1. El Cid

    What is the chance of a hurricane destroying your entire fleet?

    In 717-718 the Arab Siege of Constantinople lasted for about 1 year. The siege was futile for the Caliphate: the Byzantines managed successful to defend their capital while harassing Caliphate's relief lines effectively and thus enforced a famine among the Caliphates’ soldiers, and at the...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Germany Focuses Fleet Production on Submarines

    If Germany had focused the majority of its naval production before and during WW2 on submarine production, would it have made a difference?
  3. M

    Which suprise attack on anchored fleet had been most effective ?

    Right now I am looking on suprise attacks on fleets anchored in harbors mostly unprepared for battle. Which incident in military history was more effective -Spanish Armada (16th Century when Drake's fireships entered and destroyed Spanish fleets in Channel ports) - Battle of Cesme...
  4. M

    Kriegsmarine Surface Fleet during WW2 : Too hesistant or too weak to be effective ?

    During World War 2 while German Navy surface fleet caused concern for Allies eventually it turned out they were not as much as a threat as U-Boat arm or Luftwaffe. Especially after Norwegian Campaign and loss of Bismark German admirals did not press attacks and instead preffered to sortie...
  5. P

    27 November 1942 -French fleet scuttled

    The 27th of November this year masrks the 75th anniversary of the French Navy scuuttling itself to avoid the Nazis taking it over when they crossed the non -occupied zone in a response to 'Operation Torch-The Anglo-American invasion of Vivhy held Noth Africa at Algiers. Had the French navy men...
  6. G

    Tudor Captains of the Fleet

    During Henry VIII's reign there are references to people with titles such as "Captain of the Channel Fleet", "Captain of the West Fleet", etc., and they have multiple ships with their own Captains under their overall command. Were they more like what we now know as "Admirals" or were they the...
  7. Paragonrex

    Royal Navy Fleet Numbers

    So I was curious, Many members of this forum (cough Americans cough), seem to always pat themselves on the back for 1. being American, and 2. somehow magically saving the British Empire not once but twice. Those of us who are well educated know that the American contribution to the First World...
  8. J

    During WWII, did the Kriegsmarine have a surface fleet formidable as the UK and US

    In terms of having large quantities of sophisticated ships and amphibious warfare capabilities. Like the Japanese, did Germany have the ability to take over territory by sea while facing powerful naval adversaries like the Royal Navy and US Navy?
  9. D

    Was the 1940 British attack on the French fleet justified?

    In 1940, after the fall of France, the British fleet at Gibraltar penned the major portion of the French Mediterranean fleet (four battleships, a seaplane tender, 13 destroyers, four submarines, and assorted support ships) in the Algerian harbor of Mers-El-Kebir with mines and blockade...
  10. R

    The sinking of the French Fleet in 1940 by the Royal Navy

    Was Churchill right to order the sinking of the French Fleet in 1940 to avoid it being used by the Germans?
  11. Edratman

    The German Fleet Surrenders

    On November 21, 1918 the entire German fleet was met, by arrangement, by almost the entire British fleet, 40 battleships and battlecruisers and 150 cruisers and destroyers. This was the first that I had ever heard of that incident. There is an interesting article from the BBC linked below...
  12. K

    Magic at the Fleet

    According to local Cornish legend, a bearded man dressed like a magician was seen before the appearance of a great storm that sunk part of the Spanish Armada. What if this legend was true? There are three usual Suspects for the "bearded magician" - John Dee Edward Kelley and Merlin the...
  13. B

    Bigger than D-Day. The Greek fleet landing on the Troad

    Well over a 1000 warships apparently. As I understand it D-Day involved 700 or so warships. Is it even conceivable that this sort of logistics were needed for Hisarlik?
  14. Earl_of_Rochester

    Did the Fleet Air Arm fly with the USN in WW2?

    I've read in a few of my books about the FAA providing cover for the Okinawa Operations, tho they were flying operations 400+ or so miles away to cover another island group which was part of the same chain. I was quite surprised to learn about this story though, I'm not sure if anyone's heard of...
  15. xander.XVII

    What if Japanese submarine fleet was used against Allied merchant fleet?

    The Japanese Navy, in spite of having excellent submarines (and probably the best torpedoes in the world until late 1943), badly employed its submarine fleet in the Pacific, sinking less ships than the Bordeaux-based Italian submarines (BETASOM). What would have happened if Japanese, be it...
  16. B

    The Russian fleet to northern ports in 1863

    A squadron of the Baltic fleet was sent to New York and a squadron of the Pacific fleet to San Francisco. Was this to prevent Britain and or France from joining the war on the side of the Confederacy?
  17. CathareHeretic

    Villefranche Sur Mer U.S 6th Fleet

    1948 1966 Cannes Festival 1952 Villefranche 1953
  18. P

    The Great White Fleet

    From December, 1907 to February, 1909, sixteen battleships of the US navy circumnavigated the globe. President Theodore Roosevelt intended this cruise to be a statement that the United States intended to be known as a great power, and not only in the Western Hemisphere. Additional posts will...
  19. Baltis

    WW100 Flight of the East Asiatic Fleet

    Immediately after the war broke out in August 1914, Admiral Graf Spee departed from Tsing Tao for the open waters of the Pacific. He allowed Emden to split off into the Indian Ocean where she raided English shipping for a couple of months before getting caught. Spee took the rest of the fleet...
  20. T

    French scuttle fleet today in 1942

    On this day in November 1942 the French Navy scuttled itself in reponse to the Nazis invading and taking over the previously Vichy Unoccupied Zone after the allies invaded Morroco/Algeria in ''Operation Torch'' in Novembr 1942. The French action was what Churchill would have liked to have happen...