1. NordicDemosthenes

    Situation of White South African farmers

    This might just ignite a flame war, but hey, why not. What does the members of historum think about the currently very insecure situation for white South African farmers, and statements by the South African government to take their land without compensation? Debate :cool:
  2. V

    Did the first farmers of the Neolithic use dogs to herd sheep?

    The domestication of dogs started very early in history, perhaps even 50,000 BCE, way before the domestication of the first mountain goat. But when did domestication take the next step of dogs herding sheep?
  3. Millennium

    What did farmers & slaves do between planting & harvest season?

    It’s usually said that a slave’s life was all spent picking crops from sunrise to sunset, save Sundays, Christmas & severe weather. Same for indentured servants. White Yeomen farmers likely lived similarly but not as restricted. Yet doesn’t agriculture basically work by...
  4. Jake10

    Why is the Ontario government picking on little farmers?

    So, some people here like to drink fresh milk right from cows. One farmer set up a co-op so they could do it, but he's been arrested, fined and harassed to no end. The government has spent all sorts of money to prevent this, but why can't people drink fresh milk from cows if they want to...
  5. Satuf

    Hunter-Gatherers Always Lose to Farmers?

    I've very recently started reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. Early on in the book, the author makes the argument of how agricultural societies almost always win against hunter-gatherer nomadic societies. But, what about the early Arab Islamic invasions of Persian and Roman...
  6. D

    How did modern farmers enter the city into a exploited working class?

    Britain is an enclosure movement that leads to the loss of land for the poor to become workers. What about the other countries? Or were farmers more exploited than workers in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  7. civfanatic

    Oppressive Exploitation of Farmers in the Roman Empire

    The historian Richard Gerberding on p.26 of Vol. 1 of The New Cambridge Medieval History, in the chapter entitled "The Later Roman Empire," writes the following: It is true that up to 50% of a Roman farmer's output could be taken as taxes or rents, and that only 5% of the Roman Empire's total...
  8. Midas

    The first European farmers are traced back to Anatolia

    A fresh study from Stockholm's university, confirmed once more what is generally known from archaeology and earlier genetic studies. The later field is nothing we should discuss in a history forum. The first European farmers are traced back to Anatolia - Stockholm University What is of...
  9. macdowelltaylor

    1929 Stock Crash & Small Farmers

    I've poked about several of the sections, but still am not sure the best place to post this question. I trust if I've chosen poorly, some kind soul will move it to the correct place. I am trying to understand the immediate impact of the Stock Crash in 1929 on small farmers. By immediate, I mean...
  10. G

    Colorado plans to open marijuana farmers market

    Colorado plans to launch world's 1st legal recreational marijuana market - YouTube The US states, Colorado and Washington, are launching the world's first legal recreational marijuana markets in 2014. Recreational marijuana for adults over 21 has been legal in Colorado for more than a year...
  11. P

    Why were Farmers unconditioned for warfare-even just mere marching? Aren't they fit?

    I remember in The second Lord of the Rings, Gimli was optimistic despite the fact that the forces defending Helm's Deep were untrained farmers. Despite not being warriors, Gimli stated "they have faced many harsh winters" implying they were used to Hardships from farming and that they should...
  12. A

    warfare- farmers verses hunters

    Anyone who knows the bible knows of Cain and Able. Wikipedia I believe this is a record of history. I believe it is the history of nomadic herders entering Mesopotamia, and the winners got to tell the story. Might we explore this, by examining the different styles of warfare? from Atlas...
  13. davu

    Pre-Ceramic Hunters, Foragers, and Early Farmers in

    fyi NMAC Fall Conference
  14. History Chick

    Hunter-gatherers vs Farmers

    I'm reading this book called The Genesis Secret - kind of Da Vinci Code style, a historical/archaeological mystery thriller set in modern day times. It's based on the concept that Gobekli Tepe is the Garden of Eden. Anyway, at one point, it's discussing the transition of hunter-gatherers to...
  15. Richard Stanbery

    Government attacks small farmers

    Why are the American small farmers going out of business? YouTube - The End of Small Farms? HR 2749, HR 875, HR 759, NAIS & Monsanto - Shelly Roche Can you believe this is true? Is it true that the Congress works for big agro-business to the detriment of the consumers and the small...
  16. Kuon

    Britons descended from male farmers who left Iraq and Syria 10,000 years ago

    Most Britons descended from male farmers who left Iraq and Syria 10,000 years ago (and were seduced by the local hunter-gatherer women) :p :D Classic quote: "...maybe, back then, it was just sexier to be a farmer." Where's me wellies and me combine harvester? :D
  17. T

    What happened to French farmers during WW1?

    Hi there, I just have a question that I'm hoping someone here might know the answer to. I tried asking at yahoo.answers but had no replies, unfortunately. I just want to know what happened to French farmers when battles took place on their land during WW1. Where did they go? How did they get by...