1. First Century Galilean Fishing Boat

    First Century Galilean Fishing Boat

    First Century Galilean Fishing Boat
  2. plant

    move from h/g societies to agricultural societies.

    I’ve been reding about the move from h/g to settled agriculture.... i’m wondering where nomadic pastoralism fits in? Did goatherds and shepherds come before farmers? when did ‘nomadic pastoralists’ become settled alongside farmers? also. why weren’t there settled communities based on...
  3. LatinoEuropa

    Cod fishing by the Portuguese

    Cod fishing by the Portuguese fishing - bacalháu. For those who ask what this topic has to do. I give this answer your country was not yet born, my ancestors already ate this fish as I still do today as on the topic do your research on the cod that has a lot to do with the Portuguese culture as...
  4. Baltis

    Battle of Fishing Creek

    Also known as Sumter's Defeat and Sumter's Surprise, the Battle of Fishing Creek nearly spelled disaster for the partisan movement in South Carolina during the pivotal summer of 1780. Banastre Tarleton led his famous British Legion on a chase to catch Sumter's army. Tarleton was fresh from...
  5. Earl_of_Rochester

    Wooden Fishing Smack Sinks U-Boat

    Read a story at work today about a wooden fishing smack, not much different from the one pictured below, sinking a German U-boat in WW1. Ernest Martin Jehan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia HM Armed Smack Inverlyon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is the only incident in naval...
  6. K

    Senkaku Breakthrough: Taiwan and Japan agree on fishing rights

    (sorry if this is not the right subforum) This is great stuff - I hope that more nations in the Pacific would make such agreements so we could contain China and its imperialistic dreams. Just a little step in the right direction. Your thoughts?
  7. Richard Stanbery

    Hunting and fishing

    Any of you guys like to hunt or fish? I do. I like to fish with a group of friends. It is a big social event. I like to hunt alone in many times. I like to listen to the wind blow through the trees. I like to go to the lonely places and just enjoy nature. I see the darndest things up there...