1. VHS

    Vandana Shiva and Greta Thunberg: two examples of female environmentalists

    These two are known examples of female environmentalists: they are both female. Since Greta Thunberg is quite well-known already, the main focus will be on Vandana Shiva. Here is her website if someone is interested, and four of her books are available on Libby or Overdrive, the online library...
  2. chansey

    Can medieval noble women knights defeat male mobs?

    If a woman trained in combat and put on the best plate armor of the 15th century, can she beat a male mob wearing a leather armor? As far as I know, a good plate armor is very expensive, and few people can afford it except the nobility. If she can ride a horse, can she beat more male mobs...
  3. O

    The female Pope?

    This is a real hoot. Shows how useful videotape, etc., etc., etc., can be to history, if you know what I mean, or do you?:laugh: CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Pope Joan
  4. T

    Article on treatment of Female Collaborators after D-Day

    I am interested in hearing your opinions on this article. I've heard of this happening after D-Day, but I don't much about it in depth. To be honest, it sounds a little inflammatory based on what I do know, but I'd appreciate it if someone could provide more information on the extent of...
  5. Jake10

    Were there cases of Viking female rulers, as in queens without kings?

    Did the Vikings accept female rulers?
  6. Menshevik

    Female vs Male slaves and their duties

    In regards to North American slaves..... Is it true that female slaves made up the majority of slaves who worked the fields? While the males were house servants and skilled artisans/workers/craftsmen?
  7. Waterloofinalsolution

    Why did Europe allow Female Monarchs?

    ****Concerning Christian European Monarchs**** This is something that has always puzzled me and I can't find much history on how the decision came to be... Especially when most Islamic Empire countries, did not allow a female to rule. In pre Renaissance times in Europe, when most people...
  8. R

    The first female university professor

    Who can tell me who was the first female university professor in Europe? Necessarily, she would have had to be a university graduate herself, as no one without a formal degree of some kind could teach in early universities... A clue: she was Italian, born in the 15th century.
  9. R

    early European female novelists

    Let's do some research: who might be considered to be the very first female novelist in Europe? Did romantic fiction (in prose form, not poetry) already exist in the Middle Ages, and if so, did women contribute to it? What about the Renaissance? Starting in the effervescent 17th century...
  10. tomar

    What's up with female leaders of state ?

    There is heavy propaganda in the western world about how there are not enough women in top management in general, and in politics in particular.. We are told that women are better at it... And that with women as heads of state things would be generally better. Yet the record of past years does...
  11. R

    First Female Millionaire in United States

    Hey guys! Bit of a lurker, but finally made an account! Hah! Anyways, found this great video about the first female millionaire in the United States: 21T8LVfHcsU Interesting vid about her history and honestly one of my inspirations in history. Cheers.
  12. Sobo

    Forget Earhardt and Lindbergh...Hanna Reitsch was the best female Pilot of all time

    Hanna Reitsch was a true legend. She was not only the best german pilot but also the one who took the most risks. She did fly machines that male Pilots in the Luftwaffe denied to fly out of fear. She was the first who did fly the brand new Rocket airplane Messerschmitt Me 163 The first...
  13. V

    Cantonese men huge interracial marriage history; White female, Black female, Latina

    How come Cantonese men ( Chinese men ) are the only Asian men from Asia's history to migrate overseas and intermarried with non-Chinese females? There had been 500,000 Cantonese men who intermarried with white females , Black females, Latina. The only other acception are the Mongolians...
  14. A

    Does our era have the most female singers in history?

    I know I posted this before, but here is a better category. Tbh, does our era have the most abundant female singers in history worldwide?
  15. Ancientgeezer

    A Female US President

    Without delving into actual current politics, the existing US Presidential election coverage is making an awful lot of fuss about the first female candidate, glass ceilings, breaking new ground, being modern and so on. A bit ironic when one considers that there have been 84 women elected heads...
  16. AlpinLuke

    Wilson: first female President ...

    What about Edith Wilson? According to some historians, while his husband [President Wilson] was not able to run the government he opposed the idea to give the power to the Vice President Thomas Marshal and she run "de facto" the government ... is this true? Was Edith the first "de facto"...
  17. S

    Female police officer joins Army Infantry, claims it will be “similar” to her job

    Due to the possible controversial nature of the subject, if this topic doesn't belong here then by all means move it to the appropriate place. However since this is concerning the military and its historic significance I thought I would post it here. Is this woman Naive perhaps? She has no...
  18. F

    Exclusively female given names included in male given names

    Maria, and other vernacular forms like Mary and Marie, can be seen as exclusively female given names without a particular context. That context is the tradition of a male Christian name + Maria as a male given name, e.g., José María, Jean-Marie. Are there other exclusively female given names...
  19. G

    Who were the greatest female conquerors in the world

    You could mention the top 5 female conquerors in the world (in terms of sq. km area captured and ruled)? Who was the female Genghis or Alexander with the largest conquered area under her? Criterion being she should have ruled this area (held, inherited, captured etc.). You could use the...
  20. JoanOfArc007

    Female military leaders during the Middle ages

    From page 132 of the following source, The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem provided the stage of action for many noble women of the twelfth century, and at least one lady may have owned her warlike genes to her crusader connections. Matilda of Boulogne not only claimed descent from Charlemagne...