1. D

    Harappan site of Rakhigarhi: DNA study finds no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan inva

    The much-awaited DNA study of the skeletal remains found at the Harappan site of Rakhigarhi, Haryana, shows no Central Asian trace, indicating the Aryan invasion theory was flawed and Vedic evolution was through indigenous people. The lead researchers of this soon-tobe published study — Vasant...
  2. Pessimist Crow

    Chinese armor finds

    Is there a SINGLE surviving find of Song/Ming Dynasty armor with Mountain Pattern links? Or better yet, an officer's helmet with the winged cheek plates? If not, could you just dump your favorite armor reconstruction/finds? Qing may not apply.
  3. N

    Is there any literary evidence has been proved wrong based on archaeological finds?

    Hi everyone, an essay question asks me to find archaeological evidence which could prove the record of ancient literacy is wrong (about the Athenian Empire or more general the fifth-century Athens). But I don't know where to start since the teacher does not want to provide us any bibliography...
  4. V

    Excavation in Oman finds link to Indus Valley civilisation

    Archaeologists in Oman's southern Sinaw region have discovered a site that could reveal Indus Valley civilisation's influence on the Omani society 2,300 years ago, officials said. The tomb of a buried man with sword and daggers made of iron and steel was unearthed during an excavation and it...
  5. S

    Questions regarding Indus Valley finds

    Hi all - this is my very first post in this forum, so pls be nice and if there are any inaccuracies I'm happy to correct them Opened this thread as I couldn't find any active open threads relating to this specific evidence (if there are, happy for this post to be moved there) In may 2006 they...
  6. Lowell2

    it's real (archaeological finds)

    It's sometimes hard to believe in a story or an account one reads. Was Troy real or a fantasy of Homer? Was the story of bull leaping just some gymnasts' idea of machismo? Where was the battle of Alesia? Sometimes finds provide some evidence to substantiate the ancient accounts. Here's one...
  7. T

    Indus civilization suffered from violence and disease in final years, new study finds

    Indus civilization suffered from violence and disease in final years, new study finds - The Times of India Leprosy and Extreme Violence Led to Collapse of 'Peaceful' Indus Civilisation NEW DELHI: The Indus Valley civilization showed increasing signs of violence and deadly diseases, especially...
  8. okamido

    Interesting finds at Hierakonpolis

    Zombie Attack at Hierakonpolis? Decapitated bodies on the front of the Narmer palette: overview shows Narmer, at left, with catfish and chisel motifs at top center.
  9. starkodder

    Archaeological finds on the Azores

    Have any of you seen this before? It looks that there is information on archaeological finds on the Azores, that can be traced back before the Portugese. I also have seen pictures of cart ruts on the Azores, which look like the ones on Malta. Exciting. Archeology: Prehistoric rock art found...
  10. Belloc

    Descendants of Alexander the Great’s army fought in ancient China, historian finds

    This should be interesting to read: Descendants of Alexander the Great’s army fought in ancient China, historian finds
  11. Gudenrath

    Great bargain bin finds

    My area of interest is the public sphere, specifically the printed word, during the age of enlightenment. And while I specialise in Danish history it is of course crucial to have that comparative knowledge, so I also read books about this subject in other countries at the time. A standard work...
  12. Huntress

    Rare Finds in Tidewater VA Native Art

    Unfortunatly, Tidewater Virginia isn't the best location to find good examples of Native American art. The land is marshy and the weather in summer is hot. Objects made of wood and bone rot quickly under these conditions. Once in a while you can find something unique. One of the most fragile...
  13. Belloc

    Marco Polo really did go to China, new study finds

    Marco Polo really did go to China, new study finds
  14. Brisieis

    Archaeological Finds in Your Country?

    Share what you believe to be the most important or impressive archaeological finds from your country of origin.
  15. tjadams

    Reindeer Herder Finds Baby Mammoth in Russia Arctic

    Reindeer Herder Finds Baby Mammoth in Russia Arctic Published August 19, 2011 | Reuters A reindeer herder in Russia's Arctic has stumbled on the pre-historic remains of a baby woolly mammoth poking out of the permafrost, local officials said on Friday. The herder said the carcass was as...
  16. tjadams

    Shroud of Turin: more finds

    In the latest issue of Archaeology Magazine, March/April 2010.,Vol. 63, Number 2 there's an article "First-century Focus" by Mati Milstein about some of the latest finds in Israel. It seems a team lead by the IAA archaeologist Shimon Gibson uncovered a Jewish man's burial shroud in a tomb inside...
  17. fire_of_sekhmet

    Historian finds oldest recipe for bratwurst;_ylt=AnMokVVZVfzfO06xDprHHE8E1vAI I wasnt sure if this article should go under current events or general history. Interesting tib bit for brat lovers. BERLIN (Reuters) - A hobby historian has discovered the oldest known...
  18. fire_of_sekhmet

    Archaeologist finds traces of "humanity's first war" in Syria BERLIN (AFP) - A German archaeologist says he has found relics of "humanity's first war" in the northeast of Syria in the form of clay balls used as ammunition almost 6,000 years ago, Die Zeit weekly said in its...