1. G

    European foreign relations 1939-1945

    Does anyone know of any books that deal with the non-military and diplomatic history of Europe in WW2?
  2. jameen

    Is Japan or China better in war with foreign powers?

    If you'll read the history of both Japan and China when it fought with other countries, the question is: Which of the 2 showed more brilliant strategies when defeating a foreign power? either in aerial, naval or land warfare.
  3. F

    Extraordinary physicality of certain ethnicities according to early foreign sources?

    Were ancient authors quite frank about their impressions of certain foreign ethnicities' enviable physique, athleticism, membrum virile, etc.? What are the most noteworthy accounts?
  4. NikiRandom

    A Foreign Field by Ben MacIntyre

    Another gem from the writer of Operation Mincemeat. This one covers the story of several members of the BEF who became trapped behind enemy lines in 1914.
  5. F

    Most insulting reception foreign dignitaries had to put up with?

    Barring outright assault and murder, what was the most insulting reception foreign dignitaries had to put up with during their visits? I heard that foreign ambassadors and even monarchs had to kowtow (literally) before hegemonic Mongol rulers and Chinese rulers when receptions took place.
  6. K

    Early Mexican policies on foreign immigration?

    Does anybody here know what sort of laws Mexico had prior to the Mexican-American war concerning foreign settlement in the Alta California region? I know of various non-Mexicans who went there during the Mexican era, but the only thing I've heard of of was that people who wished to become...
  7. K

    Accounts of foreign visitors to Mongolia 19th century

    I'm trying to gather some info on how Mongolia (Outer and Inner) was represented by foreigners during the 19th century, and as part of this I'm looking for accounts written by foreigners (in this case non-Qing subjects) who visited it during this period. I would be grateful if anyone could point...
  8. K

    Foreign advisers in the Sino-French War

    I saw an unsourced claim on wikipedia that I hadn't previously read about in my study of this conflict and wondered if anyone could provide details? "There was considerable sympathy for China in Europe, and the Chinese were able to hire a number of British, German and American army and navy...
  9. C

    Foreign relationships of Tamna

    After 660 AD, did Tamna have any foreign relations? Tang, Silla, Japan?
  10. larkin

    Resource extraction as a foreign policy

    Going back to the 50's 60's 70's, we have the roots of today's “War on Terror”. Post colonialism and the history of resource extraction as foreign policy. This is an excellent doc. Part 1 _TXG70xAnSU Part 2 LTuzZ920AQs Part 3 N-Lub2ecXGM Part 4 i3tGUjGl8AA
  11. M

    Polish Foreign Policy during the Interwar Period

    I am currently tasked with comparing Finnish and Polish foreign policy during the interwar period. I have had some luck in finding litterature on Finnish foreign policy, but sadly I've hit a wall while searching for litterature on the Polish side. Does anyone have any tips? Would be greatly...
  12. A

    Foreign Language for a US History Major

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and I had a question in regards to the foreign language requirements for Graduate School. Right now I am finishing my Bachelors in History at CSUB. I will continue on with my Masters and I plan on hopefully moving on to Graduate School after. I have decided...
  13. D

    American volunteers in foreign legion (1914)

    Hello.In 1914,when the german armies of Guillaume II arrived at 100 kms from Paris,a lot of american citizens of Paris engaged in the foreign legion.Is it possible to know exactly the number of them ? Thank you.
  14. M

    Why Germans ignored Britain's "No Single Power on Europe" foreign policy constantly ?

    Why Germans ignored Britain's "No Single Power on Europe" foreign policy constantly ? During 1914 when Germans declared war on Russia and France then invaded neutral Belgium why did they assume Britain would stay neutral since Germans themselves were playing role of Louis XIV and Napoleon , as...
  15. F

    Residential preference of apologists for foreign regimes

    Many apologists for the Chinese or North Korean regime (or other dictatorships) choose to reside in Western democracies. Why don't they go live permanently in China or North Korea if they believe what they say about the Chinese and North Korean regimes?
  16. T

    Ptolemies - Macedonian pharaohs or foreign usurpers?

    Ptolemies ruled Egypt nearly three hundred of years. What is your opinion about them? Did Ptolemies deserved to be called "last pharaohs"? Or were Ptolemies foreign dynasty, who despite pharaoh's disguise, remained strange to Egypt and Egyptians? 1. Culture. Ptolemies were born and imbued...
  17. N

    The French Foreign Legion in Narvik and "colured" troops

    I was in a discussion in another forum about the involvment of non-white troops in Europe in WWII. It struck me that the FFL fought in Narvik in 1940. It was the 13th Demibrigade, in fact. Were there "colured" men in that unit in 1940? I've never seen photos or read anything from the battle...
  18. P

    Foreign Equipment Retained in British Service Post War

    In WWII the British army used a lot of US equipment...but how much was retained post war ? I know that many US built jeeps remained in service for many years and the Royal Signals had at least a squadron of armored signalers based in M2/M3 half tracks into the 1960's I don't think any US built...
  19. F

    Bad & Worse oppressors: homogeneous VS semi-foreign VS foreign

    Why did some ethnic Ukrainian survivors of the Holodomor - after they found out that the Nazis/Germans were as atrocious as the Soviets/Russians - choose to fight for the Soviets/Russians against the Nazis/Germans? Was it because the Nazis/Germans were considered ethnically and culturally more...
  20. Frank81

    Trump's first foreign visit: Saudi Arabia

    Someone expected the opposite? Trump propose an "Arab NATO", whatever is that thing, and also the US gets an astronomical billionaire weapons contract: