

    From https://books.google.com/books/about/Byzantium_and_the_Crusades.html?id=PXizk1RZ88wC
  20. Naima

    Could Byzantium never fall and ....

    If so how?