1. K

    Folk healers in the American Civil War?

    Given the history of various folk healers, Appalachian granny magic, and Louisiana voodoo in the South, are there any accounts of soldiers going to some of these people to seek treatment either for physical wounds or mental problems (like symptoms of PTSD)? It's an interesting aspect of Southern...
  2. T

    Folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Islam, like every religion, during his history, spreading to new area, absorbed elements of local beliefs and customs. I'm looking for information about folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially West Africa and Horn of Africa. Which did local element of native African custom, beliefs pass...
  3. A

    Origin of Turkish folk dance

    As a traditionalist, I take great interest in culture and folkish traditions. In our Turkish weddings, we dance "halay" (line dancing). Line dancing is popular in Anatolia and the levant. I haven't been able to trace the roots of the "halay" dance, and the closest I have come is that it seems to...
  4. Recusant

    Ancient Origins of Folk Tales

    Very interesting study that tracks folk tales with an unusual (for this field) form of analysis. "Fairy tale origins thousands of years old, researchers say" | BBC The BBC story already has a link to the fine write-up in Science News, and for those who are really interested, the paper is...
  5. Offspring

    Watermelon vampires Taken from that page: "the only known reference in scholarship is Tatomir Vukanović's account of his journeys in Serbia from 1933 to 1948. He wrote several years later": T. P. Vukanović, The Vampire; published in four parts in the...
  6. PaKeeza

    Sufi and folk music- Pakistan

    I am big fan of Sufi and folk music which is very popular in Pakistan. I will include music in Urdu ( national language ) and regional languages Punjabi, Pashto, Baloch and Sindhi. I begin with the master himself Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
  7. Basileios Demetriades

    Folk Songs and Stories about Incest, Cannibalism and Death

    I know some good Greek ones. I will present them in the original Greek and I will translate them in English for you. Feel free to contribute with nice stuff from your countries. Here is a kinky one :o There was a nun who had a beautiful and brave son and the whole country desired him deeply...
  8. Druzhina

    Depictions of the Byzantine folk hero Digenis Akritas, 12th century

    Depictions of the Byzantine folk hero Digenis Akritas, 12th century You may have seen a drawing of Diogenes Akritas on a Byzantine plate, supposedly the only illustration of shoulder tufts mentioned in Leo VI's Tactica. Here is a colour photo of the actual plate: Digenis (Diogenes) Akritas...
  9. Sindane

    English 17th c Folk Poem , Tom O Bedlam

    One of my favourite English poems is Tom O Bedlam (and also Mad Maudlins reply ) . It is from the 17th century , origin/author unknown . It is a real everday peoples poem and that is why i like it .
  10. E

    Conditions of the Victorian Folk

    Hello to all Historians! I'm currently working on my written exam in English, at school, and I really wonder after I've read George Kitson Clark and David Philips (both partially), if the Victorian folk got a higher level of living, or how the conditions changed? It's complicated to capture the...
  11. B

    European folk costumes 16th century (which was closer to modern costumes?)

    Hungarian peasants early 16th century, Transdanubia. Vasárnapi Ujság 1854-1860 (Notice the modern style trousers and boot) Hungarian peasant in the year 1600 (Transdanubia)
  12. Kanun

    European folk tale similarity

    I found this study interesting. What's your opinion upon this?
  13. Solidaire

    Our global village: Folk and ethnic music from around the world

    Balkan music has its own thread, so has Classical, Celtic, Eastern music. Let's explore the musical world a little bit more, and through it, the culture, traditions, and idiosyncrasies of our multi-faceted civilisation. The diversity is amazing, and personally, I find it very, very interesting.
  14. I

    Acoustic, Medieval, Folk song - The Lost Words of a Poet

    Hi everyone - I'm currently writing some new songs based on various historical, mythological events / figures (Julius Caesar, Roman Centurions, The Vikings) and will check the forums for some lyrical ideas I've uploaded a new acoustic, folky, celtic song The Lost Words of a Poet on soundclick...
  15. General Michael Collins

    For the discussion and Appreciation of Celtic Folk Music

    As the Title says, A great idea by Olly. Let's start with those two timeless classics YouTube - The Dubliners-Rocky Road to Dublin YouTube - The Wild rover
  16. violet

    Folk Costumes

    Just thought it would be fun to share some folk costumes of Russia and Poland. I urge anyone to also post other country's folk costumes here as well. I apologize in advance that I could not find actual photos of people wearing these costumes, so drawn images were the best I could do. POLAND...
  17. Toltec

    English Folk Music

    I've always been a fan of folk ever since Dead Kennedies singer Jello Biafra argued Punk Rock is actually folk music. It's also in many ways a superior history too, as history is a record of kings and generals, folk song date back 1000 years and tell about the lives and thought of ordinary...
  18. Pedro

    Folk Lore of a Flower

    This flower has an important place in Costa Rican folklore and culture. My neighbors know it by the name “Santa Lucia”. For Costa Ricans it is an ornamental and in other parts of the world a noxious weed. Its beauty never-the-less is appreciated by everyone, just as Santa...
  19. Pedro

    Argentine folk singer Mercedes Sosa dies aged 74

    A gran lady. Her obit is here. YouTube has many of her performances. My favorite has always been 'Gracias a la vida." Descanso en paz mi amor.
  20. C

    When folk theory meets scientific theory?

    When folk theory meets scientific theory? All of us ordinary folks, even those with little or no technical expertise, have theories. These theories are the way that we try to comprehend our world. Some are explicit and some implicit. Cognitive scientists call these folk theories. In the...