1. gustavolapizza

    What if we find a document that proves that abrahamic religions are a forgery?

    Suppose in a circumstance similar to the Qumran scrolls discovery we find documents proving without a doubt that the so called old testament was completely fabricated, for example describing how one particular king of Judah asked his priests to create point blank a new religion, telling them how...
  2. B

    Voltaire on Tacitus. Is Tacitus a forgery?

    Supposedly Voltaire stated that Tacitus was a fake dreamed up by a monk called Poggio Bracciolini. For example see here; Is Tacitus a forgery? Tacitus and his manuscripts Do we have some original sources for this?
  3. Carl J. Weber

    Is this Plagiarism?

    Plagiarism is a serious charge. What do you say I should tell the professor who denies plagiarism -- using my words unattributed, as his own? Since 2005 I've been using the "Marquette Map Hoax" as the name of my thesis. No one until a few months ago challenged my thesis that the first map of...
  4. sylla1

    Was the Gordian knot tale a forgery?

    Being that the case, the lavish official propagandizer Kallisthenes of Olynthos would be my main suspect, as virtually all available major sources are unanimous on this episode, even if the details greatly vary. Is anyone here aware of any report of this purported legend previous to the...