1. Voltaires Hat

    How does studying history make you feel?

    Anymore when I read almost any history, of any place, period, or topic, I get an overwhelming sense of connection with the past, the present, and my place in the cosmos. When I get too deep into my day to day worries and concerns I'll sometimes forget the bigger picture, but reading history...
  2. JaddHaidar

    How did Elizabeth I feel about her mother, Anne Boleyn?

    Elizabeth I is remembered throughout history as possibly England's greatest monarch and the "Virgin Queen", while her mother, Anne Boleyn, is probably history's most slandered and the "Great Whore". A curious question is, how did Elizabeth feel about her mother? Her feelings toward her mother...
  3. Futurist

    Does anyone else here feel that WWII was a huge waste while WWI wasn't?

    Does anyone else here feel that WWII was a huge waste while WWI wasn't? I mean, I know that World War I was extremely atrocious and that I certainly wouldn't have been able to bear fighting in the trenches. However, the outcome of World War I did have a lot of positive aspects to it. For...
  4. Jake10

    How do you feel about raising the child of another man/woman?

    Let's say you become single and meet someone you want as a spouse, but the person has a small child. How does that effect the way you feel? Would you want to be a parent to the child? The poll is anonymous, by the way.
  5. JaddHaidar

    How did James VI and I feel about his mother, Mary?

    I'm certain most people interested in Tudor England and 16th century Europe overall, like I've grown to become, are familiar with the events regarding Mary, Queen of Scots, the eventual succession of her son James which paved way to the union of England and Scotland and the shaping of Britain as...
  6. W

    Why are light swords (less than 3 pounds) feel so heavy to wield?

    This question was inspired because I finally got the chance to purchase a katana and also because I keep seeing sword enthusiast (including academicians and historians) argue that European medieval swords weren't heavy at all through forums posts and articles such as this one. Medieval Swords...
  7. JoanOfArc007

    How do you feel about cultures other than your own?

    I wanted to start this thread as a response to the criticisms that entire countries and individuals of the past face today. I have so many questions to put toward those who celebrate cultures other than there own, but also I have questions for those who are hesitant to celebrate cultures...
  8. WhatAnArtist

    Do you feel that titles like 'president' and 'prime minister' command less respect...

    ...than titles like king and emperor? Personally I do. I know this probably isn't a majority opinion, but I feel that a monarch immediately has an air of respect and command about them, like even disregarding what the character of the monarch is, just by having the title of king or queen or...
  9. Jake10

    How high do you feel your EQ is?

    How would you rate your ability to socially interact with others?
  10. C

    How do most Germans now feel about World War 1?

    I have read quite a bit that most Germans are ashamed of the Nazi's and their role in WW2 (especially the holocaust of course). Though I am curious as to how most Germans feel about WW1? Are most ashamed, and dislike their role as with WW2 or do they see themselves in a better role or...?
  11. RomanEmperor

    don't you all ever feel guilty?

    The u.s. is basically a country that was built by breaking treaties and Exterminating most of the native population. Most people don't really think much about this. I feel very bad about it.
  12. Naomasa298

    How would you feel if you were mistaken for a criminal?

    So let's say you're passing through, oh, an international airport. And you're pulled aside and questioned because security think you're, for the sake of argument, a sex worker, a drug trafficker, a terrorist or some other criminal. How would you react?
  13. The merchant of Venice

    Do you feel european?

    There has been recently a lot of discussions regarding the future of the eu, the possibility of the creation of an european super state etc But regardless of the actual political fact, what do you feel, from a cultural/emotional/social viewpoint, towards the idea of europe, and the supposed...
  14. T

    What big budget movie do you really feel does the period it depicts justice?

    We all have had our cringe moments with our "Braveheart"s, and "The Vikings", but what big budget films or TV shows do you really feel did the period some justice, and handled its subject matter with a fair amount of balance and tact My nomination would be Ridley Scots' 2005 movie...
  15. Karl XII

    Does anybody ever feel sorry for Hannibal Barca?

    As much I love the romans, I cant but help feel some admiration for Hannibal. To the Romans he was the embodiment of all evil, but he was just fighting for his country just like any roman would do for his. He must have known that unless he crushed Rome before long they would have inevitably...
  16. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Vice News: White People Explain Why They Feel They Oppressed

    White People Explain Why They Feel They Oppressed | VICE | Canada Another anecdotal bias article about why whites will have to suck it up if they are being discriminated against people of colour. Problems about these articles is that they twist their definition of racism and assume they know...
  17. Menshevik

    How does God feel about the angels?

    I suppose I'm referring specifically to the Judeo-Christian god and religion here. Does Islam have angels? Anyway, I've always been under the impression that God cares more about human beings than he does angels. Thoughts?
  18. Jake10

    How would you feel about living in an old age home?

    Sooner or later we may all be faced with this. What do you think about it?
  19. Jake10

    How do you feel about living and/or working in very diverse ambients?

    Diversity presents challenges, such as a lack of trust, discomfort and conflicts, but there are upsides to it. So, do you try to avoid a very diverse ambient? Or, do you feel you can learn more and benefit from diversity? How Diversity Makes Us Smarter - Scientific American
  20. Salah

    How did Charles Darwin feel about race?

    How did Charles Darwin feel about issues of race and racism? Evolution was used by many 19th and early 20th Century white supremacists to justify their views - 'Social Darwinism' was the conscious application of the "survival of the fittest" mentality to human affairs. In effect, it was an...