1. VHS

    How has South Africa fared after apartheid?

    Don't attempt to paint a glorified apartheid era picture; I know that South Africa was never a developed country. Then, most people cherish the end of apartheid; the picture after the apartheid is quite mixed, I heard. Economic progresses are made; how well are the gains shared? How has the...
  2. Earl_of_Rochester

    Typhoon Haiyan: Thousands feared dead in Philippines

    BBC News - Typhoon Haiyan: Thousands feared dead in Philippines Dagul is from the Philippines isn't he? I hope he's alright, as well as any other forum members we might have out there. Apparently this superstorm is going to hit Vietnam next.
  3. jeroenrottgering

    The most feared units/regiments in history

    What are the most feared units/regiments in history. So please dont give answers like 'the mongols' or 'the vikings' because those are people and not a united on its self. Look for the Old Guard, Gurkha's, Winged Hussars etc. Also I am not looking for the best, but the most feared. It may be...
  4. History Chick

    Most feared historical figures?

    Who would you consider among the most feared people in history? I imagine the most obvious would be people like Hitler and Stalin - and then you have people whose nick names give them away like Vlad the Impaler, Ivan the Terrible and The Blood Countess. But I'm interested in other names too...
  5. R

    Reasons for why Popes feared conciliarism?

    Hi, I have an essay to do on the above, and was wondering if anyone can help me? I need some paragraph themes basically. From my notes, and reading, all I can gather is that because they'd lose power - the Councils effectively controlled the Popes, but I thought there must be other reasons...