1. R

    Was Chanakya an actual historical figure?

    So, we all know the well known story about how Chanakya brought up a young Chandragupta Maurya to eliminate the Nandas and establish the Mauryan empire. However, as of late, I am having some serious doubts on whether Chanakya actually existed. The only sources in which he is mentioned are quite...
  2. R

    Chinese mythological figure - need to identify

    Hi All, I am wondering what kind of "person" depicted here. Please see picture attached. Kind regards
  3. VHS

    Is George Bernard Shaw: a major cultural figure?

    His thoughts span everywhere; with health and lifespan significantly superior to Nietzsche, and he wrote pretty much until his physical death at almost age 95, we would expect something. What are your opinions about him? Why was he such a complicated person? A person with his lifespan may...
  4. SirOrmondeWinter

    Greatest law enforcement figure in US history?

    Non-fiction only, sorry Harry. 1. J Edgar Hoover-controversial but professionalised the FBI and US law enforcement generally. 2. Wyatt Earp-the archetypal tough guy US sheriff 3. Alan Pinkerton-revolutionised detective work 4. Daryll Gates-introduced many of the key reforms for the modern...
  5. M

    How ancient human figure out that wheat, rice, barley can be use as a food ?

    I always wondered that how ancient human started to look up for this kind of food how did they know that wheat , rice ,barley can be use as a food because you know we can't eat rice like that we have to boil it we call boil rice , from wheat we get flat bread its a long procedure from rice and...
  6. F

    To destroy public figure through his own social media account

    Once a public figure tweets something bad, the damage is done, no matter how quickly the tweet is deleted and who actually tweeted it. So why don't the powerful and resourceful enemies of Public Figure X hack into X's account to tweet something so bad that it would destroy X? Who would...
  7. JoanOfArc007

    Lester Rodney: A pivotal figure in breaking the color barrier in Baseball

    An insight into the American Lester Rodney whom was an important man who helped to break baseballs color barrier. Lester Rodney rallied for integration of Major League Baseball 11 years before Jackie Robinson broke color barrier Rodney wrote for the sports section of the Daily Worker, which...
  8. D

    If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?

    As for me, I would like to meet and talk to famous leaders such as Stalin, Malcolm X and Chingiz Khan.
  9. S

    I am an Iranian Azeri trying to figure out who my people were

    Hi guys, Im very interested in History and something that is a mystery to me is my own history and heritage. (The irony) Some people say that Azeris of Iran are ethnically Persian who later became Turkified in language but kept their Persian culture. I personally do not believe this. Some...
  10. WhatAnArtist

    Has reading about a historical figure ever influenced how you act/speak in real life?

    A bit of an odd topic, I must admit, but still a possibly interested/funny one. For me personally my readings of Napoleon have left me with an immense admiration of the man, and I usually find myself walking like he did, with the famous way he held both of his hands behind his back as he walked...
  11. S

    Who was the most benevolent ancient figure?

    It seems as if 90% of ancient figures were ruthless murderes who killed as a means of excersing power as well as establishing absolute control; they would kill on a mere whim. I'm aware that conquering and war was common, but overlooking that aspect who was somewhat benevolent (in those days at...
  12. C

    Help identifying historical figure (by very blurry picture)

    Hello, so I suppose a screenshot of all the leaders in the new Civilization game got leaked or something with pictures and portraits of each of them being seen in the background of a video or picture or something... aaannnyyyway most of them have been completely identified, except B5 (second...
  13. WhatAnArtist

    What period of history or historical figure makes for the best story?

    By story I mean exactly that; a series of events told in a fashion that is meant to entertain or excite. Disregard many important things we usually consider when discussing history like the morality of the events or actions, the success of them, the legacy of them, the lessons of them, etc, and...
  14. S

    At times pressure tights and figure out how

    than you think and it genuinely wouldn't take various changes to get it from where you are to where it could be you just got to keep it together so the first highlight I talked about the way that I was only getting around a thousand peruses a month taking after four years these are unique...
  15. D

    Most reviled historical figure in Iran

    This thread is in no way meant to be offensive towards anyone, and as I'm not Iranian but I study Iranian history, I came across the fact that these figures have a traditionally bad reputation in Iran. Alexander Genghis Khan Abu Bakr and Umar ibn Khattab Khalid ibn Walid (though most of his...
  16. T

    Which historical figure had the strongest personality

    History has given us many shining examples of human perseverance, determination, and intuitiveness, but who do you feel had the strongest will of them all?
  17. Commodus

    Favourite folkloric/mythological figure?

    Most nations seem to have a rich sprinkling of mythology and folklore, full of great heroes and villains, wars and battles, monsters and Gods. So, who is your favourite? Which fabled figure do you enjoy hearing about the most? For me, it's always going to be King Arthur of England (Although...
  18. frenchkote

    Historical Figure

    I wasn't quite sure under which forum to post this since possible answers could be from any period in time. That said, which historical figure interests you the most and why? A figure that inspires you? a figure that was alive at some point or perhaps is still alive, from any time period...
  19. R

    who is your favorite European figure of all time

    i asked a similar question in the American forum about who their favorite american figure of all time is? so i ask who your favorite European figure of all time? can be a scientist, philosopher, historian, general, etc. etc. whatever