1. Engelkrieger

    Islam is the primary reason why Europe fell into the Dark Ages

    Lots of people, unfortunetly many who are on the Right, seem to make an unwise comparison between refugees and the Germanic Migration period and someow place a moral blame on the Germanics for "destroying Europe". There are also a few memes about htis about how Germans are somehow at fault for...
  2. N

    What if the Holy Roman Empire never fell?

    Just a question I would like to pose to those who are more knowledgeable than I am on this topic, I know the collapse of the HRE was important for the future unification of Germany and a few other things, but what if it wasn't dismantled by Napoleon, and the HRE actually won the wars against France?
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    Greek middle east if Byzantines never fell?

    If the Arabs never invaded and conquered the middle east and the Byzantine empire survived with Anatolia, Egypt and the levant to the modern age, would these regions be Greek speaking? By around 1000 A.D. most of Anatolia was Greek speaking (before the Turkish replaced it), could this of...
  4. O

    Who Resettled Constantinople After it Fell?

    An old thread states that the Armenians did. http://historum.com/medieval-byzantine-history/43360-what-happened-constantine-s-tomb.html However, George Finlay had stated that Mehmet (and possibly his successors) would take perhaps a quarter of the population, after the conquest of a city, for...
  5. VHS

    Was Queen Jane Grey doomed from the beginning?

    She might be one of the best educated women of the time; still, the timing and her weak support doomed her. Did King Edward VI unwittingly doom her by naming her the successor? Or England might be better off if the throne went to Elizabeth directly?
  6. Futurist

    Should Britain have (at least temporarily) withdrawn from WWII after France fell?

    *With hindsight (in other words, you do have hindsight in this scenario). My question here is this: After France fell in mid-1940, should Britain have (at least temporarily**) withdrawn from World War II by making (at least a temporary) peace with Nazi Germany? **Meaning that Britain can...
  7. Y

    Why did the Roman Empire fell?

    Why did the Roman Empire fell? Few words explanation please. Thank you.
  8. Salah

    The Roman Empire fell in 475 - or is that 480?

    476 CE is the date traditionally given for the 'fall' of the Western half of the Roman Empire. The ironically-named adolescent puppet Romulus "Augustulus" was sent into forced retirement by Odoacer, who was then declared 'king' in Italy. Of course, those who favor the date 476 ignore the...
  9. Aswrathen

    How did communism actually fell apart?

    Was it only because of the crisis in the 80s? Was it because it was really planned by the western leaders(don't want to go to too much theories here)? Was is because Gorbachev wanted to be an ass to USSR's previous leaders by being more easily influenced by the West? And now how can the Chinese...
  10. EpicHistory360

    What if the empire of Rome never fell, and still existed today?

    If the great empire of Rome had never fallen, what do you think the world would have been like today? How much of the world would they likely have control over, and in general do you think the world would be better off in terms of science, technology, quality of life, and unity? Since the...
  11. Sankari

    What were you doing on the night when the Berlin Wall fell?

    I was watching it live on TV. I could not believe what I was seeing. For those of us who grew up during the Cold War, it was an event of unprecedented significance. Margaret Thatcher was deeply opposed, and frantically begged Gorbachev to preserve the Wall in the interests of maintaining a...
  12. Cornelius

    Why the Roman Republic fell

    There are, ofcourse, many theories as to why the Roman Republic fell. Some people blame Augustus, as he marched on Rome twice and created the Principate. Some people blame Gaius Julius Caesar, as he betrayed his country by starting a civil war in order to protect his dignitas, and made himself...
  13. B

    If the Islamic government of Iran fell, what would the US allow.

    Hypothetically speaking, let's assume the Islamic Republic of Iran's regime fell and there was a bloodless revolution where the constitution was amended to a secular regime. Let's also assume , this new government would be democratically elected and upheld human rights in their own country...
  14. Europa

    What if Rome never fell?

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before or not, but I've always found it interesting to think about. What would the world look like today if the Roman empire had never fallen? Would the Romans have eventually discovered America? Would they have taken over North and even South America as...
  15. General Michael Collins

    If Ireland entered WW2 after France Fell

    I've been meaning to get to this for a while. I'm not entirely sure I am in the correct forum, but I trust this will be moved if it is not. Here's how it goes : Ireland had a leadership crisis after the civil war of 1922-23. Our heroes were spent by the last 7 years of war, the sole surviving...
  16. Widdekind

    Garamantes civilization fell with Rome ?

    The Garamantes were: Now, according to the BBC documentary How the Earth changed History (DVD:ep.4), the Garamantes were the first human civilization to flourish in the (Saharan) desert. The grew crops, of cereals & grapes, and raised horses & pigs, all by tapping sub-surface Ground Water*...
  17. Salah

    America BC by Barry Fell

    Anybody read this one before? Your thoughts??
  18. JerseyPerson14

    did any celtic-romans create own kingdoms after rome fell

    Did the celtic-romans ever start their own kingdoms in france or spain after rome fell? I know the barbarians came, but did any of the local governors ever try to create their own states and try to hold out against the barbarians
  19. JerseyPerson14

    Did the Barbarians kill off all the previous inhabitants of europe after Rome fell

    When the germanic barbarians invaded the former lands of Rome did they kill off all of the romanized people that lived there?
  20. T

    Why Europe fell into the Dark Ages after Rome's collapse?

    I'm just curious why Europe plunged into Dark Age after roman empire collapse. The Roman Empire, despite its collapse, should have left itself a wealth of knowledgeable people, philosophers, scientist etc. to keep western civilization on-going. I know the people who settled in Europe were...