1. VHS

    What plagued the Qing royal family?

    I deliberately use the names of the emperors: Most would note the decline of numbers and survival rate of the princes and princesses: Let's use the age 20 as adulthood if it NOT noted in the encyclopedia. Nurhaci: 16 sons and 8 daughters; all of them at least survive adulthood. Huang Taiji: 11...
  2. O

    History of the children of the Apache tribe ??

    This may be a long shot, but ill start with stating that I am from Birmingham, England and recently began researching my family tree. My paternal grandmother seems to be convinced that her mother was a descendant of the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe. Her story says that the children of...
  3. K

    Vatatzes Family origin of vatatzes family?
  4. D

    Family di Serbelloni XVIth century

    Hello everybody.I am searching the degree of paternity between Fabrizzio di Serbelloni,italian mercenary leader of the troops of Roma in France (1562-1570) and Gabrielo di Serbelloni,italian mercenary leader of the spanish artillery in Belgic and Holland at the time of the terrible intervention...
  5. R

    history of Family "Snake God" among Indo-Europeans.

    so our family have kul-deva/Family god in the avatar of Snake. being a Brahmin i find this strange as in our earliest stage RigVedic God Indra slaughtered a Snake-Demon named Vritra in the battle and liberated flaowing waters of the rivers to the Arya and Sudra people. this is even strange as...
  6. D

    The don Carvajal,a spanish family of warriors

    Hello.I am looking for informations about the spanish aristocratic family of warriors "don Carvajal y Hodar",baron,comte and later marques.Thank you.
  7. JaddHaidar

    How "Arab" were the Royal family of Emesa?

    To not continue derailing the Europe and Migrations thread in the chamber. The Sempsigerami of Emesa, the priest-kings of the city who ruled as Roman clients have been attested as Arabs in many sources, but many have Aramaic and non-Arab names. So from a subjective point of view how "Arab" were...
  8. Princess Of Manchester

    Where can I find a good Plantagenet family tree?

    Where can I find a good plantagenet family tree where is says how all of them were related. because i've searched like hell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    Death of Hapsburg Family around 1891

    If the Hapsburg family, the rulers of Austria-Hungary were to be suddenly and completely wiped out in a single event (say by terrorist attack or meteor impact on Vienna); what would happen to their empire? Would it break apart into Austria and Hungary? Would Germany and/or Russia take over...
  10. M

    Need help formulating a history thesis about slavery before 1865

    hello I have a major problem in finding a good theis that are argumentative and descriptive enough about slavery. tex which questions can I ask about slavery that are specific but broad enough to write an 4-5 essay on. i was thinking to try and do something about the family structures in slave...
  11. 3

    East London Family death

    Hi there all. I am looking for information on my anscestor (great Aunt) who was knocked down by a lorry in Tower Hamlets East London. I recall from relatives that it may have happened on Cable Street, Stepney. Although this isn’t 100%, it was in the general vicinity though. I do not know the...
  12. lukaszrzepinski

    Family document - translation from Latin needed

    Hi, could anyone knowing Latin help me? I can understand from this document that family gave some rights of representation to the lawyer but what was the case about? Big thanks in advance
  13. B

    Do EngnlishDutchand Nordicpeople consider themselves part of wider Germanic Family ?

    wider Germanic family includes Germanic Language speakers.
  14. R

    Stalin's family

    Joseph Stalin had two wives (both of whom died young) and three children, two boys and a girl. These wives, at least, were supposed to have been dearly loved (they, and Stalin's peasant mother, were perhaps the only persons he ever really cared for). But Stalin's children all suffered...
  15. H

    World Wars I and II (Family Wartime letters)

    Hello everyone, I urgently need published collections of family wartime letters of world wars I and II between a father on trenches to his wive and children back home in Britain (unfortunately IWM collections are not available for me). If you have any suggestions, id be more than happy if...
  16. S

    Which Language Family Is Korean Related To

    There is much discussion about the classification of Koreanic, but with no general agreement. I would like to hear your personal thoughts about which language family you think Korean is related to. Your opinions may be based on either academic sources or your personal theory, both are fine. 1...
  17. S

    The Koreano-Dravidian Language Family

    The origin of the Korean and Dravidian people is still not definitively answered despite a variety of proposed hypotheses. In academia, the general focus seems to be placed in Northeast Asia for Korean and Central Asia for Dravidian as the respective areas of origin. Most hypothetical...
  18. Y

    Princesses of the Umayyad family

    hello, I'm writing an uchrony and I wondered if anyone had any info (names, details) about daughters of some of the last Caliphs of the Umayyad family (Marwan II, Yazid III, Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, Yazid II, Umar II, Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik ,Al-Walid I) info about women in this period seems...
  19. R

    What is the most shocking thing you learned when researching your family history?

    I learned that my great great great grandfather was in Jail for theft.
  20. S

    My family and Ranjitsinhji

    I am new to here so please forgive me if I have posted on the wrong page. My Great grandfather and his 2 eldest sons all worked for Ranjitsinhji at different times both here in England and in India. I believe they worked with his horses and were also Drivers for him. This would be from before...