1. P

    If Russia had to fight German alone in WW2, would it win?

    Many people all over the internet say that it was the Russians who beat Germany and won WW2 and other countries help was negligible, so, if Russia was to fight the Germans alone, would it win?
  2. J

    Fight of canelo 2018

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  3. Futurist

    If France decides to fight on in 1940, how much can it evacuate to Algeria?

    If France decides to fight on in 1940 (for instance, if the U.S. is already in the war at that point in time but--for whatever reason--France still ends up falling), how much people, industry, et cetera can it relocate/evacuate to Algeria (and perhaps other parts of French North Africa, such as...
  4. Princess Of Manchester

    why did the french and english fight so much during the tudor era???

    why did henry 8 go 2 war with french so much??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. R

    How did the Yuan military fight?

    Were there any objective historical accounts as to how the Yuan army fought? Why were the Southern Song able to deal with the Jin army, while they unable to deal with the Yuan army, and why were the Europeans able to get a handle on the Mongols after Mohi while the Chinese were unable to...
  6. jameen

    If Roman army and Han China's Army fight

    Who will win the war if the Roman army and Han China's army if both armies have same number of troops? 1000 soldiers vs 1000 soldiers up to 5000 soldiers.
  7. T

    Harold's decision to fight at Hastings

    How sound to you think Harold's decision to face the Normans (at least when and where he did) was? What else do you think he could/should have done? I am particularly interested if you think that he should have let his younger brother Gyrth lead the Anglo-Saxon army instead while Harold...
  8. TrueHistory77

    Germany did not fight alone: it had plenty of help.

    I think it is important to remember that the Germans did not fight the Second World War alone: it had significant help from other countries and peoples. Apart from the obvious ones of Italy and Japan, hundreds of thousands of men from various European countries also assisted and fought for the...
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    How Humans would fight Giants

    If Giants existed, we'll say they are around 10 feet tall and 2-3 times as strong as humans, how would humans in ancient/medieval times have combated them? Would the pike be the best melee weapon? Would shield walls be practical against giants? How would the giants themselves counter?
  10. Visigoth Panzer

    Who would win in a fight, Late or early Roman Empire?

    Assuming everything else is equal, who would win in a straight battle an army from the Early Roman Empire (with gladius, scutum, pilums, poor cavalry) or an army from the Late Roman Empire (with spatha, round shields, darts and cataphract cavalry)?
  11. S

    What what earliest date could World War 1 end?

    How do you avoid World War 1 turning into a stalemate? Or atleast how do you keep it from turning into a global war and just keep it into a regional Balkan war between Serbia and Austria?
  12. W

    How much more difficult is it to move and fight while wearing armour?

    There's two extremes I notice when it comes to armour. There is the one extreme where armour is portrayed as being bulky and hard to move in such as the knights armour. And there is the other extreme where since armour was made to fit person for persona and to be distributed evenly so that even...
  13. odai Gold

    why did muslims and hinduism fight?

    Why did Muslims and Hinduisms fight? after they gain independence what I understand that they want free Pakistan but is that the only reason to kill each other?
  14. tomar

    Why did the germans fight for Stalingrad ?

    Once it became clear that the resistance was stiff, why did the germans continue to attack ? Why not simply blockade the remaining parts of the city (as they did in Leningrad) ?
  15. Azad67

    When Pashtun Soldiers refused to fight against Ottomans

    When Pashtun Soldiers refused to fight against Ottomans
  16. tomar

    Is the US at a turning point in the fight against Islamism ?

    'Witch hunt' fears as US may outlaw Muslim Brotherhood | News | Al Jazeera After the entry ban for citizens of 7 countries suspected to be prime terror locations, the US is considering a ban on the muslim brotherhood by declaring it a terror organization This has got al Jazeera very upsed as...
  17. S

    Sir Spacey Joins The Fight!

    Hello everybody! This is Sir Spacey and I have decided to join this forum! I will mostly be focusing on medieval history, and specifically Papal history! So if you guys know of any great threads about this just comment below! ~Sir Spacey, First of the Name
  18. G

    Did Jat kingdoms ever fight Sikhs directly

    They both lived side by side of each other and were powerful kingdoms after the decline of the Mughals. Did they ever have any major skirmish with each other. If yes who won and if no who would have in a possible scenario? Did they ever have any alliance or interaction at any point of time...
  19. Futurist

    Will Iraq's PMU (Shiite militias) go fight in Syria after all of Iraq is liberated?

    Will Iraq's PMU (Shiite militias) go fight in Syria after all of Iraq is liberated from ISIS? Basically, I've read and heard that this is a very real possibility; indeed, former Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki himself said something along these lines in a v ery recent Al-Monitor interview. Anyway...
  20. Lawnmowerman

    Why did Charles the Bald split his forces to fight the Vikings

    As the Viking fleet came up the Seine to sack Paris in 845AD, Charles the Bald led his army out to meet them. He split his army in two on seperate banks of the Seine. When the Vikings arrived they simply attacked the smaller army, massacred it, then hung the prisoners in front of the...