1. FailWhale

    Recent/current world leaders who will be remembered as significant historical figures

    Let's say for those in power within the past 30 years, who will have similar level of significance to Caesar, Ghengis Khan, Bismarck, Lincoln, Stalin etc.
  2. Hoosierhiver

    Historical figures that got blamed for something they didn't do.

    Can you think of a historical figure that got a bad rap? Michael Cresap was blamed for the massacre at Yellow Creek even though his force had nothing to do with it. He became immortalized in Logan's Lament and the massacre was the main incident that started Dunmore's War.
  3. Tulius

    How do we rate historical figures?

    All my professional life I had to rate other living human beings. As a teacher I have to rate students, I have specific evaluation grids that help me to do that and allow me to be as much as impartial as I can. As an employee in companies I regularly have to rate subordinates and hierarchical...
  4. T

    Podcast on Historical Figures (e.g. Otto von Bismarck)

    Hey everyone, I'm making a podcast on historical figures called TheHistorytime. So far I've made an 11 episode series on Bismarck. I've primarily used Jonathan Steinberg's Bismarck A Life, AJP Taylor's Bismarck The Man and the Statesman and Katharine Lerman's Bismarck as sources. I'm also...
  5. VHS

    Trashing historical figures?

    Karl Popper's saying "Great men may make great mistakes" may be correct; then, there is a growing trend to trash historical figures because of their racist, sexist, or other attitudes that are not compatible with the current value system. For example, a continuous attempt to purge names of...
  6. C

    Loss figures for Gaugamela confuse me

    According to the sources only a couple hundred men were lost on the Macedonian side, but also according to the sources, the Macedonian left wing almost crumbled. How exactly do battles work that on the one hand, the fighting 'becomes dire', but in the end only a dozen men are dead? Is it that...
  7. T

    Most Merciful Rulers in History?

    Who do you think were the most merciful leaders/figures? Especially given the standards of their times. I think the Roman Emperor Aurelian and Alfred the Great of Wessex certainly qualify. Your thoughts?
  8. T

    Most mysterious figures in history?

    Who do you think are some of the most mysterious figures in history? People that seemingly burst upon the scenes out of nowhere. I'd say Jack the Ripper definitely. Spartacus as well because for such a famous figure relatively little is known about him. Finally, I'd say Guthrum the final leader...
  9. Blue

    Historical figures you didn't realize were real

    Wk4Eq8IcQMk ahbqqo2q6fo I realized this one today.
  10. Lawnmowerman

    Historical figures, you found out weren't real.

    I was shocked to discover that Falstaff from Henry IV wasn't real. I obviously didn't take Shakespeare's work as a historical account of Henry's life but I thought that there really was a Falstaff and that his character had obviously been embellished upon for the play. To the point that I...
  11. VHS

    What figures are most likely remembered in history?

    I had the unfinished project of reading How to Win Friends and Influence People and just finished reading How to Stop Worrying and Start Living; I realize that prominent figures of the 1950s are already largely forgotten. Of course, the examples in How to Stop Worrying and Start Living are...
  12. T

    Unfairly Maligned Historical Figures

    What people do you think don't deserve their modern bad reputations? I was thinking specific people, but feel free to name groups/cultures as well. One whom I think definitely got the short end of the stick reputation wise is Vlad III Tepes aka Dracula. In Romania he is a national hero and was...
  13. VHS

    What do you think of giving historical figures psychological assessments?

    We seem to have the odd habit of giving psychological assessment to historical figures: For example, some believe that Albert Einstein might have Asperger's Syndrome. Or, upon speculation, some tyrants or very efficient rulers might have antisocial personality disorder. Henry VI might have...
  14. M

    Where can I find ancient crop field figures?

    Where can I find ancient crop field figures? I don't mean just descriptions of ancient grains, technologies or practices, but the actual yields per land unit or totals for a political unit such as a dynasty. Preferably before 500 CE. Tables of data are best, but anything would be helpful.
  15. E

    Fun Prompt: Form a cabinet of historical figures

    Hey, I'm new here and I thought this would be a fun discussion. I'm interested to see other peoples choices. Rules and Notes: Figures must have died before 1950. No limit on how ancient they can be. This is set in modern day. Assume anyone you choose understands modern technology, politics...
  16. DaveK

    Historical Figures Ahead of their time

    My current favorite is Cicero. When I read his writings and read about him I feel like he is simply "above it" ; above the barbarism, above Olympian God nonsense and other superstition. He wasn't above a little duplicity and manipulating the system to his advantage, but he seemed to have an...
  17. notgivenaway

    21st century morality in historical figures...

    It really annoys me how people use our moral standards to judge past leaders or people. Like Lincoln was a racist by OUR standards. But then he was pretty progressive by HIS society's standards. He wanted to abolish slavery, give blacks the right to vote, and that blacks should have some rights...
  18. MughalMuse

    Interesting ways that the Sword and Fencing impacted historical figures and society

    9 Big Impacts of the Sword in History - Chronicles of Fitness
  19. WhatAnArtist

    Which historical figures would you most like to have seen film footage of?

    It's kind of fun to imagine what it would be like to see a documentary about famous historical figures that lived centuries ago, but the doco is being filmed while they're still alive. Just imagining one about Hannibal, a real guerrilla-type doco crew of only a cameraman and a mic-guy following...
  20. Space Shark

    Earliest depictions of modern religious figures

    One of my friends was part of an archaeological expedition that uncovered a pre-Christian synagogue with some interesting mosaics. It got me thinking: what are the earliest depictions we have of God, Jesus, Buddha, the Hindu gods, and such? They probably look a lot different that what we're used...