1. R

    The Mycenaean world: a federation?

    We tend to think of the great Mycenaean kingdoms individually: Mycenae itself, Argos, Pylos, Tiryns, Sparta, Ithaca...Each of these major cities apparently exercised political and administrative control over the towns and villages in the surrounding area. Linear B tablets from Pylos especially...
  2. S

    United States of Balkan or Balkan Federation

    It will be possible in future after all present dilemmas will be solve that Balkan States , Romania , Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Muntenegru, Albania , Greece , FYROM, Kosovo ( independent , autonomous ) maybe even Slovenia , Croatia to unite like a similar model with USA ? *In past were...
  3. VHS

    Can the East African Federation be realized?

    This belongs to current event because it is scheduled to happen this year (2016); however, this is highly questionable if it is practical or not. It is a proposed political union of five African states: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. If it is realized, it will be the formation...
  4. Darth Raidius

    Could the Federation of Arab Republics have lasted?

    Between 1972 and 1977, Muammar Gaddafi attempted to merge his Libya with Egypt under Anwar Sadat and Syria under Hafez al-Assad. Sudan under Gaafar Nimeiry was also a candidate for joining the union, which would be known as the Federation of Arab Republics. Popular opinion in all countries was...
  5. Futurist

    Maps of historical and current ethnic(-based) federations

    This thread is meant for maps of historical and current ethnic(-based) federations. Anyway, please let me start: The Soviet Union (dissolved in 1991): Yugoslavia (dissolved in 1992): Czechoslovakia (dissolved in 1993): Belgium: Ethiopia: The United Kingdom (Britain): Exactly...
  6. gothgoesblonde

    American Federation of Labor

    Hello, I read that African Americans could become part of Knights of Labor and Asians couldn't. Then, Knights joined the Federation; I wonder what was it like afterward. Were African Americans still allowed to join? And how about Asians?
  7. Y

    no apartheid (or perhaps even Boer Wars) in South Africa

    I'm trying to think over as to what the best point(s) of divergence would be to get South Africa to avoid at least apartheid, probably also the Boer Wars, and possibly also the Great Trek. Here are the possibilities: 1) no union or federation of southern Africa along the lines of, for...
  8. N

    Imperial Federation Map 1886

    Hi - can anyone please tell me why this map was produced in 1886?
  9. civfanatic

    Why is Germany a federation, when most European states are unitary?

    It seems that Germany is one of the few European states that is organized as a federation. This is strange because the vast majority of Europe consists of centralized unitary states. What is the reason for this anomaly? Based on what I know about Germany (which is limited), I assume that this...
  10. A

    British Imperial Federation

    I've read that this was a major idea in the late 19th-century to pre-WW1 period: the political unification of the British Empire, so that most or all of the states would be represented in Westminster. The British Empire would thus become a superstate, similar to the Roman Empire. How likely was...
  11. O

    United Federation of the West?

    Should the western world formed into one united federation, with one government, military, currency, etc? I believe it should, the West has a shared history/culture/ideals and interests. Nationalism is absurd in the modern world. It would consist primarily of the Europe, North America and...
  12. Jake10

    The Austrian exclusion of German Federation

    Considering that Austria was the first confederation to join Prussia in the unification of Germany, it's ironic that they were excluded in 1867. What were the reasons for the war between the two states, and the consequences of this exclusion?
  13. Aspartam

    Hello from Russian Federation!

    Hello, colleagues!:) Let me introduce myself. I am from Russian Federation. I am not a professional historian; I take an interest in history as an amateur. I think it is true, that we must make a close study of history for good understanding and interpretation of the present. So, the...