1. Constantine V

    Favourite Byzantine dynasty?

    Mine is either the Isaurian or the Amorian dynasty.
  2. Constantine V

    Favourite State in Antiquity?

    Mine is the Antigonid Dynasty or Rome
  3. Constantine V

    Favourite Byzantine General?

    Byzantium thanks to its numerouse wars spawned many generals, but which one is your favourite? Mine is probably Nikephoros Phokas, the white death of the saracens.
  4. Constantine V

    Favourite period of ancient history?

    My favourite has got to be the hellenistic, which is pretty obviouse by my posts. Its like a historical greek game of thrones , with the wars of the diodochi, syrian wars and struggle against rising rome, its awesome. It was arguably the most enlightened of the anicent period with historians...
  5. ThePeopleProfiles

    What's your favourite German tank/Tank destroyer of WW2?

    My favourite is the Panzer IV with the upgraded long barrelled 75mm L/70 gun. In my opinion if the Germans had concentrated their efforts in producing a good all-rounder (like the soviets did with the T-34) instead of making multiple differing designs of tanks and tank destroyers they would...
  6. Constantine V

    Favourite Byzantine Emperor

    I must say, Constantine V is my favorite, his military victories against the arabs and the bulgars put byzantium on the offensive, giving it breathing space. He also formed the Tagmata- the emperors mobile retinue of the best soldiers the empire had. It allowed quick mobilisation which desided...
  7. R

    Your worst discoveries about your ancestors?

    Or least favourite I would mine was finding out my great great grandfather was in jail for robbery
  8. Sertorius1066

    Favourite pyramid

    It's a simple as the title suggests, what is your favourite pyramid and why? You can base it on a host of reasons, pure size, design, innovations, your favourite pharaoh built it. Mine is the Pyramid of Amemenhat III, the black pyramid. I have always been fascinated by the failures rather than...
  9. P

    Favourite war poems.

    wHATEVER is a person's favourite war poem is a matter of opinion.But mine is a lesser known W.W.2 poem written by RAF officer John Pudsey to commemorate those RAF pilots who were killed -intially in the Battle of Britain -and hen other aerial batles during the war. Pudsey's poem is called ''FOR...
  10. P

    Favourite Historical National Anthems

    What are some of your favourite historical anthems if you have any? They can be still in use today or abolished. Let me know your picks. Mine are: Wien Neêrlandsch Bloed (Dutch National Anthem until 1932) OQb9QaOXNK0 Grom Pobedy, Razdavaysya! (Russian Imperial National Anthem until 1833)...
  11. TotalAaron

    Your Favourite Military Uniforms

    For me it is in no real order British Colonial Uniforms The red uniform with the white straps is quite striking British Empire (Great war) When i think of the Empire this comes to mind. Prussian Uniform *Franco-Prussian war) Very nice uniforms What about the forum? what are your...
  12. The Reality

    Favourite Hero or Heroine in History

    Who is your favourite Hero or Heroine in History? What did he/she accomplish or what did he/she stand for?
  13. The Reality

    Your Favourite Heroine in History?

    Who is your favourite heroine in History and why, what did they accomplish or stand for? *and Please no fiction because I'm w riteing about something that has to be real and authentic*
  14. gustavolapizza

    your favourite art styles in history

    what are your favourites? fine by me if you pick as many as you want ( post some example too )
  15. SirOrmondeWinter

    Favourite story about each president?

    I'll remind everyone of the 1990 rule so yes to Bush Snr but no to Bill Clinton. If any of these are actually untrue please let me know; My favourites; 2 for Jimmy Carter, first that he was being shown around the White House and it was explained that in emergency he could be evacuated to Air...
  16. Corbulo

    Best and Worst TV Historians?

    We all love a good historical documentary. I personally love nothing better whilst nursing a weekend hangover, than scouring "Youtube" or "BBC iplayer" armed with nothing but a lamb patia with garlic naan, in the hope of finding a good history doc that informs, inspires, entertains and hopefully...
  17. WhatAnArtist

    Your favourite personal rivalries throughout history?

    Mine's got to be Napoleon and Pope Pius VII, culminating in the Pope furiously declaring Napoleon to be the literal Antichrist, and Napoleon completely overreacting and sending soldiers into Rome to arrest the representative of God. It's so over-the-top that it's genuinely funny. I would also...
  18. C

    Favourite Historical Quote

    What's your favourite historical quote? Post here!
  19. R

    Q: Who are your favourite and least favourite Russian leaders?

    Q: Who are your favourite and least favourite Russian leaders? And give us your reasons and opinions about your choices.
  20. Shtajerc

    Favourite minor acteur of ww2

    I thought this time we leave out the big boys and talk about the small fries of ww2 and who's your favourite. For the discussion, we will exclude Germany, Italy, Japan, USSR, USA, Britain and France (until 1940 and Vichy, but the Free French Forces, resistance movements and after the...