1. Maki

    Did the Serbian flag fly over the White House?

    Recently, there was a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the event when the flag of Serbia was flown over the White House. However, did this really happen? Because, in 1920 NY Times claimed that the French flag was the first foreign flag to fly over the White House. Only two sources...
  2. E

    What if humans can't fly? WWII without airplanes

    Let's say humanity never discovered a way to fly? This thread is about WWII seeing the huge impact airplanes and their explosive cargo had on the conflict and not only it's outcome but the strategic manner in which it was fought.
  3. F

    Russia: Will Shoot Down EVERYTHING That Fly's Over Syria

    Russia's response to the American shoot-down of a Syria fighter jet yesterday (because the Syrian pilot was killing ISIS members in Syria) was that "anything that flies over Syria will be shot down." This shoot-down happened June 18th, 2017, and is a definite escalation. Also yesterday, the...
  4. Joe Freeman

    Why did it take so long for humans to design, build and fly an airplane?

    Wright brothers' first airplanes look very simple, so I wonder why it took mankind so long to make planes?
  5. fredleander

    Book review - To Fly and Fight - C.E. "Bud" Anderson

    Why was my attention drawn to this American WW2 fighter pilot? He wasn’t one the highest scoring, or the longest-serving - nor the one with the most missions. He did not make the highest rank. It must have been his name. To me, a quarter-Swedish, it was obvious that his ancestors had to be...
  6. heirtothewind

    I'll Fly Away

    This TV series [1991-92], starring Sam Waterston and Regina Taylor, is my all-time favorite. Lily sings the hymn in the pilot episode, but what is the connection between the hymn and the storyline of the series?
  7. twZ

    we learned to fly, we learned to dive, yet we fail to walk the earth.

    Freedom of speech. When does it count?. Does it ever count? How about i grab my cat by the neck and throw it out without a second thought in this cold weather. What if i decided to verbally insult my pet dog in public and smack it once or twice. What is considered freedom? Is owning something...
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Did the Fleet Air Arm fly with the USN in WW2?

    I've read in a few of my books about the FAA providing cover for the Okinawa Operations, tho they were flying operations 400+ or so miles away to cover another island group which was part of the same chain. I was quite surprised to learn about this story though, I'm not sure if anyone's heard of...
  9. K

    3d Explorable Medieval English Town - Fly through!

    Hi all, after 9 months of work we finally managed to release a teaser, the explorable player will be released soon, so like the Facebook page for more information! The link to the video is Knightsbury XIV - 3d Medieval English Town - Official Teaser -...
  10. O

    Why does russia fly jets near other's territory?

    So we all know Russia likes to try and intimidate people, and the fact that they constantly fly their shitty B-25 rip offs carrying "Nuclear" payloads over territory such as the UK and the US pacific bases just baffles me. They get too cocky with their silent threats to the point where the RAF...
  11. D

    KAL 007 - Where did it fly and why?

    In this thread I will discuss flight KAL 007 which left Anchorage Airport on August 31, 1983 bound for Seoul, Korea with a flight plan indicating that it would take Airway route R-20 for its crossing of the Pacific. Before I begin discussing the actual flight path, it is necessary to expose...
  12. Putzi

    No fly zone in Sweden

    Right at the moment totalitarian goverment supresses democratic process and bring police forces to siege rebeled towns. Why NATO doesn't act and won't bring democracy and peace to Sverig? Why media and tabloids around the world aren't crying out loud about crimes against opressed religious...
  13. C

    flies fly

    It's said that a horse brain is largely for controlling the 4 movements: walk, trot, canter and gallop. A fly has opposed sets of legs and does the walk, horizontal flying and vertical flying to grab hold of the ceiling, and has complex compound eyes. So a fly does around 3/4 the computing that...
  14. K

    Gustave Whitehead - First man to fly a powered aircraft

    'The upcoming 100th anniversary edition of Jane's All the World Aircraft will credit Bridgeport's Gustave Whitehead as the first man to build an operational heavier-than-air aircraft, a move that for many will shatter the widely held view that the Wright brothers were the first to fly.'...
  15. tjadams

    Twin Mustang Prototype to Fly Again

    Twin Mustang Prototype to Fly Again By Stephan Wilkinson Twin Mustang Prototype to Fly Again Fascinating plane.
  16. Centrix Vigilis

    Japan Announces Plans to Fly Its Own Domestically Developed Stealth Fighter in 2014

    Not unexpected considering recent news similar vice the PRC. Japan Announces Plans to Fly Its Own Domestically Developed Stealth Fighter in 2014 | Popular Science
  17. K

    RICHARD PEARSE - First Man to Fly a Mechanically Powered Aeroplane?

    Pearse is recognised as the first man in New Zealand to lift off from the ground flying his home built powered aircraft. His achievements and the flights made in 1902/1903 at Waitohi in New Zealand have little or no similarity to the well-documented flights which took place by the Wright...
  18. Efendi

    People first to fly in the history

    Farabi Cevheri(870-950): He is famous scholar who took lessons to hundreds of student in Nişabur. After lesson he studied on how to fly and make research and experiments. When he completed his plane, made of wood and fabrics. He climbed up a mosque, and jump down to fly. He succeeded to...
  19. Bucephalus

    If You Could Be a Fly on the Wall...

    If you could use some form of technology to voyeuristically "travel" to an era that predated recording media, what historical event would you like to witness firsthand? Perhaps you’d like to solve some historical mystery or maybe just observe some extraordinary happening. We should presume...
  20. throughthepastdarkly

    Christianity as fly paper

    Most of the experts state that Christianity was adopted by the Germanic tribes because in some setting it was proven to that tribe's leader that the Christian god would yield more battlefield wins than the Arian gods, either via a 'firewalking' showdown between Christian & Arian holy men or...