1. M

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with greeks

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with green.
  2. King Arthur

    Pictish "Matrilineal" Sucession... Why has the theory fallen out of favour?

    The camp denying Pictish matrilineal sucecssion seems to have been started in the 90's and then have been popularised by Alex Woolf. I don't see any discernible reason why! Is there any proof they didn't? Sure, the evidence isn't the most compelling in the world, but Bede is a solid historian...
  3. Excalibur

    Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Malazan Book of the Fallen is probably the best "history" epos ever written. It contains 100 000s years of not only human history. Any fans aboard?
  4. Celidya

    Fallen for History: peoples remembered only after they died

    While reading some of the threads about WWI and Franz Ferdinand, i just had that weird idea. Many great conquerors, generals, rulers or inventors became famous for what they achieved, however some peoples remain famous mostly because... they just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong...
  5. G

    Why has Islamic Revolution regime in Iran not fallen yet

    The Shah was considered autocratic and fell. Why is this regime not fallen despite the same tendencies. The isolation has crippled Iranian economy yet the regime continues to exist. The Shah under similar circumstances was overthrown. Plus why do Shia Persians care so much about Sunni Arabs in...
  6. C

    If Hitler didn't divert forces during Operation Barbarossa, would Moscow have fallen?

    If Hitler didn't divert forces from Army Group Center and didn't command a halt on the forces headed towards Moscow, what would have happened? Would Moscow have been encircled or captured? Would the Soviet Union collapse into defeat as a result? What effect would it have had?
  7. larkin

    Scrapbook of Fallen and Deposed Nobility.

    Where are they now? What happened to ____ How did it play out? ect ect. A repeat post just to get this thread started. Romania's King Carol's affair with Elena "Magda" Lupescu the Roman Catholic daughter of a Jewish pharmacist and his Roman Catholic wife is a treasure trove of...
  8. johnincornwall

    Red Roses for a fallen sweetheart

    Anyone else got any sad stories based on 'boyfriend killed in battle' theme? Source: Atlas Ilustrado de las Guerras de Marruecos 1859-1926, Emilio Marrin Ferrer During the unmitigated and unrivalled disaster that was Annual in 1921 for the Spanish army, Teniente Antonio Medina de Castro of the...
  9. gladiatrice

    How the mighty have fallen

    We cannot avoid the fact that everyone dies somehow, some day. It doesn't matter if you're a king or a pauper; you're going to go eventually. History has not documented the deaths of average people like you and I -- most of its death records concern people of higher statuses. It's interesting to...
  10. Henrique Aguiar

    What If the Roman Empire Had Not Fallen

    In lieu of France, the province of Gaul. Instead of England, the province of Britain. Instead of Bulgaria, the Thrace. Anyone who has read the adventures of Asterix knows these weird names of regions dominated by the armies of Rome (the stories of the Gallic hero from around 50 BC, during the...
  11. AssyrianMelodies

    Possible dates the Roman empire could have fallen

    Here are all the possible dates I thought up that the Roman empire could of ended which adds up to 15. Can you think up any more? I 476: The Western Roman emperor is deposed and the Ostrogoth king Odoacer becomes king of Italy. Who pleads his allegiance to Julius Nepos the remaining Western...
  12. H

    MIddle kingdom fallen over?

    Given the nature of the Emperor model that the Chinese have been following for so long--would it be more beneficial in the long run for the ruling party in China to declare an emperor? That is, do you think Chinese morality is strongly linked to the Emperor model and its loss is effecting people...
  13. diddyriddick

    Why America scours the earth for its fallen soldiers

    Interesting USAToday piece on attempts to find remains of aviators lost in PNG in 1943. http://www.usatoday.com/news/military/story/2012-05-25/military-fallen-soldiers-remains-recovered/55191544/1
  14. Toltec

    Would France have Fallen?

    Germany invaded France in May 1940 to the surprise of the French attacking through the Ardennes forest, bypassing the Maginot Line to the south and the huge French army to the north ready to counter attack in the low countries. Less well known is this German plan was only a contingency plan...
  15. Edratman

    Fallen Star

    I'm 57 years old and when I was in school in the 1950's Christopher Columbus was regarded as a legendary figure; a courageous, bold and unequalled explorer. Since then his stature has dropped considerably. This occured without any changes to his achievements nor discovery that the history was...
  16. JohnnyH

    Remembering the fallen...

    Remembrance Sunday, or Armistice Day, 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th month (1918), is the day we will and always should remember the 65 million WWI dead. The horror of that suddenly-modern warfare is quite often too horrific to put into words, but the killing rate was 5,600 men per...